Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mike Malloy need pills.

Did I say "rabid dogs?"

..    you ought to be there planning your father's funeral, Liz [Cheney], because I'm sure all the nation's bigwigs, especially the Republicans are going to fall all over themselves to worship in front of his coffin. Liberal wing-nut Mike Malloy

Jebuz Malloy, you assclown, leave some histrionic on the table.  You'd think Cheney was Ted Kennedy or sumpin', instead of the best vice president the nation ever had. . This comes three months after he told his listeners that he hoped former Vice President Dick Cheney would die in the hospital. [NewsBusters]

Democrat Media Splatter

I’ve been watching Media Matters fake concern over the Reid-supporting chick punched at a townhall forum this week. - DanaLoesch

More Clinton Legacy

Momento Enojado de los Hombres

ACROGESIC - No Matter What Your Headache's Named

No more Hilton, Spears, Lohan upskirts?

Nice car door idea

Interestingly, I had this idea several years ago, but for passenger aircraft.  Sigh.

cuzzin ricky

Calpers Disaster

Officials Hid Size Of Pension Crisis-
Could it Really be $2.5 TRILLION
Federal?  No.  California

That's This X 2.5

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These are not the real culprits.  People like this are.
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You know, that sore-loser bitch

Make sure to write in
"Lisa Murskanksky Murkwski
KOWSKI dammit! "
For U.S. Senate

Fill It In, Write It In! Murkowski's Public Service Announcement

(Paid for by the Lisa Murwinskey for Senate Commitee)

Something else I never had. Sigh.


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Amazing concrete slide

Paris Captioned

Deciding whether to handle
Paris Hilton's case.

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Save for Valentine's Day

Some CBS show

Slippery Minutes
On September 19, a week before the new season officially began, CBS’s Lesley Stahl promoted the latest book of Jimmy Carter, and insisted that Carter was a bigger success than most presidents, including Ronald Reagan: "But when all is said and done, and many will be surprised to hear this: Jimmy Carter got more of his programs passed than Reagan and Nixon, Ford, Bush 1, Clinton or Bush 2."

Boned Jello

People I know personally, including my own dad, have recounted how Sixty-Minutes took lengthy interviews (depositions), then edited and manipulated them, out of context, to support their thesis du Jour. With the single exception of Hillary's cattle futures fraud (never re-aired), until Bill was impeached,  not a single segment was devoted to a Clinton scandal.  Mike Wallace's  handling of Vince Foster was prolly the last time I watched the show out of habit.  In the 15 years since, I may have watched a dozen times, which is why I was surprised by this factoid.

Barack Obama was a major beneficiary of 60 Minutes admiration. CBS has devoted hours of air time to the promotion of Barack Obama – five interviews before the election, and six after it, all reported by Steve Kroft.

Media Research Center's  Syrupy Minutes  How CBS's 60 Minutes Works Overtime for the Obama Left  is a comprehensive study of how wretchedly biased and politically proactive the show is today. I wonder, though, will anyone but researchers read it all?  I didn't.  I'm already convinced. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY on the left will read this "unhappiness."  Some leftist clearing house like Media Matters will skim through, find a few catch phrases, and publish a thousand words denouncing it.  That will  become the go-to citation for lefty bloggers.

Maybe, if we ever get around to "show trials," it can be introduced before sentencing.  Thank God, though, for all that MRC, and it's NewsBuster subsidiary do for this Republic.

Who's the chick holding Fuzzy Wuzzy's mic?

Today's unfortunate
photo composition
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