Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Salute? Why?

Why is Michelle saluted?

Why is Michelle Saluted?

I'm not outraged or anything; just wondering  how Yomama and the kids rate the Marine salute?  Anyone?  Obama wasn't with them.

If they're ratbastards, piss on 'em

State of the Pissatorium

Ever since General George Patton pissed in the Rhine River to show his contempt for Nazi Germany, it has been the dream of people everywhere to, one day, piss on the grave of Ted Kennedy, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and other filthy Democrats.  Alas, as a scan of your hometown obituaries will attest,  those hopes are being dashed for millions of Americans.  Now there's hope. Curmudgeonly & Skeptical is pleased to announce the  ...
The National Pissatorium
He realized his dream. Will you?
October 16, 2003
* We didn't have an ad agency yet.  Pretty crude, huh?
Le sénateur Kerry Jonn urine Soupe aux truffes noires et poireaux
French Chefs Make Kerry Soup
On October 16, 2003 Annoyed One, Liz*, and I convoked to  establish the National Pissatorium.  I asked pledges of support (payable to my Amazon Trust Account, since closed by the SEC) and collected $373,000 to kick things off. 

Originally three vats were built to hold urine in trust for Ted Kennedy, and the Clintons; Bill and Hillary.  Those early days were something else, believe me. Specimina were sent to my office (basement).  They arrived  in jelly jars, canning jars, cruets, plastic prescription bottles (that leaked and often arrived empty), sandwich bags.  One came in a one gallon Jerry Lewis Kids donation jar that also held $31,72 in change.  My  kids helped me open and transfer the urine into temporary holding tanks (our refrigerator crisper drawers - boy was MoSup annoyed). That first week the ledger shows we received -

Ted Kennedy Memorial Piss
Bill Clinton Memorial Piss Hillary Memorial Piss Other *
4 gallons, 7 ounces.
1 gallon 15 ounces
9 gallons 2¾ Ounces
About two tbsp

In quick order we added vats for Jummy, Schumer and Kerry, all wildly successful.  In  2005 I sold  the National Pissatorium to  JENO'S Pizza, but the check bounced.  By now we had several hundred thousand gallons of urine stored in over 62 vats. Desperate to get them out of my yard, and comply with the court order, I struck a deal with Exxon to lease  refinery tanks they weren't using.  Hard to believe that in all this time the only "closer" has been Ted Kennedy (172,000 gallons). 

Above,  our most recent transaction.  Strapped for cash,  we agreed to sell 3,000 gallons of John Kerry Memorial Piss  to a syndicate of French chefs.  They made a giant batch (picture above) of  Le sénateur Kerry Jonn urine Soupe aux truffes noires et poireaux  to celebrate the ban on wearing Islamic veils.  They love the war hero in France, and thought they were buying his urine, not from donors who want it dumped over him, Suckers! Don't worry, we have thousands of gallons left for Kerry's "big day.".

Miss Pissatorium 2007
Miss Pissatorium 2007


A Bridge Over Bubbled Waters

Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout


Every place we look Obama enablers are turning on him (by being actual reporters).
“Why is that Rodge? What made them change”
The answer is in the roll-over!


Roll-Over Answer

You laugh, but Liberals are recognizing that things will be very ugly by 2012, and Obama is an untenable candidate.  He has to be undermined and replaced on their ticket or —*gasp*—   Sarah Palin! I didn't make this up.  It came in a vision.

By-the-by, how is it that by maintaining the same values I absorbed in the process of reaching adulthood,  I now, according to Howard Dean, represent  the "extreme fringe?"   While Dean's people, Pelosi democrats, who revel in having turned the country into a bankrupt socialist nightmare are "normal?"  The whole thing has no legs. It has to collapse.  It will,

The number is: $534,000

Ham Shoe

Man Ham-Handedly Hams Shoes

Ham Shoes

Is someone with an aversion to Islam a racist?  Is race a factor?  I think not; at least in my case.  This is why  I see even a red-headed, freckle-faced Irish Muslim as  a threat. If they're prayin' they're playin'.  Still, the shoe thing was a bit boorish; accomplishing nothing. Okay, not nothing.  I laughed. Sorry.

Al-Qaeda Boosts Bloomberg

Al-Qaeda Boosts Bloomberg’s Antigun Campaign
Debutante sheengunner
Things you need to know about American al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn, or, as I like to call him, Azzam al-Berkeley: He’s a bratty California kid, offspring of hippie parents, and steeped in the deeply ignorant suburban pop anti-Americanism that fuels protests against World Trade Organization meetings and the like. He is, like practically all of his kind, not too terribly well informed.

In his latest statement, Mr. Gadahn repeated the myth that machineguns are widely available to American civilians, and he encouraged his fellow jihadis to hit the gun-show circuit and gear up for an intifada in the United States. When I read that statement, I was certain that it would be repeated as fact by the antigun ideologues and their enablers in the media. And, behold this editorial in the New York Daily News, which quotes Mr. Gadahn and then concurs.

    “America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms. You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?”

We don’t say this often about Al Qaeda types, but: He’s right on the facts.

Click-Click Like Hell he is!  continue  Al-Qaeda Boosts Bloomberg’s Antigun Campaign            

Just What Is the Ryan Medicare Plan?

OK - Just What Is the Ryan Medicare Plan?

Que Healthcare

As proposed, the Ryan Medicare plan resembles the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).  In the FEHBP model the government provides a set financial contribution each year.  Employees and retirees have a variety of options, including catastrophic coverage plans with high deductibles, health maintenance organizations, and high-end plans with many choices of doctors and other providers.  Everyone has a choice of at least 10 fee-for-service plans, but the exact number varies by where an enrollee lives.

The Ryan plan also resembles the health insurance model developed over the years in Germany.  Under the German system, seniors choose insurance coverage from among a list of approved, competing nongovernmental "sickness funds" (Krankenkassen).  Those insurers, in turn, pay for healthcare provided by private physicians and hospitals with beneficiaries and the government each paying a share of healthcare premiums.
A major difference between the two plans, however, is that Ryan Medicare provides a fixed payment toward insurance premium reimbursement which increases with the cost of living as measured by the general consumer price index (CPI).  To the extent that healthcare costs exceed the CPI, that excess must be borne by the individual. [American Thinker - What Is the Ryan Medicare Plan?]
One big reason why Democrats are so easily able to demagogue the health-care issue is,  I think, that just trying to read this Medicare synopsis (none of which I included above) is so goddamn boring. It's like reading all the fine print on the tax form booklet we used to get every January.  But, try anyway. You'll be health-care maven of your Mahjong club.

Mc Kinney's Colors

Cynthia McKinney Agonistes
Coloring Between The Times

Since 2003, Cynthia McKinney has gone from Red, To  Yellow, and now  Green.  How has this woman avoided a cabinet position in the Administration?

I hate the media

Baba baba

Today's Sharp Crack Across Deserving Knuckles

To my way of thinking, the saddest part of this story is Barbara Walters devolution; this once-respected newswoman nears the end of her distinguished career by playing as ghastly a non-sequitur as I’ve ever heard, saying (in essence) if Sarah Palin ‘can ride around on her bus,’ Weiner Can Stay in Congress.

When Joy Behar, of all people has to defend Sarah Palin from your bizarrely gratuitous swipe, you know you’ve let your hate lead you too far into Whackyland.
bad girls
This is the problem with the mainstream media in a nutshell. They “know” the people they’re supposed to be covering, and they consider themselves “friends” of those people. And it has ruined them. As you listen to Walters, all you see is passionate advocacy; not a newswoman concerned with the truth of a story, but a partisan doing everything she can to divert attention from a story she doesn’t like — even to comparing a private citizen on a bus to a sitting congressman having some sort of cyber-engagement in his office — and championing her “friend.” -The Anchoress