Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Knock Knock Who's There? Nobody but us monkeys

Does it matter ...

February 16 2009 issue
The proposed regulation, designed to implement part of Obamacare, will require all private health plans in the United States to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives--including those that cause abortions—without charging any fees or co-pay. These regulations were drawn to implement a provision in Obama’s health-care law that calls for all health-care plans to cover “preventive services.” [Full]

Does it matter what the redacted words are?
That Newsweek gloat was printed a mere month after Barry's inauguration.  Think about that,  Two years later, this—

New Poll Shows 55% Of Likely Voters Think Obama Is A Socialist

55%. Think about that.

Prayer for Grampa




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Sarah Palin will NOT be running for the 2012 Presidency

Listen to Mark Levin speaking with Sarah Palin on her decision:

Unions Join Commies

Unions, students join Wall Street protesters
not hyperbole this time
PSL Commies

PSL Commies


Just who are these concerned citizens?

PSL Commies
The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) was founded in 2004, following an organizational fissure within the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party (WWP) that resulted in three WWP member branches -- based respectively in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C -- breaking away to form their own group. Openly allied with the International ANSWER Coalition (which is intimately tied to Ramsey Clark's International Action Center), PSL has also established branches in New York City (in Harlem), Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and West Chester, Pennsylvania.

A proponent of  "revolutionary Marxism," PSL’s general raison d’etre is opposition to capitalism, which it defines as "the system in which all wealth and power is held by a tiny group of billionaires and their state," and the promotion of "socialism." The organization regards "U.S. capitalism" as the underlying cause of the war in Iraq (and all other wars) and regards "revolution" as the only viable alternative. PSL summarizes its thoughts about the power of the "big business media," the "Military-Industrial Complex," and "the [American] corporations and the banks" in a 64-page pamphlet titled The Party for Socialism and Liberation: Who We Are, What We Stand For. This publication articulates the group’s belief in the “validity of Marxism and Leninism,” expresses its support for “revolutionary Cuba,” and attacks “U.S. imperialism” and America's “drive for global domination.” [Full disclosure] 
Elections really do have consequences don't they?   Click-Click 

The perfect wedding present wtf? .....

And then there's this!

du Toit read my mind.  I thought the same thing.

A vibrator... for a wedding present?  Am I the only one creeped out by this concept?
Thank God I'm too old for that nonsense.

The commercial I saw had the guy giving it to his wife! It's so ... so French.  Like admitting you're not up to it, surrendering, and paying reparations after just a few missions. Sheesh  But, oddly, it may be just the thing for a man who feels too old .... wink wink.


Breast Awareness

Pink Breasts

Breast Awareness
These guyshave never seen a breast for crap sake.
.These Ribbon Causes  mostly contrived  and  promulgated by Hollywooders with more free time than brains, are all meaningless crap.   


Yes, even the Yellow ribbons. Those who don't  make no secret of it,  so why
must I declare  "I support our troops?"  Of course I do. All Americans do for chrisake.


I'm watching the Redskin game Sunday, and  notice that the players are wearing pink paraphernalia.  My first thought was that they support  "Code Pink,"  WTF? But, no.  It's  Breast Awareness Month.  Hell, that's every month,  Every day, actually.  I wish I could forget them once in a while, truth be known.  Now look, the goddamn jihadists are celebrating breast month too, and how hypocritical is that?  They won't let anyone look at female breasts, even with a sweater over them. Muslum boobs are covered with a black drop cloth.  Who can be aware?

I'm sick of all this crap, is what I'm saying. And yes, I know it's actually breast cancer awareness month.  That changes nothing, except prompt the question "why target the NFL's  male audience with it?"   I mean what are men supposed to do?  Approach a really nice looking woman who's wearing a pleated skirt and a nice sleeveless white blouse and ask if she's had her breasts examined recently? Right.  See, it's all feel good  horse crap, like everything Liberals do.

STFU Bitch

'Not so fast,' cries furious White House
No White House Christmas Winter Solstice Party for you, bitch.

'The DOJ woman was just yelling at me,' Attkisson said. 'The guy from the White House on Friday night literally screamed at me and cussed at me. CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson

Still, I bet that's the last time Ms. Attkinson tries to be a real reporter with any democrat.  This ruckus reminded me of Bill Clinton.  Like Obama, and damned near all in-power democrats, Clinton would brook no question from the media that put him on the spot.  In the above instance (video clip) he loses his temper with CNN's Christiane Amanpour for impertinently asking about his lies (at least she called them flip-flops).  It may seem tame today, but at the time I wasn't yet  used to seeing White House bullies do their thing.  Sadly, I am now.

Looks like she likes it ...

The true meaning of ....

copping a feel
... copping a feel

Me Me Me

1000 Words
Enough of me.  Let's talk about me.

Rotting AF1

As we speak this is the  Drudge splash picture.  Not even Bill Clinton, who was more sociopathic than narcissistic, would see this as an "okay" photo op.  My guts are exploding with the desire to photochop the crap out of this, but why?  Self parody is always the most damning.

what the hell.