Sunday, August 22, 2010

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What goes "Wook-Wook?"

Michelle Obama portrait debuts at Smithsonian

WASHINGTON — Move over Martha Washington. Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama are getting space in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington for the first time.

A new exhibit, "Americans Now," opened Friday, featuring famous names from science, business, government and the arts.

President Barack Obama and the first lady are among those portrayed. It's the first time Michelle Obama's individual portrait has been shown at the gallery.

Familiar names in the collection also include actor Tom Hanks and music artists Willie Nelson and LL Cool J. Video portraits in the exhibit feature late-night comedians Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and David Letterman, as well as actor George Clooney and NBA star LeBron James.

The portraits are on view through July 2011.

What goes 'Wook-Wook?'


Terminator Battery Recharge

Terminator Battery Recharge

Just need lead in your pencil

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Obama on the job


Mike Feuer (pronounced Führer)


Mike Feuer (pronounced Führer)

A bill sponsored by Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D- for Duh!) will require the state to  keep registration information for all firearm transfers, including from transfers of commonly used hunting rifles and shotguns. The state already does that for handguns.  It's dangerously close to becoming law according to the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance

Let's apply a bit of critical thinking here.  What's the rationale for this law?  Of what possible use to the state is knowing who owns a hunting rifle or, particularly, a shot gun?  Here are my top 10 reasons.

  2. Confiscation      
Boned Jello
Furthermore, the bill is projected to cost at least $400,000.  This from a state that can't issue checks  for over-withheld income taxes. Canada passed similar registration law, which so far has cost them $2 Billion, and is now in the process of being repealed as useless.  California has three million more people than does all of Canada.[source]

This effort, when lumped with all the other preposterously invasive laws shoved down our throats these past two years, must suggest, at least,  the very real possibility they are positioning for final conquest.  They are True Believers, and they are dangerous.  Buy more guns.

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A Clown, a commie. and a comic

Obama slams 'corporate
takeover of our democracy'

In the pantheon of outrageous, in-your-face-I-own-the-media jaw droppers, issued by recent American  megalomaniacs (dominated by the Clintons,  this Poseur, and their minions), this pronouncement is singular in its  disdain for the Flag, Republic for which it stands, and We the People.     
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