Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dealing with liars

Why Taliban talks won't bring peace
Amir Taher
NY Post Editor: "Amir - great article, but no room for 720 words in the next edition."
Amir Taheri:     "How about this 1000 word replacement?"

Reagan-Tip-Byrd (Tip PS replaced Dole)

President Ronald Reagan, left, with House  Speaker Tip O'Neill (Democrat of Massachusetts), center, and Senate Minority Leader Robert Byrd (Democrat of West Virginia), right.  The President asked that Democrats not deal independently with the Soviet Union behind his back at this  meeting in the Cabinet Room in the White House in Washington, D.C. on January 4, 1985.  "Let us get back to you," was their response.


10,000 Chicom spies in the US .. or was it 100,000?

Easy. Chicom "message" firing
stealth missile from stealth fighter

Don't tell me you haden''t thought the same thing.

This was not innocent

What the heck is a woj blob?
blob jow?

I'll buy a bowel

The monolithic Jewish vote WTF?

Right, as in Left
They said it couldn't be done.  They said that no matter how well the Republicans run with other groups, they would not be able to make a dent into the consistently liberal Jewish vote.

Well, they were right.  Way right.

What? They like the 'socialist part?'
So, what am I missing?

The Big Whack

Absolutely, positively,
the longest home run ever

A slugger named Smith will step to the plate one warm day during a game at Coors Field in mile-high downtown Denver. Smith, who will stand 6 foot 8 and weigh 247 pounds, will be facing a rookie flamethrower fresh out of the bullpen. On the fifth pitch of the at-bat, the rookie will tilt back and unleash a 111-mph fastball over the heart of the plate.  ... The sound of impact as a bat moving at 127 mph will be like nothing anyone in the ballpark has ever heard. 

The ball will leave the face of the bat at 194 mph and soar upward at a 35-degree angle. Backspin will cause it to rise sharply at first, and it will still be heading upward when it rises above roof level.

When the ball finally lands, 9.3 seconds after Smith hits it, it will strike a patch of dirt outside the stadium and leave a sharp indentation. After the game, measurements will be taken that show the ball traveled exactly

  1. 591 feet from home plate?
  2. 748 feet from home plate?
  3. 822 feet from home plate?

Boned Jello

False Advertising!

Harvey was thinking ..

.. how did that mutt Obama manage to beguile a nation?  And. Voila!

Promise? - He's a freaking democrat!


Gov-elect Jerry Brown has promised not to raise taxes without voter approval.

Which approval is manifested when the elected-by-voters legislature raises taxes, wot.

Cheryl's imitation

How hard can it be?

Steele’s foes within GOP yet to settle
on a viable opponent to run against him

Viable? How about this?
Boned Jello

traitor's webb

Go to Hell
Obama is the first US president who was raised without cultural or emotional or intellectual ties to either Britain or Europe. The British and the Europeans have been so enchanted with  'America's first black president' that they haven't been able to see what he really is: America's first Third World president.  

James Webb

I have a difficult time making this philosophical case: Obama violated his allegiance toward his country by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies (the principle definition for treason.)  Even if you don't question his very claim to citizenship, as I do, Obama's cultural ties to this nation he titularly heads are virtually non-existent.  The man's very transparent mission (open your eyes) is, always has been, to destroy the United States; to  bring us to parity with the third
James Webb
world he understands.  My vote will be to consign him to Judecca, the fourth ring of the ninth circle in Hell (Here are the traitors to their benefactors).  Legally speaking, I can make a case for summary justice, the accepted penalty for wearing the enemy's uniform during time of war. All of which is the circuitous route to my intended subject, Sen. James Webb (Virginia V)

I feel personally betrayed by Webb. Reading Amy Proctor's D-Jim Webb Proposes Cutting Military to Save Money, which takes him on for his betrayal of his homeboys, caused the bile to rise.  Then, in nearly the same breath, I read this.

One of Obama's moves early on that gave me some hope he was not a complete muppet on foreign policy, was keeping Gates on as Sec Def. That hope changed into disgust as it became apparent that all the Obama talk about taking the fight to Afghanistan was just political rhetoric. Obama was looking for a way to cut and run from Day One. Now he has placed a political tool in the role of National Security Adviser and has turned Gates into an errand boy for his plans to reap a war dividend.

Yep smack dab in the midst of an ongoing long war with the Islamists, facing increased Russian and Chinese arsenal building, and with the clock ticking toward zero on Iranian nukes, Barry O is gonna save the economy by slicing and dicing the military to bits. The peace dividend at the end of the Cold War severely hurt our over all readiness and now without even the shroud of peace, we are poised to self-emasculate our much-needed nuclear deterrent. -
[Black Five continued]

Webb isn't named, but I can see him hiding in that crowd of women and children over there. Bastid. He's an ambassador-at-large to the ninth ring.


Duh ...

I Guess the RNC Is Clueless

I wasn’t going to go there, but after this piece went up, I got an email from RNC Spokesman Doug Heye, who wrote:

We in fact did have a 72 hour program. Not sure why you would claim that we didn’t.

Well Doug, I go it from you. See this Roll Call article.


This brouhaha began after Red State's Erikson posted Political Malpractice: The GOP Should Have Had Bigger House Gains.  Since I long ago decided the GOP was not only incompetent, but a subversive political force as well, I'm inclined to agree with this at face value.  After reading it however, and in light of a limited but lively discussion on my "Rove elephant kills five" post,  I'm with Erikson all the way on this.  Also, this House GOP offers freshman spot in leadership rubs me the wrong way. It should be TeaParty will allow a few establishment Republicans to remain in the leadership for administrative purposes (announced GOP chairman Sarah Palin). Too much yapping.Long Live the Revolution.