Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final Proof Video part 4

The Nail

Don M

Apple Fun

The exploding birth certificate

Layer on Layer ...
More challenges to the “birth certificate”

IsraPundit, who as far as I know was the first person to document the fraudulent "Certification of Live Birth" in 2008, here presents the layers my kid found yesterday and called me about.  (Someone tried to pass it off as the way Adobe Reader constructs .pdf files, ahem.) '

Delores Testerman is an expert on these sort of things and blogs at The Left-Out News . She sent this to me.

The video below was taken down so I have created a 13 page pdf showing the layers – you may view or download it here or click the preview picture below.

Layered Birth Certificate Forgery

I understand that, for whatever reason, a lot of peeps are tired of hearing about this.  The biggest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of the world.  But, that's okay, he's hoist on his own petard, like it or not. The mystery is why, after the Jerry Killian boondoggle (forged Bush Air Guard records), Democrats would, after nearly three years to prep, get panicked by The Donald and put this piece of crap out?  Look at it!  It's signed by a Ukulele! Stupidity, or criminal arrogance?

Russia’s TP-82 Space Gun

Russia’s TP-82 Space Gun WTF?
  The three-barreled Toz TP-82 was carried into space by Soviet and Russian cosmonauts until 2006 when the ammunition expired and it was replaced with a regular semi-automatic pistol. The top two barrels chambered 12.5x70mm (about 40 gauge) shotshells and the lower barrel chambered 5.45x39mm. A canvas covered machete was designed to be used as the stock.


I would love to have been at the meeting when Comrade space flight contingency planner suggested this equipment, and explained the threat that made it necessary.  Really.  In the USA "Hey!  Guns in Space!  How cool would that be?" would suffice; but in Russia? Any ideas?

O Club Fun

Last night at the O Club

20110428 00:52 Pappy The Sentence of the Month:

I think I loved you then — the thought of you still triggers a sinking in my chest, as if my heart is riding a tiny roller coaster built for hamsters and garden gnomes.

20110427 23:08 badanov Some late Wednesday night Dan Chopin, the guy I just saw at a comedy show tonight:

TSA Assaults

TSA Adventures in Crime
It's okay.  They have a union.
TSA Bagel Warmer

Okay, this is pretty bad, but the passenger did have 13 sex toys in her carry-on luggage, so she was something of a likely candidate in this emergency. Not like Suzie Castillo.

Superman's Denial

why China won't overtake America

Matt Lewis on why China won't overtake America.

Also, Hirraly Clinton is rumored to become the next President of the PRC. 

Honolulu Baby With A Twist

Classic With A Twist

Inspired by Gregor

Pawlenty on Obama .... what planet?

Pawlenty on Obama: ‘I do question what planet he’s from’

Pawlenty questions Obama: what planet Obama’s from

Shaving Whilst Driving Arrest

Where Celia Rivenbark Goes Way Harsh
  Yes, she wanted to look her best. All over. Except, well, we've seen Ms Barnes's mug shot and she appears to have a face that would stop a clock and raise hell with small watches ...
Driving and shaving don't mix

As the drunk in the front row said .. "Hey Celia, show us your ... ."

Tom Mann

Me So Solly

Singer Arrested for Racism
After Chinese Passers-by Hear Him Perform 1974 Hit Song “Kung Fu Fighting”…

The song, performed by Simon Ledger, 34, is said to have offended two Chinese people as they walked past the bar where he was singing.

The entertainer regularly performs the 1974 number one hit, originally by disco star Carl Douglas, at the Driftwood Beach Bar in Sandown, on the Isle of Wight.

But after one of the passers-by reported his routine on Sunday afternoon, Mr Ledger was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated harassment. [Full]
Oh! Me so solly.

El Jefe

Massachusetts Whacks Public Sector Unions

  House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last night to strip police officers, teachers, and other municipal employees of most of their rights to bargain over health care, saying the change would save millions of dollars for financially strapped cities and towns.
No. Massachusetts

About twin girls born day after Obama

Twins & The Magic Negro*
An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes.Thomas Jefferson
A key problem for Obama is that birth certificates issued to twin girls born one day later at Kapi'olani hospital, the Nordykes, are the Rosetta Stone of deciphering both Obama's previously released short-form Certification of Live Birth and the newly released purported copy of his long-form birth certificate.

The Magic Negro
  • The long-form birth certificates issued by Kapi'olani to the Nordyke twins have certificate numbers lower than the number given Obama, even though the president purportedly was born at the same hospital a day earlier than the Nordykes.
  • Note, Susan Nordyke, the first twin, was born at 2:12 p.m. Hawaii time Aug. 5, 1961, and was given certificate No. 151 – 61 – 10637, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

  • Gretchen Nordyke, the second twin, was born at 2:17 p.m. Hawaii time Aug. 5, 1961, and was given certificate No. 151 – 61 – 10638, which was also filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

  • Yet, according to the Certification of Live Birth displayed by during the 2008 presidential campaign – and now according to the long-form birth certificate the White House released today – Barack Obama was given a higher certificate number than the Nordykes.

  • Note, Obama was given certificate No. 151 – 1961 – 10641, even though he was born Aug. 4, 1961, the day before the Nordyke twins, and his birth was registered with the Hawaii Department of Health registrar three days earlier, Aug. 8, 1961.

*"The Magic Negro" term coined by David Ehrenstein, Los Angeles Times,March 19, 2007