Thursday, February 25, 2010


What Snowbound Engineers Do

A whale of a laugh

Boned Jello

I've got a crush on you

LA Gang Member one jack too many!

This fine upstanding member, of the infamous 18th street LA gang, decided one day that he would try to car-jack a semi truck at gun point. The gangster jumped up on the driver side, while the truck was in motion, and stuck a gun in the drivers face. The only problem was that the truck driver opened up the door and knocked the attempted thief, off. He lost his balance and fell under the wheels of the truck. At which time the driver slammed on his brakes, resting on top of him and decided that this was the perfect time to whip out his Fuji Disposable camera....Say cheese homie!    -            Have a nice day!!:))

More phony Obama numbers

Obama Administration's baseline revenue
falls $3.8T short of current law baseline

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"Obama's estimate is either a baldfaced lie, or evidence of utter incompetence."

Why not both?

Too Late to apologize

Summing of the Summit

The Summing Up
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xkcd Lab Coats

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What the Internet Knows About You

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Creative Eye Candy Extrodinaire

Inhofe wants Gore jailed

You have won tickets
to two short films

I snagged this clip from a recent airing of a Hitler Channel's "Global Warming, er ... Global Climate , er Global Ice Age agitprop. Given that not a day goes by without new revelations of fraud withing climatologist cells, I found it both instructive, and amusing. These people are, of course, criminals.

This is a companion video to the 'Convenient Ice Age" video on the left.  It's a segment from a Pajamas Media interview where Sen. Inhofe discusses what was, and is, behind the UN's campaign to sell AGW.
The Convenient Ice Age
Mr. Gore, Call Your Attorney:
Sen. Inhofe's Call to Investigate Al Gore Over Climategate

The Singularity

Sensible, ergo no chance

Five Health Care Reform
Solutions That Make Sense

  1. Sell Insurance Across State Lines
  2. Let individuals purchase health insurance with pre-tax dollars
  3. Encourage Health Care Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  4. End abusive medical litigation
  5. Cover the uninsured ...  without expanding American debt
  6. No Green card, no Band-Aid

I'm in.

St. Ann Flipped?

Intriguing QOTD
If they could, Americans would cut the power to the Capitol, throw everyone out and try to deport them. (Whereas I say: Anyone in Washington, D.C., who can produce an original copy of a valid U.S. birth certificate should be allowed to stay.)

Get out of my end time MoFo

Hands off my Meds
Bruce Tower has prostate cancer.  He wanted to take a drug that showed promise against his cancer, but the FDA would not allow it.  One bureaucrat told him the government was protecting him from dangerous side effects.  Tower’s outraged response was: “Side effects, who cares? Every treatment I’ve had I’ve suffered from side-effects. If I’m terminal it should be my option to endure any side-effects.” - John Stossel

John Stossel's position here, I'll wager, is one that resonates +++ with the body politic.   Speaking out of hand, I think the Thalidomide scare of the 1960's served to cause people to plead for stronger regulatory clout from the gummint.  Enter David Kessler; FDA commissar under Bush 41 and Slick.  Kessler is the poster boy for the unctuous power grabbing bureaucrat that's become the rule in Washington.  He lobbied hard for the  power to use his position to ban, ad hoc,  the use of tobacco, and by extension anything else he found repulsive.  That spirit pervades the current administration.  The solution of course is more firing squads, figuratively speaking of course.