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Welfare vote group mobilizes welfare recipents

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Amelia Warren Tyagi is chairman of Demos, a non-profit behind a lawsuit that prompted state officials to spend nearly $300,000 in mailings encouraging welfare recipients to register to vote.

The think tank scored when the Bay State moved to send voter registration cards to nearly 500,000 welfare recipients

...  which sparked outrage
  • because Amelia Warren Tyagi is Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's daughter
  • Who scoffed at the notion that anything “smells wrong” about a taxpayer-funded voter registration push targeting welfare recipients led by a group her own daughter chairs
  • After U.S. Sen. Scott Brown slammed the effort as a partisan bid to boost Warren’s chances. [story]

On crushing a 'tea party insurgency'

Hitler's Mustache               

[...]  ignited a firestorm today among those increasingly concerned about what some say is a distinct anti-civilian tone that has infected much of the military and Homeland Security since 2009 [...]

This shift has some government watchdogs worried, particularly given that [Retired Col. Kevin ] Benson is using the platform provided at Fort Leavenworth to educate military personnel in his vision of the nature of modern warfare in America. According to the vision articulated by Benson, future warfare will be conducted on our own soil. The military will use its full force against our own citizens. The enemy will be average citizens whose values resonate with those articulated by the tea party. [Full]
Looks like Col. Benson, RET. is trying to score a sinecure with the Obamas.  He also, like Gen.Wesley Clark before him, appears to have misread the tea leaves. And-- it's one thing for military officers to quietly and privately discuss what appears to be inescapable civil unrest (given Obama's Helter-Skelter campaign);  but quite another to do it under an official imprimatur— and choose sides to boot!  Or have I misread this?  Because it's just so bizarre.



What does it say when CNN feels compelled to blow the whistle on a Democrat office seeker's lie?  It means the lie is so over-the-top untrue that they had to. They didn't feel that way four years ago though, did they?  It means Obama is toast.

Look- Up in the air! It's a fly.


Ruh Roh: Little More Than a Year Remains Until the the Polar Ice Caps Melt Completely

Assault (Paper) Clips

—   you berks.                                                          


Doug also has the newest Bill Whittle masterpiece.



Cash WinFall

So this nerdy pimple faced kid says, "Sell your Alcoa and Phillip Morris; give me the cash and I'll invest it in lottery tickets."
Sounded Legit


Res Ipsa Loquitor

The game’s vulnerability became clear in 2010, Sullivan said, when the MIT group figured out a way to win nearly the entire jackpot for a single drawing, something lottery officials had erroneously concluded was impossible.

The MIT group figured out that, if it bought enough tickets, it could push the jackpot to $2 million and trigger the rolldown all by itself.

In August 2010, the group began quietly buying up enough tickets to force a rolldown. The lottery remained silent as the MIT group stockpiled 700,000 tickets and did not alert the public that a rolldown week was about to happen, as it normally does. The MIT group bought more than 80 percent of the tickets during the August 2010 rolldown, Sullivan found, and ultimately cashed in 860 of 983 winning tickets of $600 or more. [Cash WinFall]

I coulda been a contender!

Your Kid Needs Cholesterol Lady

Police State Culture

Are Liberal Food Police Killing Your Chilluns?
Res Ipsa Loquitor

WASHINGTON—Cholesterol levels in U.S. children and adolescents dropped in the past two decades, according to federal health researchers, but a large proportion of young people still have abnormal levels that could place them at risk of prematurely developing heart disease.

The study showed that 8.1% of children and adolescents ages 6 to 19 had elevated total cholesterol levels between 2007 and 2010, a decline from 11.3% who had high cholesterol between 1988 and 1994. The findings, led by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Cholesterol refers to types (Cholesterol Levels Fall Among Young )

Note: In my example the boy's French fries were cooked in hummingbird tongue oil, a very good source of HDL cholesterol.  

There's that V for Victory thing again

Oh My

Pink nipplage- Stuff you didn't know

                                                Vajayjay Culture                       
Today's Stuff You Didn't Know

    I was in the check-out at Giant yesterday morning.  The lady cashier was chatting with a lady customer whom she appeared to know.  Not paying  much attention to their chatter, of a sudden I heard the cashier ask, "... you haven't completed menopause yet?"  To which the customer responded, "I don't really know; how would you?" It was here that I threw caution to the wind, and without so much as a by-your-leave exclaimed,  "You'll know when your nipples are pink again."  

At first shocked that I had  overheard, and then interjected into their conversation, the cashier nevertheless asked, "what?" 

Res Ipsa Loquitor      I am always surprised at how ignorant many women are about their own bodies, and was glad to explain that, at the end of menopause, the aereolae turn pink, or to the color they were at birth.  They, and the nipples, also become very soft because no protection against baby suckage (a medical term) is required.  I thought I'd pass this along; it makes for a good conversation starter at the home before Bingo begins. 

Sarah and Ralph Gizzup

Sarah Palin
Rediscovering Our Greatness
This story (Liberal Women Writing on Conservatives, the Internal Combustion Engine,  and Other Mysteries) was featured on Drudge yesterday. 

A half-dozen or so senatorial candidates have been endorsed by Palin this summer, including last week’s winner in Texas, Ted Cruz.

Somehow, Palin has achieved celebrity status since the 2008 election. How many failed vice presidential candidates and former Alaska governors end up with book deals and reality TV shows? With an estimated net worth of $12 million?

When Palin took to the makeshift stage in the middle of a Missouri farm field, she was dressed more for the part of Hollywood celebrity than serious politician. I know someone’s going to remind me that just last week, I said it was sexist to focus on the wardrobes of women in politics.

But it was hard for me to take Palin seriously dressed as she was.

First, her shoes: Five-inch wedges. Her black capris weren’t quite skin-tight but tight enough, and her t-shirt with its Superman logo (a Steelman campaign shirt emblazoned with “Our freedom. Our fight.”) emphasized her figure. She never once removed her oversized sunglasses.

One gets the feeling that Ms. Reese does understand  politicians with no verifiable background whatever, who are only effective when reading a script from a teleprompter, ahem.   Still, the highlight for me was this comment made by a Barn Army-an Ralph Gizzup.  We're everywhere!
Res Ipsa Loquitor
She never once removed her oversized sunglasses.

Franken Was Not Elected; He Was Imposed

York: When 1,099 felons vote in race won by 312 ballots
177 people have been convicted -- not just accused, but convicted -- of voting fraudulently in the Senate race. Another 66 are awaiting trial.

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Allegations of fraud, they say, are little more than pretexts conjured up by Republicans to justify voter ID laws designed to suppress Democratic turnout.

That argument becomes much harder to make after reading a discussion of the 2008 Minnesota Senate race in "Who's Counting?", a new book by conservative journalist John Fund and former Bush Justice Department official Hans von Spakovsky.

 The election was particularly important because Franken's victory gave Senate Democrats a 60th vote in favor of President Obama's national health care proposal -- the deciding vote to overcome a Republican filibuster. If Coleman had kept his seat, there would have been no 60th vote, and no Obamacare.
Although the authors cover the whole range of voter fraud issues, their chapter on Minnesota is enough to convince any skeptic that there are times when voter fraud not only exists but can be critical to the outcome of a critical race. [Full]

You'd think this report would leave me with a sense of satisfaction; of justice being served.  In fact, it makes me furious.  That four years after the fact, the obvious to a certainty is treated as something of a revelation. In fact the Minnesota judges and officials knew, or should have known all  this when they handed the race to Franken.  This was no simple vote fraud.  It was a conspiracy to overthrow a government, and a way of life.  A capital offense. GAH!