Friday, May 06, 2011

Dying Boy Gets Merry-jew-wanna

Montana Dad Gives Cancer-Stricken Boy Marijuana Behind Doctor's Back
So would I.  And I'd hire women to satisfy his every sexual desire, and yes he has some, which at his age would be just looking and touching. But still.

Ghillie Man

Post Dead Osama D.O.D. Budget Cuts
Reflected by this Marine sniper who will fly coach to his post in Kabul.  He wears his Ghillie suit to avoid paying for extra baggage.

I have it from a risible source.

Sniper Commute

Here With Me

A Didoctic observation thing

A few years ago somebody touted Dido's "Here With Me,"  to me,  a song and singer I was until then unfamiliar with. Yesterday's  dido-did-you-mean-dildo?  post reminded me, and I can't get it out of my head.  I find it hauntingly beautiful.

Sex, Violence, and Obama

No Gratuities, Please
Stopping Obama Plagues

Gratuitous sex and violence

I just watched a quite excellent crime thriller from Argentina, last year's Academy Award winner The Secret in Their Eyes. It revolves around the violent rape and murder of a young housewife. The scene showing her obscenely battered and nude body, as found by the policia,  is revisited several times.  So I'm thinking, was this gratuitous? Could this movie have been made without this explicit scene, without losing any of its artistic value?   Yes.  No question about it.  That prompted me to ask again, has there ever been a nude scene, or gruesome violence depicted in a movie that was pivotal to its artistic value?  I can't say no, never.  Just, no, I can't think of one. 

This exercise led me to a profound observation.  The ugly state of our union today is entirely caused by the graphic violent crime and sex found in recent films.  But, not necessarily for the reason you may think.

Because the modern film maker displays everything, there is nothing left to imagine.  That's it, the profundity.  Use it or lose it. We are become a nation of people who can't see anything that's not served up before our eyes.  Did your dad see Veronica Lake naked in her films?  Absolutely.  Right there in his head.  And she never looked better.

Granted, young boys couldn't quite get there, because they lacked the building blocks —  until some  Timmy Hill brought that magazine to school one day.  I'm suggesting that recent generations have lost the ability to see anything that's not placed right in front of them.  The result is they are prone to accept everything that is shown.  The result is President Bill Clinton, President  Barack Obama, and a congress so rancid and corrupt only a baby can recognize it. 

So, there you have it. This post will double as my post graduate thesis.  Tomorrow I'll be a Doctor of Thinking. 

Charlie Crist is still a pile of crap

Charlie Crist, who returned to his birth colon after the 2010 election, has plopped out,  wearing a spiffy new corn encrusted leisure suit, and selling a new line of crap.

"I'm back on top of the pile"

Don't trust Carney people

Jay Carney is floundering under pressure, say Washington insiders


I know, I know!

Stand back

Well, I thought I knew.  I thought Carney had the kind of journalistic integrity that journalists talk about, but never demonstrate.  I thought that Carney naively thought it possible to speak truthfully for a Democrat president, even though it's never been done.  I thought Carney was, and still is, gob-smacked to discover that his instructions are to make shit up, and cover-up for his inept and devious boss.  But, I looked at his resume.
  • He came to Washington in 1993 to report on the Bill Clinton White House for Time Ragazine
  • Time's Washington Bureau Deputy Chief from 2003 to 2005, and Chief from September 2005 until December 2008.
  • Director of Communications to Vice President of the United States Joe Biden.
So much for  the "honest kid hijacked" theory.  He's just a putz. The thing is, someone in the Administration thought Carney did a good job covering for Biden.  Must have. Considering the mountain of Biden goofs, idiocies and general nincompoopery that's surfaced, you have to wonder what Carney did prevent from going public?  Had to doozies.

pic credit -thor

Nerf Gun Plus

Best Steampunk Nerf Nerd Gun Ever
  Let me try and start at the beginning, long-ago sitting with a bunch of friends  started sketching ideas for a new steam punk gun. The basis the Nerf Maverick it had a very interesting look to it, somewhat bigger than life, but still reminiscent of the classic six shooter. And so I began to sketch, adding pipes, gears, pressurized steam cartridges, etched filigree, and even embellished trigger. The scheme was pretty straightforward breasts and copper with dark accents such as the etched black filigree and the leather like handle. here I share with you, the sketch. (Professor What's-his-face continued)

* Curare soaked nerfs are effective deterrents at the beach

Sweep Pakistan Clean!

America’s Worst Ally
  After receiving $20 billion in U.S. aid over the past decade, Pakistan is unmistakably America’s worst “ally,” having committed the ultimate betrayal: Hiding Osama Bin Laden. Now, Pakistan is angrily protesting the raid that killed him, refusing to give access to 11 of those arrested in his compound and is supporting terrorists likely to try to avenge his death. Pakistan is not an ally worth defending as President Obama did in his address to the country; it is an enemy worth punishing.

It is inconceivable that the Pakistani government did not know of Bin Laden’s presence at the Abbottabad compound that was obviously designed to hide someone of enormous importance.

There was some suggestion that A.Q. Khan lived just a block away from bin-bins lair. Whether that's true or not doesn't matter. Khan has been  "clandestinely selling or transferring military nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea was a rogue operation without the knowledge or approval of the political or military leadership of the country."  That by itself warranted a good carpet cleaning of Northern India (aka Pakistan). Still does.

Smartest Dog Ever

I want this dog...


Fish Food, Some Lead

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