Thursday, January 20, 2011

Typhoid Barry

Tyhoid Barry
and the parasites

Typhoid Barry

When I read yesterday that Obama was infested with parasites, I figured it was union scum who beat up on Girl Scouts,  or the ATLA, or whatever ambulance chasers call themselves now, or any number of parasites that are the  Democrat's natural constituencies.  Didn't you?  Go figure.  Barry caught an actual parasite that's evidently digesting all his calories before his body gets to them.  Of course he will, as he is every night, be mentioned prominently in my prayers.  I just won't get near him if he invites me to dinner.

Riverside Hospital

North Brother Island-Riverside Hospital
Of all the forgotten and mysterious places in the Five Boroughs of New York City, few have histories as rich and interesting as that of North Brother Island. Situated in the Hell Gate, a particularly treacherous stretch of the East River, North Brother was home to the quarantine hospital that housed Typhoid Mary, was the final destination of the General Slocum during its tragic final voyage, and was the site of an experimental drug treatment program which failed due to corruption. Riverside Hospital ... 

That folks is a specter
The exam table in the morgue. Note that this was not the autopsy table, which would have been a single-piece lipped table with sluices for the blood to drain. Sadly, this artifact was removed from the island in late 2008.

"The exam table in the morgue. Note that this was not the autopsy table ... ."  Whoa!  I know it can't be, but this, obviously, came immediately to mind.  *shiver* Place gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Amazing that this is NYC.  Lots of pictures, and a good narrative.  Typhoid Mary.  Whew.


I hate pepper jack cheese

Auto Shotgun, and hunting

Great for pheasant hunts.

Don M
Also in the news ...

Tim Kaine, chair of the Democratic National Committee, has announced that White House political director Patrick Gaspard will leave the West Wing to become executive director of the DNC. As documented by Matthew Vadum of the conservative Capital Research Center and others, Gaspard has considerable ties to the radical-and-providers-of-tax-preparation-services-to-prostitutes Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

In September 2009 Vadum discovered a blog post by Acorn founder Wade Rathke boasting that Gaspard had been Acorn’s New York political director. As this could have caused embarrassment for the Obama administration, Rathke scrubbed the blog post and put up another one claiming that his memory was in error. [IBD]

Justin Bieber???

I am to varying ยบs utterly ignorant about current pop culture.  I see him smeared everywhere; but
WTF is  Justin Bieber, and what did he do?


Let's Roll the Dice


Not mine, but I did refurbish and reengineer a bit.

Mann Act

This reminds me

Mann Act Protection

This reminds me of when Mr. Hill, our scoutmaster (Chicago),  told us that when he was young, if you were standing at the streetcar stop next to a woman who yelled "Rape!," you were going to do time.  Period.  So now, he said, if you're ever railroaded, all you need to do is get three people to testify that they had sex with her too, which would show she was a wanton woman, and you'd beat the rap.  I'm not condoning any of it; don't even know if it was true.  Just saying what happened. Gave us a sense of security, even though not one of us had experienced puberty.  Anyway, I guess this Mann Act waiver was also part of the package back then.  I wonder what ever happened to Santa Siciliano?

Beating the Man!

Beating the Man!


Norwegian Icebreaker
heads up the Mississippi River

In case you didn't realize how cold it is in the Midwest, thought you would be interested in this.

Norwegian Icebreaker heads up the Mississippi River
As you may have seen on the news it's been very cold in Minnesota .  So cold, in fact, that the US Corp of Engineers has borrowed a Norwegian Icebreaker to clear the Mississippi River for freighter traffic.  The Icebreaker is starting near Winona and working its way northward. 

Here is a
picture as the hard work of ice breaking begins. Impressive!


The Truth Wears Off

The Truth Wears Off

For many scientists, the effect is especially troubling because of what it exposes about the scientific process. If replication is what separates the rigor of science from the squishiness of pseudoscience, where do we put all these rigorously validated findings that can no longer be proved? Which results should we believe? Francis Bacon, the early-modern philosopher and pioneer of the scientific method, once declared that experiments were essential, because they allowed us to “put nature to the question.” But it appears that nature often gives us different answers. [The Truth Wears Off]

Gore and Canziani Exposed
Gore and Canziani Exposed

I see a direct link from the explosion of junk science that plagues us, and Obama's birth certificate question.   For instance.

Penn State professor Michael Mann is positively shown to have manipulated data to promote a rapid, recent rise in the Earth's temperature [See Climategate], attributable to my use of hairspray.  Much of his scam is believed to have been prepared while employed by the University of Virgina however.  Requests for access to his UVA papers had been refused by the University,  until newly elected not-a-democrat Virginia A/G Ken Cuccinelli took UVA to court - and won!  So, finally, we get to see what Al Gore's brain trust was up to in the erstwhile era.  Who could complain about a little sunshine? 

That's right.

Va. Democrats look to stop climate change probe

Hard left liberals, which today include every democrat in congress, have always fought tooth and nail to prevent sunlight from creeping in.  And, even when the sun prevails, to the point of burning their collective asses, they will still continue the stonewall.  To this very day some refuse to believe Alger Hiss was a commie MoFo.  Refuse to believe the  Rosenbergs were guilty.  Refuse to this day, despite overwhelming evidence. that claims about man cause climate change were manufactured, congressional democrats are still trying to pass climate change legislation.  Even though the Obama administration has proffered not a single piece of authenticated evidence of  his U.S. birthright, people who question it are (in the Soviet style, I might add) deemed crack-pots. They don't care about Obama.  They care about how they will look if the truth outs.  The truth has worn off of everything boss.  Everything.  History is rewritten.  Transcripts are altered.  News goes unreported.  If you and me are schooled in two versions of history, guess what happens?  No, don't guess.  It's happened.

But Rodge, what can we do about it? 

The first step is to understand the enemy. Evan Sayet is a great primer.

The next step is to use a flamethrower on them.

There's deja-vu all over again

When there's deja-vu all over again

Feasting the in-laws

I'm remembering when we were youngly married and living in Camp Springs, MD. I had a good job, but we were house poor, and every nickel counted.  On payday we'd treat ourselves to a PAPPY's PIZZA Sundays were dinner at my parent's, and we'd both search the crevices of couches and chairs for loose change.  Every once in a awhile we'd hit the mother lode; enough lootage for the Ranch Drive-In with a six-pack of Natty Boh ($2.10 total).

One killer thing was when the military got a pay raise.  We shopped at the Food Fair, just outside the main gate of Andrews AFB. We had already noted that at the end of the month, when they received their pay, that prices on everything rose, and nothing was on sale for a few days. The gummint pay raise soldered the food hike permanently. We, unfortunately, did not get a corresponding hike, and it hurt 

Once, with a visit from my in-laws pending, we had to float a loan from HFC in order to put on a feed for them.  The big Sunday dinner featured a sirloin tip cooked on the charcoal grill. I had it marinating in a bowl on the drive-way, but when I went out to get it the sumbitch was gone!  I had an inkling, and sure enough found Boomer, our German Shepherd, crouched way in the back of the yard with it.  Fortunately I'd discovered it before Boomer had time to do much damage. After furtively looking at windows, and finding nobody watching, I hosed it down and went forward [actual picture above].  It was as I remember, delicious.  Dog saliva enzymes are good tenderizer.

We now, once again,  find ourselves in a local economy ruled by government paychecks, which are quite generous in these parts.  With inflation looming already here, and once again finding ourselves with a fixed income, I see - as Yogi Berra once observed - deja-vu all over again.  No more parent's couch though.  Did you ever see Fun With Dick and Jane?