Wednesday, July 06, 2011

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Something that caught my fancy

Take 10 laps Murphy!

I know.  It's this lack of control that keeps me off MSNBC.  I did check with the board however, and they said "it does look like something the National Endowment for the Arts would fund;" so it is art.  Well, not so much what you're seeing, but the roll-over.  Yes, I did modesty her-up a bit for the cover.  There's no accounting for taste, and right now I find this tasty.  An hour from now?  Who knows.

Safe Mouse path outside the border

Safe Mouse path outside the border

Once and future Nazis

Mail Call
Kill the Snake (Obamunists)
There's a post over at Sipsey Street Irregulars today that shows how our Bill of Rights is being eroded, ignored and buried a little at a time.
This post concerns random searches by TSA and their new SWAT teams and no, it's not just going on at airports.
Take a peek and see if this doesn't offend you.

Jimmy Tits

  VIPR is the first major step in the government's effort to secure so-called "soft" targets such as malls, stadiums, bridges, etc. In fact, some security experts predict that checkpoints and screening stations will eventually be established at all soft targets, such as department stores, restaurants, and schools. ...  [Full].

There is,  ladies and gentlemen,  precious little difference between this administration and the Third Reich.  It is our right to self defense, and our obligation as United States citizens to lay a quick and decisive hurt on them.  These are very, very bad people.  These are also times when future park statues are formed.

Break Stuff

Break Stuff. Right.

Break Stuff

Jeremiah Wright's United Church of Christ has decided to give up on the whole "God" thing, as it gets in the way of their bitter hatred.

The United Church of Christ, the denomination whose Chicago pastor Jeremiah Wright blasted the United States and white people for years from the pulpit while Barack Obama sat in his pews, has decided to banish God "the Father" from its organizational documents.

The synod vote was 613 in favor of the changes, 171 against and 10 abstaining.

The denomination seeks to be "inclusive" in its language, "so therefore we will tend to change language that is more traditional to be more inclusive."

She said some of the denomination's pastors refer to God with terms such as "Creator" and "Father and Mother."

California legislature passes landmark school propaganda and censorship law.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - California lawmakers have sent the governor a bill that would make the state the first requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in their social studies curriculum.

My Coronation

My Coronation

  Mr. Gailey...  have you anything further to offer?          
Yes, I have, Your Honor. I'd like to submit the following facts in evidence.   It concerns the Post Office official agency of the United States government. ...United States postal laws and regulations... make it a criminal offense to willfully misdirect mail... or intentionally deliver it to the wrong party. Consequently... (Miracle on 34th Street )

Recognized by the U.S. Postal Service

Casca sent me a DVD of a James May California Roadtrip episode (which you may view here ). I enjoyed it immensely Casca, just brilliant.  It's is in the rotation.

James May is also one of the three regulars on BBC's Top Gear, a series that is one of the 2 or 3 things (family) that make life bearable. More to the point however, his letter should be seen by one and all as my— The Real King of France—  coronation.  And yes, I fully intend to fulfill my Droit du seigneur obligations. I will be gentle (Note to MoSup: duty and all that)
How much for the little girl?

Woot Woo

Your personal shopper
Tomorrow's WOOT CRAP Today!

No, really

Think of the fun.  For $20 you can turn one loose on the airport concourse, or during a White House tour.  Or mate it with your Swiffer. This is the toy of the year even if it doesn't work (although it evidently does).

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