Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Bad and the Good

It must be Barry's
day in the barrel.

Boned Jello

Reading that ABC News headline will prolly leave you with the impression that the American partner in the Obama union just delivered  a stem-winder of a speech denouncing Tea Party racism, wot?   I did.  It's a certainty that's what the race baiting ABC Libtards  were after, but no.  In her address to the assembled Colored People, Michelle talked about fat kids.  The media are now in full frenzy mode.  Go over to News Busters and scroll the headlines.  Nothing will change while they live in the same country as Americans.

ASIDE: By the by, I was thinking last night about my favorite theme.  Separating the two halves.  Awhile back I suggested that rather than seceding from the Union, the good states ought simply expel the bad.  Why should the partner who  lies and cheats get the house?  A solid premise, but  I didn't think it through.

While there is absolutely nothing in our constitution that prohibits secession, it does forthrightly, and unambiguously, define the powers of the legislative branch.  There is no provision for expelling the 15 or so states from the union, and any attempt to amend the constitution would surely fail.  So, secession it must be.  I can't wait,  Really.

Shessh - I just wanna pee ..

Rate These Terlets

Boned Jello
No, Not those.  These.

Blow Me

An idea waiting by the tracks
for a train that will never arrive.

Boned Jello

Summer Heat

Cooling Off Here Boss

Cows With Guns

Cow 'tse Dung

A zillion thanks to O-Club regular Alaska Paul for this.    Here's the Story Behind Cows With Guns.

Red Neck Word: OBAMA
I bought a case of beer and drank it Obama self.

Steinbrenner RIP

George Steinbrenner

This is what most people will remember him for;  his recurring "character" as George Costanza's boss on Seinfeld

Shaggy Story

Whence Shaggy Dog Stories

Boned Jello

"Shaggy Dog story" is a term I've heard for so long without actually knowing what the hell it meant, that I had to find out.  According to Wikipedia,  it's

"an extremely long-winded tale featuring extensive narration of typically irrelevant incidents, usually resulting in a pointless or absurd punchline.

Oh, like a Joe Biden speech.  Below is what might be the story that spawned the term.

A boy owned a dog that was uncommonly shaggy. Many people remarked upon its considerable shagginess. When the boy learned that there are contests for shaggy dogs, he entered his dog. The dog won first prize for shagginess in both the local and the regional competitions. The boy entered the dog in ever-larger contests, until finally he entered it in the world championship for shaggy dogs. When the judges had inspected all of the competing dogs, they remarked about the boy's dog: "He's not so shaggy."

Christie Has Risen!

New Jersey Governor
Defies Political Expectations

Conservative runs as a conservative in  liberal state; wins; then governs as a conservative; wins. Yawn.

right in the ol' boxer

Nice Etchings
Boned Jello

Fiorina Leads Boxer for First
Time in California Senate Race

The same SurveyUSA poll shows Republican Meg Whitman leading Democrat Jerry Brown 46% to 39% in the California gubernatorial race.

McGovern voting .. why go further?

How familiar is the
following exchange?

Boned Jello

McGovern-voting Granduncle: Let the immigrants in! We’re a nation of immigrants! You fucking bigot!

You: Actually I’m not concerned about race, I’m concerned about why someone would choose to circumvent our immigration laws. How come I have to follow laws while we’re defining a whole class of people who don’t have to, and we don’t even know who they are?

Hostess: Oh, stop fighting you two! Here we are having a lovely dinner and you have to bring politics into it. Just let him call you a reprehensible, cross-burning scum-sucking douchebag asshole xenophobe and then let’s move on! There’s cheesecake!

  House of Eratosthenes (via Ka-Ching!)

Lake Somalia

Lake Somalia
Somali Islamists carried out two bomb attacks in Kampala, killing at least 64 people as they watched the World Cup final, Ugandan authorities said on Monday.

Boned Jello

With news of this latest outrage perped by Islamo Somalia comes renewal.  Renewed pleas to non Islamo nations on Earth, to join together and level everything in the geographic area that "nation" infests.

Seriously.  If my magic button was working (it's out for repairs) I'd press it NOW, and lo! Lake Somalia; 246,201 sq. miles of hole waiting for enough rain to fill it.  And do you know what?  If Somalia disappeared today, not a soul in the world would notice its absence, save for a severe drop in international crime.  The area produces nothing but the green flies favored by other Muslim countries. 

It seems that  I've been forced to use an inordinate amount of ink on this idea, to no avail.   The fact that another rogue government is subsidizing them certainly doesn't help.( US sends 40 tons of arms to terrorist infested Somali government).  Does it?  That gummint needs to be removed as well.

Peace be with you.


Rabid Dog Story

There have been numerous investigations into ACORN and each one cleared the organization of wrongdoing - Newwshounds

Boned Jello

Shooting rabid dogs would seem to be our only protection, but there's those pesky white man laws to contend with.

dey be hatin' white man law too

... and a special thanks to B.Hussein Obama and Eric Shizzle Holder

A Guy Fairy Tale


Boned Jello

Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess... “Will you marry me?”

The Princess said “NO!”    

And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and played golf  and dated women half his age and drank beer and scotch  and had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up.

The End