Monday, March 15, 2010

Mr. Franklin Agonistes

i wonder if the feds know about this
Макро. Рассматриваем 100 $

    Еще со времен детского увлечения коллекционирования монет, а с ними и бумажных денег разных стран, всегда было любопытно рассматривать мелкие детали рисунка банкнот. Сегодня с помощью макросъемки предлагаю вашему вниманию фотографии сто долларовой купюры

Macro. We consider the $ 100
Ever since children's enthusiasm for collecting coins, and with them, and paper money of different countries, has always been curious to consider the fine detail drawing notes. Today, with the help of macro propose you a hundred dollar bill photos

Awhile back I tried to convert an existing PPS exhibit into video, and found that my various image editing software would not allow it to be entered.  You can see the results here. This is the message my software displayed.

It seemed pretty stupid then, given that any would be counterfeiter could by scanner do their own, but what the hell. Now, I run across the Russian site that has ultra fine images of the Franklin $100 note.  It'll be interesting to see if  I'm able to post this. 

Geezer Dreams

Obama May Have to Borrow From
Overseas to Pay Social Security IOUs


The retirement nest egg of an entire generation is stashed away in Parkersburg, W.Va., a small town along the Ohio River: $2.5 trillion in IOUs from the federal government, payable to the Social Security Administration.

But wait! Happiness is just around the corner.

Obamacare will save that much and more every year.  Yay!!!!!  CPUSA CPUAS CPUSA

Barry's DNA

Oh Really?
Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest

Boned Jello

Okay, let's not pretend to be surprised that Barry Soetoro is a would-be Marxist dictator.  But I'm surely not the first person to see the irony in this, coming as it does from a man who steadfastly refuses to provide a valid birth certificate. Am I?

In Defense of Geezer Law

We Don't Heed Your Stinking Laws
In New York State illegal Spanish voter applications
and Mexican Matricula cards still being used

Boned Jello

Election boards in Westchester County and Fishkill, New York are using invalid Spanish voter application forms outlawed by the New York State Board of Elections eight years ago.

These invalid forms ask would be Spanish voters in Spanish: “ser cuidadano norte americano:” are you a citizen of North America? The corrected form out of the Albany web site asks in Spanish: “ser cuidadano estadounidense:”are you a United States citizen?

When asked to explain this major discrepancy, Reginald Lafayette of the Westchester County BOE expressed surprise, saying. “We’ve never had a complaint on this,” and said he would “give it to our translators.”
Blah-blah-blah.    OMG OMG OMG  We had no idea.

Nevertheless, a local source paints a far different picture of the deference given to Spanish voter applicants. When the source contacted the Dutchess County BOE asking if a Mexican Matricula Consular ID card was an acceptable form of photo ID, the source was told “Yes.”  [Coach Collins]
Okay, it's not prima facie evidence of willful law breaking.  Call the IRS 10 times with the same question and see how many answers you get.  But we've heard enough stories like this to know that entrenched Liberals, in state and local government, will simply ignore laws that are at odds with their ideology.  California is noted for it.  It will not be enough to change laws anymore, we'll have to snake a Roto-Rooter through the entire system, it seems to me.  Mexico's police forces are more easily reformed than San Francisco's government.  When you're a supercentenarian like me, you want your change pretty damn quick, and that means machine guns and flame throwers. So -- Where was I?  ...  wait .. I'm looking.

You can, and should, laff at these people

The Antidote for today's In Passing

You'll need someone to laugh at.

Glass Sealing

In Passing

In passing ..
Mommy, daddy said "MFCS" again.
Mind your business and eat yur feckin' porridge.
1) The detestable menace Chris van Hollen (D-MD) sent out the following memo to House Democrats earlier today.
TODAY or MONDAY:  ... THEN: House Budget Committee .... THEN: The bill will go to the Rules Committee ... THEN: A Manager’s Amendment will be constructed ... THIS MEANS:

2) Healthcare Reform reconciliation bill is posted! 2300+ pages and includes student loan

3) Robert Gibbs: Even if I have to personally break into the Smithsonian with a blowtorch and burn the Constitution, we will pass health care this week

4) Welcome to Martial Law: House Dems Will Rule They Voted on Health Care Without Actually Voting On It
‘The Greatest Assault on the Constitution In Your Lifetime’

5) The Slaughter solution cannot be squared with Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution.
and  ...  according to the Senate parliamentarian, reconciliation is permitted only for bills that amend existing law, not for amendments to bills that have yet to be enacted. This means that, for the Senate to be able to avoid a filibuster, House Democrats first have to vote for the identical bill that passed the Senate last Christmas Eve.

6) Daily Kos: 'Stalin Was a Piker' Compared to 'the Christian God'

7) Putin Steps Into the India Breach
The Obama administration's neglect of New Delhi is starting to have serious foreign-policy consequences.

8) The Wilding of Sarah Palin
Then along came Sarah, and the attacks became particularly heinous. And I realized something even more chilling about the Left.

9) Chavez thanks Sean Penn for slamming his critics
One gets the impression that we're swimming in MFCS.  Because we are, I guess.

10) SE Asia arms purchases fuel fears of clashes
Military analysts are warning that China’s increased regional power has caused its south-east Asian neighbours to step up their own defence purchases, raising the prospect that territorial disputes in the South China Sea could turn violent.

11) Men in Skirts Use Women’s Restroom at Mass. Marriott Hotel
Compassionate hypotheticals aside, take a look and get back to me.