Monday, October 04, 2010

Sounds like a cartoon bear caught in a trap

Can we be adult about this?

I personally would have called this a Birth Delivery Simulator, but Japanese Robotic Vagina it is then. I'm not posting this as any sophomoric giggle-getter either. Not the way you think, anyway (I'm dying here). To the chase then. What is absolutely hilarious is the simulated groaning from "mom," as she delivers the little rascal. I'm sorry. I can't talk. OMG.

The NEA again

High School Students Got Class
Credit to Attend Leftist One Nation Rally

Like I said, just another Nuremberg Rally.


A new beat

Hearing the beat

For my money you can't find a more strident progressive, or champion of  Third Way socialism than E,J. Dionne.  What then is he doing on Investor Business Daily's editorial page?  I could scarcely handle Al Hunt's Thursday WSJ  OP Ed rants back in the day, and Dionne, while not as smarmy as Hunt, actually believes in the crap he writes (I don't think Hunt believed in anything).

In his IBD column,  Dionne challenges the "lie" that Democrats are running like hell away from Obamacare.  He cites (the soon to be ex) Sen. Russ Feingold,  and a few others.  Good.  Who cares?  I know what you're saying.  But Rodge, do we want to be like Democrats,  and embargo ideas that offend us?"  Yes.  I want to reach that point again where these commie turds have to go to tiny coffee houses to find  receptive ears.  I want state legislatures to threaten funding if  leftist professors are hired (as Maryland did in the 1960s).  I want an environment where television news executives blacklist leftists because the public demands it (as Hollywood execs did in the 50s).  This is war.

Say, how about them Redskins?

I think I'm wearing the lampshade now

Kathy S

Wow, this senior prom picture nearly kept me out of the army.

Taking a break here boss

Oh What a Night
MoSup is at her annual reunion at the nudist camp all week, and you know what that means for me.  That's right.  Debauchery!  Which definition changes every year. It wasn't that long ago that it meant having all the guys over for adult videos, adult beverages, poker and  the recounting of old stories.  Now it means eating beans right out of the can, leaving the windows and screens open so I can shoot squirrels of opportunity, and drinking Manhattans to (Joey Dee and the Starliters, just now). Makes me wonder what happened to Eddie Cartmel (nobody you know).   I've been cataloging the 5,258 pictures that were saved willy-nilly in the HOLD file.  Done about 800 so far.  Now I'm tired of typing. Here's the next 5 in the queue.  I have the last three  Mad Men episodes for later.  OMG, Little Star.  Carol Solley. I've had a great life.

Everywhere I look.

Lord help me

Boned Jello

It's the Lyndeaux curse.  Cuzzin ricky will understand.

Fashion WTF?

From the Klaus Barbie Collection

Barney Frank needs comeuppance

Barney Frank may be responsible for
destroying Western civilization as we know it.

I can make that case - TRKOF
Sean Bielat is 35 years old, a Marine who spent four years on active duty and is now a major in the Reserve. He's a graduate of Georgetown University with a master's from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton. He's devoted a good portion of his professional life to manufacturing the high-tech robots that defuse improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan. In other words, he's a serious man. [Weekly Standard]

He's running against Barney Frank.  Here's his latest video.

12% ???

Amazingly, among Republicans Obama still
manages to hold the support of 12%.
  Gallup poll

Excuse me, but how in hell are there any Republicans, let alone 12%, who support Obama? That's akin to 12% of Catholics agreeing that L. Ron Hubbard died for our sins, and pray to Mecca 12 times a day.  Here's every single way I can think of that Gallup could come up with that figure.
  1. These Republicans are from Maine
  2. Illegal aliens who don't understand English
  3. Gallup, embarrassed that 103% of black voters support Obama; shifted 12% to "Republican" column
  4. Hey, thats how the darts landed.
  5. 12% of Republicans were screaming "support deporting" when they pushed the # sign.
  6. The RNC was mistakenly polled.
  7.  ?

and whata nut!

Speaking of peanuts

Carter Sucked

Double-Duped Carter: From
Soviet Communism to Radical Islam
It is difficult here to summarize the Carter record, but there are a half-dozen core incidents that typify Carter’s fatal naïveté during his presidency, specifically involving the USSR and Iran. ... While some of these incidents are remembered, most are forgotten, or were barely noticed to begin with. More telling, I went to Carter’s newly released diary to see if he regretted or attempted to explain them. Here they are, beginning with the Soviet Union and finishing with Iran: [Paul Kengor]

Boned Jello

Read as Paul Kengor explains why "we couldn’t resist putting Carter on the cover of my book on Dupes"  [Spoiler -  He is a poster boy not only for what we wanted to describe, but, most soberly, what we want Americans to avoid electing"]  The case is made that,  not only is it okay to despise Jimmy Carter in thought, word and deed, but it's a point of national honor and a necessity. The real best part is it comes in time for Jummy to carry it with him into  - wherever it is he goes next.

3rd from the left

B-17 Story

Why We WON
When I first saw this on one of the Hitler channels, I was struck by the crew's ability to salvage the old hulk, and put it back into service.  Try that today, I thought, and the EPA, and lawyer brigades would stop it in a heartbeat, as certain elements today conspire to change the American "Can Do" spirit into "You'd better not."  That's conjecture of course; this was real.  It's Why We WON.    Via Theo Spark on a tip from Marc Miller

Muslimo sniffer


Roll-over answer

El Jefe


Today's milk snorter
The first question isn't: Can Rahm win? It's: Can Rahm run?

Boned Jello

The Sun Times this morning reports:
... two of Chicago's top election lawyers say the state's municipal code is crystal clear that a candidate for mayor must reside in the town for a year before the election.

That doesn't mean they must simply own a home in the city that they rent out to someone else. They must have a place they can walk into, keep a toothbrush, hang up their jacket and occasionally sleep, the lawyers say.

Another three election lawyers say Emanuel could be thrown off the ballot on a residency challenge.

Excuse me for laughing milk out my nose, but the idea that one of the architects of the most obscenely corrupt administrations in history will be stopped by a mere city ordinance- in Chicago - is snort worthy. Laws only apply to democrats here when another, more powerful, democrat wants them to.  May cause a bit of a kerfuffle , but that's all. 

Obamanazi rules will stop physician-owned hospitals from being built

Obamanazi rules will stop physician-owned hospitals from being built.1000 Words

Waste Ink Reservoir

Resevoir Hogs

I expected this guy's dirty little secret  would be how the ink jet printer industry forces new ink cartridge sales by arbitrarily "announcing" that you're out of ink,  and disallowing more printing until you comply with a new cartridge.  Bastids. But no.  This guy seemingly found something I'd never heard about: the Waste Ink Reservoir.  However, the guy won't tell you the manufacturer of his printer because, "they're all the same."  He then ends by saying, "this is good information to have before you make your next printer decision."  Uh ... if they're all the same ... ?  I trust people in comments will further elucidate. By the bye, I don't replace ink anymore.  I replace the printer.  It's cheaper.