Sunday, October 10, 2010

Basketball Cheat

Jim Calhoun- College
Basketball's Charlie Rangel
Yeah, MD is run by Democrats too,
but our basketball coach is isn't a crook

* snootingly postured nose*

Everything you need

The madness of Barack Obama
Read about this film , now released as Battle For America - Tea Party - HOW WE WIN!  in Mary Claire Kendall's WaTimes article The madness of Barack Obama and went looking for it.  Amazingly, I found the whole deal broken down in 9 segments.  Here's the trailer. (Film by Dave Bossie of Citizens United and writer-director Steve Bannon of Victory Productions). 




Barbara Boxer's panic

No soft lens for you Boxer
If Fiorina beats Boxer, liberalism will suffer a grievous defeat
You know, like, I don’t want to go back to the days when thousands of people died every day because they had no insurance.

Temporary sgt.I think I can feel Boxer's angst over losing royalty status.  In Army basic training at Fort Knox,  I was designated "Platoon Guide" by virtue of having taken ROTC in college.  P-guides were brevetted (rank without the pay) E-3 sergeants, and wore that rank on an arm device. We had a good deal of power within the platoon.  I decided who to send on crap details; who cleaned the latrines;  who didn't get a weekend pass, etc.  On the plus side,  I was excused from all details, and had access to the squad room bunk, which I declined.   Here's the  the pertinent part. 

After graduating from basic, everyone spent one last night before heading home.  Sargeant stripes were handed in, and for all practical purposes nobody was in charge.  The first indication of possible peril ahead came when the real platoon sargeant held our last formation (before taking off for his usual weekend of drunken revelry in Louisville).

" I know some of you think this is your opportunity to get even, but any person who attacks the platoon guide will be recycled and go through basic training again, without leave."

Before leaving he called me into his office.  Gave me the key and advised that I lock myself  in that squad room for the night.  Holy S_it! I asked some or my friends whether they thought I was going to get the crap kicked out of me, and they said not that we know - but you know that such-and-such clique was aways giving you trouble.  In the end I stayed in my bunk over Bernie Schwartz, a German national who lived in Canada but had a VW repair business in Niagara Falls NY so got drafted into the US Army (he also  received a draft notice from the German army shortly after our basic began).  Morning came, and nobody had paid much attention to me at all.  There had been some commotion  at the fourth platoon.  I heard the the platoon guide had the living crap beat out of him; pillow case over his head.  He really was an asshole though. How about you Barby?  Do your people really love and respect you?  Without your tiara?

Palin a close second

Chris Christie wins first
Tea Party presidential straw poll

Photoshopped Alien cover-up?

Photoshopped NASA image a cover-up?

Boned Jello

ALIEN conspiracy theorists are confident they've caught NASA in the act of covering up the fact we are not alone in the universe.

A video posted on YouTube yesterday showed how an image of Saturn's moons Dione and Titan, taken by NASA's Cassini orbiter, had been Photoshopped before being added to a Picture of the Day website.

In the video, "DominatorPS3" turned up the brightness levels on the photo to show that a "huge" object can be seen behind the smaller moon, Dione.

Clearly visible are brush strokes that show how the rainbow aura of the object has been blacked out.

"More solid proof of NASA/ government coverups," DominatorPS3 said.

"... and this is recent. You can do this yourself!!"

Of course, being the internet, it didn't take long for the truth to get out there, so to speak. [Continued]

What more proof do people need?
Of course other life forms exist; and of course they've already insinuated themselves into our population.  It's sort of a Massachusetts-New  Hampshire deal.  They  completely mucked up their home planets by allowing a central government to have dominion over them.  Now that they're here, they  somehow think the same policies can be made to work with a little tweaking.   Wake the hell up and smell the ectoplasm!


MAD MEN moment
"Nobody said it would be easy"
Independent Newspapers

But, is it inbound or out?


In 5 minutes & 10 seconds the date/time will be
10/10/10 10:10:10
you're welcome

Sargeant Kagan

Pam Geller Agonistes

They have to be upset because the picture is so damn friggin funny. She looks just like Schultz. They should be happy I didn’t give her a little gray mustache… with cookie crumbs in it. Cookies baked by Lebow.

[Pam Atlas - The New York Times: Outraged, Outrageous and Unhinged]
Boned Jello

Glad to help

What says "You've Arrived" better than having the New York Times wield their hatchet on you?  Nothing.

Barry's Pathology Rising

the narcissism thing

Boned Jello
Almost unremarked upon was one of Barack Obama’s more revealing recent statements, when campaigning in Maryland this week. At one point, he warned his crowd of supporters to get out to vote in order to prevent his own embarrassment in November:  “Don’t make me look bad, now.” Since he is not up for reelection, apparently the president means that the slaughter of perhaps 50 Democratic congressional representatives and 8-10 senators will reflect poorly upon himself. Of course it will, but ... Victor David H.

Ruh-Roh for 'crats

So chug-chug-a-lug
In 2008 Scott Elliott's Election Projection annoyed me. Kept dashing my hopes ( to Scott's ultimate credit)  by failing to confirm upside McCain  projections from other services.   Bastid!  I will characterize EP as very cautious, meaning no wild swings.  To the extent that I detect a bias, it leans Democrat (I see bias in everything). That said, here's a few paragraphs from a  subscriber newsletter  received 30 minutes ago. 

The House picture, at least in terms of which party will be the majority come January, is clearing up considerably.  Barring something crazy, the GOP will win at least the 39 seats they need to become the party in power in the House - you can take that to the bank from The Blogging Caesar.  The question in my mind now is just how many they can win.  Claims of 70 to 100 may be far-fetched, but I'd be surprised if Republicans don't eclipse the 52 seats they won in 1994.  How high the ceiling is, no one knows.  When John Dingell is in trouble in Michigan, it has to be very very high.
In the Senate, Sharron Angle, Dino Rossi and John Raese are realizing gains in the polls that put the GOP in decent shape to take the majority there as well.  I am not declaring a Senate GOP majority yet, but the odds are improving.  I'd say they are around 40% now.  That's a marked improvement from the very long odds we saw after Christine O'Donnell won the Delaware primary a few weeks ago.  With Angle moving ahead of Harry Reid this week, the projection for the Senate is deadlocked at 50-50.  And if Rossi's position in the polls out of Washington stay where the latest surveys put him, that seat could be colored red shortly.
Helping Nancy Cope
So much for Speaker Hankey's most recent  bloviation