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Another megalomaniac, facing the final collapse of his world order, commanded from his bunker that Germans were to fight and die to the last, and leave Das Vaterland a ruined ash heap.  The German people have shown themselves too weak and therefore the ones left do not deserve to survive!

Now that it appears Obama's eight year Reich will instead end in two, he and arrogantly dismissive henchmen are doing the same thing.   

Hollywood Paranoia Hell

Boned Jello

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Boned Jello

 I've posted similar before, and there are still precious few from this batch that I have-not/would-not do myself.  And I'm proud of it.   It's WHY WE WIN!

Ben Shapiro

No, Bill Maher, You're the Dummy
Boned Jello

COLMES: Who do you want for the Supreme Court]?

ANN COULTER: Thank you for asking. I want Ben Shapiro.

COLMES: Ben Shapiro.

ANN COULTER: Yes. He just finished his first year at Harvard Law, 21 years old.

COLMES: You mean for a date or for the court?

ANN COULTER: No, for the court. He's my candidate. He's very bright. He's already written one best-selling book.

COLMES: You want to put a 21-year-old guy on the court?

ANN COULTER: Twenty-one, and he's just finished first year of Harvard Law.

COLMES: So you want someone who's going to be on the court for 50, 60 years? Is that - is that the whole idea?

ANN COULTER: No, I just happen to like Ben Shapiro. 

Hannity and Colmes Fox News Channel July 8, 2005
After stumbling across No, Bill Maher, You're the Dummy,  here's how far I got.

He's a dwarfish little man with a dwarfish little mind, as he proved in his interview with Larry King on February 16, in which he slandered the American people as morons:

But what the Democrats never understand is that Americans don't really care what position you take, just stick with one.  Just be strong. They're not bright enough to really understand the issues. But like an animal, they can sort of sense strength or weakness. They can smell it on you.

This is hardly the first time Maher has pulled the "Americans are morons" meme out of his butt.  He said this back in 2006:

You know, this country is, I've said this before, I'm going to keep saying it, it's a pitiful, helpless giant ... Again, because it's a stupid country with stupid people who don't pay attention.

The Larry King idiocy isn't even his worst offense of the last week.  Yesterday, he did an interview with the Huffington Post in which he stated:

...while we were off, Sarah Palin agreed to do commentary at Fox News.  Which is actually very similar to her day job - talking to a baby with Down Syndrome.

Because as we've learned, jokes about mental retardation are always in style. [cont]

Bam! The puckish face of the author posted above not notwithstanding, this  Ben Shapiro guy oozed talent.

 Ben Shapiro?

Where had I heard that name?  It came to me.  Ann Coulter once stated that he was her choice for president.  I see now that it was supreme court justice, not president, *slaps forehead*.   Ann would of course be aware of the natural born citizen/ 35 years old requirement. Ahem. By my reckoning, Ben might be heading the GOR ticket in 2020.

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In Passing

 In Passing
 Keep moving ... there's nothing to see here

Newt Gingrich is a freaking idiot.
So Newt, you didn’t learn a cotton picking thing when Clinton ate your breakfast, lunch and dinner, huh? Oh, and you didn’t get much out of offering to work with Hillary or Nancy either.

Bristol Palin seeks Levi Johnston’s financial records
I see a mini-series

Obama Writing Health Bill to Skirt GOP Filibuster
The president reportedly is working on health care legislation intended to reconcile differences between House and Senate Democrats that could be attached to a budget bill and pass with only 51 Senate votes.upfinfer

Mainstream Democrats Advocate Abolishing the U.S. Senate. Not Just the Filibuster, the Entire Senate.
In case you don't understand who we're dealing with.

A Senator Sees the Light [shining on the exit sign]
Consider the case of Blanche Lincoln here in Arkansas. By the time the primary is held in May, this state's senior senator could be speaking at Tea Party rallies.

Is it possible that more guns equals less crime?
He asks facetiously

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