Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marking Territory

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The Tanked Obamaconomy & Unions

3 Reasons Why Public Sector
Employees are Killing the Economy

Machine Gun Bacon

Click-Click- Bacon

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Okay, I'm a bit "over-baconed," but these scream for attention.  Kind  of like cooking your pot pie on the car engine while you make your calls. And the aroma!  Cordite, cigar smoke, and bacon.  Bottle it.

Obama Bumper Stickers

Reflections of the nation's mood.

El Jefe


Paging Dr. Death
Boned Jello

One Republican idea allegedly incorporated into the Democrats' health care monstrosity is "medical malpractice reform." Needless to say, the Democrats' idea of malpractice reform is less than nothing. Until trial lawyers are screaming bloody murder, there has been no medical malpractice reform.

The Democrats' "malpractice" section merely encourages the states to set up commissions to "study" tort reform, in the sense that frustrated mothers "encourage" their kids not to slouch. By "study," the Democrats mean "ignore."

So we get more taxpayer-funded government workers under the Democrats' "medical malpractice reform," but not one tittle of actual reform. - 

"I'm here to kill Bush"

Evan Coyne Maloney remembers

All hat, no cattle.

Enemies of the Truth

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CROWLEY: Enemies of the state

Administration smears some opponents, arrests others

But, I have a copy.  I can't find a thing in it that seems false, libelous, or would otherwise cause a recall. (featured in this morning's "In Passing" post.  I think the WaTimes was hacked by Obamunists.

Census Skitteled

The funniest true story
you'll hear all week.

Boned Jello

My son Hucker just called with this story a co-worker related moments before.   A friend of the guy, a woman, had a 16 year old autistic son.  He was functional, and able to be left alone for short periods of time.  So, here she is in the grocery store when her cell phone rings:

Son:     MOM! I captured a troll and locked him in the closet and I'm feeding him Skittles under the door!"
Mom:  What?
Son:     I captured a troll and locked him in the closet and I'm feeding him Skittles under the door!"
Mom:  I'll be right home.

She races home to find her home surrounded by police cars.  A real "Oh s_it" moment.

What happened was this.  A Census worker, a midget Census worker, rang the door bell.  The kid grabbed him, and threw him into the closet, and had indeed been feeding him Skittles under the door.  The Census worker called police on his cell phone. 

I had tears running down my cheeks , STG.

In Passing

In Passing
Answers to Jeopardy Questions  in 2075

Spoken Like a Frenchman
Sarkozy to U.S.: Help regulate capitalism
(Better:  "Help regulate socialism")

A confused Joy Behar Would Like To Have Glenn Beck Neutered And Spayed
How about neutered, spayed, have his balls cut off, and ovaries removed?  Or, better yet, given a Zyklon B shower?
[Guess where Behar fall in this group?]

We told you what would happen if you gave the Democrats control. But did you listen? Nooooo!
[American Digest]

Experts shocked as Jamie Gorelick executes another massive fail
Sallie Mae spent $3 million on lobbyists last year, and got none of what they wanted.  Zero, zip, nada (largely because lobbyists like Tony Podesta and Jamie Gorelick screwed up...).

todaze Lympian quote o the ding dong day
"Any jobs lost due to the passage of this law should never have existed!"

CROWLEY: Enemies of the state
Administration smears some opponents, arrests others
[Alternative copy]
Panel: Keep old-fashioned light bulbs legal
AZ legislature strike blow against AGW induced nincompoopery.

U.K.: great moments in animal welfare law

“Great-grandmother given an electronic tag and curfew for selling a goldfish to a 14 year-old”, Telegraph:

The RNC Debacle
Whether or not RNC staffers share the very traditional beliefs on moral questions of the vast majority of their regular voters, the idea of partying at even "upscale" sex-themed nightclubs is quite obviously not only at the top of the stupid charts ... .


Today's Reminder

y womyn like girly-men

Obamacare women will prefer girly-men?

Boned Jello
A pair of faces from the Face Research Laboratory study to evaluate women's preferences. The image on the left has more masculine features like thicker eyebrows and a wider jaw.

(excerpt from Why Women Don't Want Macho Men)

[Women,] ...  received instructions telling them they would be presented with pairs of men's faces. For each set they would need to select the face they considered more attractive and indicate how much they preferred it to the other one.

The faces, it turned out, looked eerily alike and yet subtly different, like identical twins. They were created by software that masculinizes or feminizes a person's features in a few keystrokes.

The apparent answer is not so much—if you're a woman living in a country with a decent health-care system and few harmful pathogens. While a masculine father's "good genes" may confer health advantages to children, so do good medical attention and a clean environment. In the Face Lab study, women with the weakest masculinity preferences tended to live in some of the healthiest countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Austria. Other countries in the study with low masculinity preferences are Romania, Greece and New Zealand. Women with the weakest masculinity preferences of all lived in Belgium, a country considered to have one of the best publicly funded health-care systems in Europe (alongside Denmark and the Netherlands in the health-care index).

Meanwhile, women with the strongest masculinity preferences tended to hail from the countries with higher disease and mortality rates and some of the poorest scores on the health-care index: Mexico, Brazil, Bulgaria and Argentina. (The researcher included only white subjects to control the experiment, and Asian and African nations were not included in the study.)
Boned Jello

And where does the U.S. stand in the masculinity ranking? The answer is fifth out of the 30 countries in the study, one of the highest. This is, after all, the home of James Dean and Clint Eastwood. And where does America stand in the health index ranking? Twentieth of 30 countries, one of the least healthy.

Eat meat.  Drill for oil. Impeach Obama.

Spiders on Drugs