Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Goreons are Morons

From the wonderful brains
that brought you Obamacare

Proponents of human-caused global warming claim that “cognitive” brain function prevents conservatives from accepting the science that says “climate change” is an imminent threat to planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Lakoff told CNSNews.com that “metaphors” shape a person’s understanding of the world, along with one’s values and political beliefs — including what they think about global warming.

“It relates directly (to global warming) because conservatives tend to feel that the free market should be unregulated and (that) environmental regulations are immoral and wrong,” Lakoff said.

“And what they try to do is show that the science is wrong and that the argument is wrong, based on the science.  So when it comes back to science, they try to debunk the science,” Lakoff said. [Wattsup cont]
So I need to say it? Thought not.

Made Quite a Splash

The Wedding Crashers

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I'll never eat mushroom soup again

anybody wanna buy Rachel
Maddow’s pap smear?

Boned Jello
Thank you TUA, for that gratuitous mind bubble.  GAH!


You Get It All!

I've had a lifelong fascination with what are now called infomercials.  The king of that genre is Ron Popiel, hands down.  I found, via the wonderfully kitschy KA_CHING!,  this early Popiel commercial for the Chop-O-Matic. I was struck by how much of Popiel's shtick was lifted by Sham-Wow Vinnie.  Have a look, then check out The History of As Seen On TV Infomercials
Ron Popiel's  Chop-O-Matic, 1950s
Vince with today's Slap Chop

Today's Thought Bubble

a worrisome thought -

generally speaking, the amount of direct action taken against
a wrongful thing is often inversely proportional to the amount
of time spent chest-beating about it.

Top Grade Hide

Best Holster Ever
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Boned Jello

Theo Spark

Yes it is ...

Biden to Obama at Health Care Signing:
'This is a Big F*#cking Deal'

El Jefe

Women Hanging Around


Boned Jello

Drudge yesterday bannered Pelosi  as "'MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN AMERICAN HISTORY,"  since modified to "IN 100 YEARS.  I could rejoin with Edith Wilson, but it would be a quibble, so let's  stipulate Pelosi's status.  But, she is also, unquestionably,  "THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICAN HISTORY."  Here, in descending order, and certified by the National Bureau of Certifications and Grammy Award winners, is the list of Most Hated Women in America EVER (Carrie Nation just missed). In a more enlightened time, all of them would have been burned like a steak (Ethel was grilled to perfection).
  1. Nancy Pelosi
  2. Madalyn Murray O'Hair: America's Erstwhile Most Hated Woman
  3. Hillary Clinton 
  4. Margaret Sanger
  5. Jane Fonda
  6. National Organization for Women womyn
  7. Ethel Rosenberg
  8. Barbara Boxer
  9. Maxine Waters
  10. Lindsey Graham

ASIDE: Mo SUP just returned from watching my 1 yr. old granddaughter's swimming lesson.  The audience watched from behind a two-way  mirror.  She reported this cell phone conversation by a grandmotherly-aged woman, who seemed to be talking to a progressive-minded friend.

Woman:  Well, yes, something had to be done, I agree, but this is a bad bill. (pause) Harry? Oh, heavens no.  He hates Pelosi's guts.  Just hates her.


Stupak: 'There is Nothing That
Would Stop This President From
Repealing This Executive Order'
And of course, he knew this all along.

Cat toy

Rebellion murmurings

Belly up to the bar

I saw on Drudge Assassination Calls on TWITTER.  Twit is right; what are they thinking?  Barack Obama highways, airports, coliseums?  President Biden?  JFC!?! Still, passions are running very, very high on this gummint takeover, and that's a very good thing.  This morning, while I was enjoying my morning Manhattan at the O Club, I recorded the conversation. Nothing profound, just the sort of things you'll hear anyplace in the country today. 

Dr Steve - 2 new ways to kill TB

49 PanAs we watch the next civil war unfold I was reminded by by wife that the first civil war was not about slavery as much as this one coming will not be about health care. This is all about states rights and federal mandates. 14 states are now divided from the union and going to court over this bill. Not the GOP but Governors. The suits are against the feds from mandating what people are forced to do. If they fail, the next step will be civil unrest. It is on its way. I hope the supreme court will see what it will do to this nation and find it unconstitutional.

In the hopper:
Video with Sharpton saying: The american public overwhelming voted for Socialism when the voted for President Obama....

3dcSo will it be a historical fugue on the Russian Revolution?

3dcSwitzerland ended the Russian Empire at the request of the Kaiser by shipping Lenin to Russia on a special train.

Soros and fellow travelers in the East incited the mentally feeble in USA to support Obama the non-American.

49 Panlast four letters in American... i can
last four letters in Republican.. i can
last four letters in Democrats... rats


49 PanOk so he took over America's largest manufacturing machine, the auto industry. Now he has gone after the nations health care, 1/6th of our economy. The banking industry is next. This is classic socialism. No one ever has committed so much harm to our nation than this man. No one man can plan and organize this much. His party from Chicago does not have the strength or capacity to do this, let alone the dems. Either this is all one big coincidence or this was planned and directed, or God now hates us.
Bear in mind that  O-Club denizens  are very intelligent, gainfully employed ex-military.  They do not hate government; they hate this government.  Their comments are measured, without even a hint of that twittered crap.  49 Pan's reference to our "first civil war,"  however, does force me to once again to remind that the 1861-1865 to- do was not a civil war; it was a rebellion by several states. In retrospect, at its core, they were right to do so.  Too bad they lost (don't even - slavery would have ended in any event, and without the lingering hangover).
PS: Sharpton is 100% right.