Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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California doing it's own thing ...

Mexican ID Becomes Valid ID in Sonoma County

Enjoy, SeƱor Sample

Enjoy Senor Sample
Map courtesy of Edgar Cayce

Get your freakon wtf?

What Gummint Does
"Get your freakon girl"

Agent Thomas complained, 'can't tell which ones is pink panties!'

TSA Sex Advice? Woman Finds 'Freaky' Note (rollover) In Luggage

Frequent travelers may be used to finding an official note from the Transportation Security Administration alerting them that their checked bags have been searched, but rarely does the TSA take the opportunity to get a little more -- or a lot more -- personal with travelers.

But that's what one blogger said a TSA officer did based on an unusual note she found in her luggage today. Jill Filipovic, a blogger at Feministe.us, tweeted a picture of the TSA notification on which, alongside the official form, someone had scrawled "GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL" in big capital letters.

[Full CBS]
Ruh-Roh! Now I'll be targeted by these guys.

Whinety Whine Poorcent ....

The Whinety Whine Poorcent

We’ve heard from the self-styled 99 Percent — self-pitying moonbats who blame freedom for the fact they are losers. Now a few words from the closely related Whinety Whine Poorcent:

Cain Advert ....

What a drag!

Some on Twitter speculated that the video, available on Cain’s official YouTube channel only through an unlisted URL, was a hoax. The two most popular commenters on the video said it was one of the worst political ads they had seen. [DC]

This doesn't come close to being "one of the worst political ads;" nor the "best."   However, when Mark Block took that drag off a cigarette,  the subliminal message I received was "f_ck gummint telling you how to live."  So on the whole I was receptive to the message.

Geezers and Gummint Health Care

Coping With Obamacare

Merrily chips in with a plan to help us geezers  cope with Obamacare.  While I think her's is a good idea, this may be a tad more practical.  But thanks Merrily.  When you reach 40, you may understand why.

Filthy Democrats Caused This

So you're a sick senior citizen and the government says there is no nursing home available for you, what do you do?

Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot four Congressmen.

Of course, this means you will be sent to prison where you will get three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating, air conditioning and all the health care you need! Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That's great. Need a new hip, knees, kidney, lungs or heart? They're all covered. And, as an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you as often as they do now.

And who will be paying for all of this? It's the same government that just told you that you they cannot afford for you to go into a home.

Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don't have to pay any income taxes anymore.

Is this a great country or what?


Law by Babboon Thugs ....

Running Amok

Democrats Run Amok

... on May 27, 2009, Obama released a memo about how great the FOIA is, and how he was going to make it even better by the power of his awesomeness:...

and now

A proposed revision to Freedom of Information Act rules would allow federal agencies to lie to citizens and reporters seeking certain records, telling them the records don't exist. The Justice Department has proposed the change as part of a large revision of FOIA rules for federal agencies. Specifically, the rule would direct government agencies who are denying a request under an established FOIA exemption to 'respond to the request as if the excluded records did not exist,' rather than citing the relevant exemption. [STORY]

Okay Boner, is it time yet?

Obama Doubles Down


Today, Obama will travel to Las Vegas where he will outline new steps to help borrowers refinance. The White House leaked the story to the Post’s chief competitors on the national newspaper scene, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, as well as Reuters.

Quoting administration officials, here’s a portion of the Journal’s description of Obama’s proposal, which it says Obama is expected to talk about Monday:
Filthy Democrats

The overhaul will, among other things, let borrowers refinance regardless of how far their homes have fallen in value, eliminating previous limits. The plan will streamline the refinance process by eliminating appraisals and extensive underwriting requirements for most borrowers. Fannie and Freddie have also agreed to waive some fees that made refinancing less attractive for some.

Via Larwyn's Linx, Petty Punishment for the Washington Post exposes another Obama pettiness. The real story though is that, not for the first time, this nincompoop is giving us more of what poisoned us.

You are getting very sleepy ... .


  Larwyn's Linx

10 Signs

Ten Signs