Thursday, May 20, 2010


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Dale Petersen Parody

How do you top the greatest political ad ever?
Like this:

Truth #26

Oh. we're so freaking sorry; it's our fault

Made to Order for Zero
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Mr. Calderón praised President Obama's recent initiative to curb drug demand. But he also said there was a correlation between the increase in drug-related violence in Mexico and the lapsing of the assault weapons ban in the U.S. in 2004. Mexico has seized some 45,000 assault weapons under Mr. Calderón's watch, most of them smuggled from the U.S.

"I respect the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution," Mr. Calderón said. "But the truth is that these weapons are not going into the hands of good Americans, [they] are going directly into the hands of criminals."
Mexico's 'Eliot Ness' Seeks U.S. Help
Clinton used The OKC bombing;  look for Obama to use the lawless Messican crime spree that's  our fault.

The Bad, The Good



Obama jabs

ba da bing
 ba da boom

Boned Jello

The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree and think 25 to life would be appropriate. - Jay Leno

Q: Have you heard about McDonald's' new Obama Value Meal?

A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.- Conan O'Brien

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?

A: A fund raiser.  - Leno

Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?

A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society.  The other is for housing prisoners.  - Letterman

Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?

A: America ! - Jimmy Fallon

Q: What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?

A: Bo has papers. - Jimmy Kimmel

Q: What was the most positive result of the "Cash for clunkers" program?

A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road. -Letterman

America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask.- Jay Leno


Looking for a tarp with air filter
& Glad™bag with clogs
here boss



This is funny on so many levels/

Obama will greet you only after you acknowledge your citizenship status


Dad and the kids


Shit My Kids Ruined
"I didn't say you were ugly. I said your girlfriend is better looking than you, and standing next to her, you look ugly."

"War hero? No. I was a doc in Vietnam. My job was to say "This is what happens when you screw a hooker, kid. Put this cream on your pecker."

"Science and Mother Nature are in a marriage where Science is always surprised to come home and find Mother Nature blowing the neighbor."

"Don't start a story with This is SO funny. Be like saying My dick's huge before you screw. Even if you're right you sound like an asshole."
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I got cariied away by liars.

Joe and Gene Show Redux

Boned Jello

This morning I direct your attention to articles by the only group more confused about the Tea Party movement than the Republican Party; asshat liberals.  First, Joe Conason.  Of all the hacks who made a living defending President Bill Clinton's every fart and burp, Conason was among the most shameless.    He managed to go eight years without writing a single paragraph that could survive a rudimentary fact-check.  Here he is, toady, on Salon.

How will Republicans, and in particular Washington's’s neoconservative Republicans, cope with libertarian-leaning Rand Paul as their party’s Senate nominee in Kentucky? Having denounced the son of Ron as a kooky isolationist only days ago, their responses to his victory have ranged from sugarcoating to stunned silence. Now they just want to hold that seat.

Just fine Joe.  But, who are these neoconservative Republicans, Joe?  Mitch McConnell?   That's what the Tea-party is about you clod; America first, not a political party.  The only difference between today's elected Democrats and Republicans is not all Republicans are shameless liars.  And no Republican is a socialist, Marxist, Maoist, Obamunists, nor any other kind of  ideologue-ist.  Gah!

If Conason had a peer when it came to apologizing for the Clintons, it was Gene Lyons, a co-author with Conason of The Hunting of the President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Take it away Gene.

One minor mystery of the Obama administration is whether the president has actually believed that the nation's most intractable problems could be solved by the wonder-working power of bipartisanship and the emollient balm of his personality. He wouldn't be the first politician whose ego convinced him he could sweet-talk his bitterest opponents.

That's the lede from his Salon article, No, GOP, you can't have the car keys back;  your warning to have a vomit bag at the ready.   Salon, by the way,  is the interweb's version of HBO;  giving face time to Bill Maher types who are otherwise unemployable.  Lyons continues with a paean to the greatest job creationist since Michael Dukakis pulled off the "Massachusetts Miracle."    

It's a fact. Should current growth persist, the U.S. economy will gain roughly 1.7 million jobs this year. From 2001 through 2008, the Bush economy generated about 1 million.

Let's forget that the Administrations "job creation" numbers are rife with this sort of fraud also shows 2,893.9 jobs created with $194,537,372 in stimulus funding in New Hampshire’s 00 congressional district. But, there is no such thing.

Or that Moody's estimates that offering tax breaks to businesses that hire new employees,  creates jobs at a cost of ... $43,000 a pop!  Let's forget that George Bush inherited Bill Clinton's recession, and turned it around with tax cuts.  No, let's see if four years hence Obama's bone crushing taxes a-coming yield anywhere near a million net jobs created (and government jobs don't count).  Any bets?  

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