Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tapeworms and fags

Bulimia, anyone?

Tom Mann sent me a bunch of these.  I know the tape worm deal is real, because my mother told me about it.  She also told me that people would rid themselves of tapeworms this way.  Hold a glass of milk under your nose.  When a tape worm comes out,  grab it and pull it out.(She grew up in South Dakota).  We'd hold milk under our noses, but never did get a worm.

Stuff without Pelosi or Obama

Celebrity Pics You've Never Seen
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Boned Jello
Clark Gable & Marilyn Monroe
(Gable suffered a fatal heart attack soon after)

On My Mind

The Birds Will Follow You

This is for the birds

Lies, Broken Promises, Outrage

I want this picture saved
Obamunist Sewage

Boned Jello

Terrorst wants Michigan State!

If Michican State beats Maryland
the terrorist wins.
tomorrow 2:30
"I like Michigan State here," Obama said, in picking the Spartans to get by the Terps in the second round. "Maryland's got a great player, but Michigan State's got a great coach, and I think that makes the difference."
On the other hand, President Osama had this to say about hated Georgetown ...
"They don't have any seniors on their team. They're a young team, but I think they're getting better. I think Thompson does a great job, and so I'm feeling pretty good about Georgetown making a nice little run "
  • Condolences to Merrily, whose Cowboys went down, and cheers for Alear's Buckeyes.

Attention Wal-MArt Shoppers


Boned Jello

This is Saturday. Seven days ago "a male voice calmly announced: "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now," in a New Jessey Wal-Mart.  This morning I've heard two news reports about it:  "The identity of the man is still unknown, but investigators are working on it."   Do I need to say it?  Evidently, yes.

Yes, Virginia, there are haters out there.  People who hate Blacks.  People who hate Orientals.  People who hate Whites.  People who hate Jews.   People who hate Christians.
People who hate Republicans.  People who hate anchovies.  In every case (except maybe the anchovies) they are a small, very small, minority.  Americans are not haters, except in time of war against alien enemies who threaten our freedom, and national interests.  When the war is over, we don't hate them anymore.

 I don't know what prompted the announcement; nobody does.
Maybe a white store employee was goofing one of his black associates, and they laughed asses off afterwards?   And, in a nation of 300,000,000 people, why would this garner more than an item of interest in a local New Jersey newspaper?  Because, playing up racial hatred is deemed beneficial by certain political activists in the country.  Ahem.  And because it occurred in a Wal-Mart, whom these same activists view as emblematic of the "white hick America" they hate, all the better.  That's why.  "Attention Congressional Democrats"


If true,  it's a spectacularly horrendous day Larry.  On the order of 12-7-41.

Limb Fight