Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pssst. Muslims with bombs ....

"Steward -- there's some Muslims across -
don't look- across from me praying to Allah
and strapping on bombs -
oh Jesus, don't look now.
 Tell the Captain."




(2003) NR

Adapted from a best-selling novel, this Swedish drama follows rebellious teenager Erik (Andreas Wilson) as he's expelled from high school for fighting and sent to the prestigious Stjärsnberg Academy. Having endured many beatings from his father, Erik is dismayed to face a similar threat from the academy's senior students, who bully the younger ones mercilessly. But this time, Erik is determined not to crack and lash out in violence.

Genre:     Foreign Dramas, Scandinavia, Swedish Language

This movie is: Violent (fist fighting)


I was looking for an embeddable clip from he movie EVIL, and landed on Amazon.  Started playing the clip, and it went on and on ... and horry clap.  It was the whole film - free to Amazon Prime, or $4.99 for 2 day rental.  (Here's a 60 second trailer)  I watched it last night on NetFlix /ROKU

Of course I really liked it, else we wouldn't be doing this. Swedish/subtitled, it was not at all what I expected after watching the first five minutes. Think Tom Brown's School Days, complete with a Harry Flashman bully.  Do kids read Tom Brown anymore?

 What started out looking like another mad-at-the-world juvenile delinquent movie turned out to be an uplifting Good v. Evil  piece. Violent?  Fist fights and hazing like West Point and Annapolis kids experienced before  those institutions went co-ed.  Your wives and girlfriends will prolly like this film, as long as they're not watching in the same room.

PS - Jake, if you're here, this movie is your biography.  You are Eric.

Upon the rocks ...


A Theological Crisis

Theoretically yes; each act results in the murder of 400 million potential peeps.  But ... what if the man has undergone a vasectomy? 

Hitler Was A Union Buster

Wisconsin Unions

Steven Hayward managed to slip away from business long enough to visit the  capitol in the daylight, and capture the scene inside at the moment Governor Walker signed the bill eliminating collective bargaining for some classes of Wisconsin public employees. Above is another quickly-edited, four-minute highlight reel.

"The scene is really rather feeble, as you will see, but nonetheless conveys the infantilism of the modern left. This time I offer some voice-over commentary of my own, but couldn't resist calling in reinforcements from Monty Python on a couple of points. The old saying "It's all over but the shouting" almost doesn't apply, since the shouting going on is so lame. "

Comrade factory workers on strike

Re: infantilism of the modern left: The part I obviously liked was the "Hitler Was a Union Buster" sign.  As opposed to ...?  All the other totalitarian regimes -- that encourage the PFW (People's Factory Workers) to strike for better wages?   Regimes, btw, that many of these organize protesters represent.

Mayan Calander

Make a knife out of a cigarette

Because you'll never
know when you'll need it

Obama's Super Racists

Is your baby racist, Mrs. Holder?
  DAYTON -- The Dayton Police Department is lowering its testing standards for recruits.

It's a move required by the U.S. Department of Justice after it says not enough African-Americans passed the exam.    [video]

Eric Holder Jr.