Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Say it ain't true Massa Joe!

              Obummer- "Massa Joe" 2012


Time to play "HOW FAR WILL I GO?"

Eternal Vigilance

The price of liberty, and in some cases chastity, is eternal vigilance.' -Mr Peabody
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Terrifying Food


  Four of twenty foods that are
 both tempting and terrifying
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These four are in the queue - here's the rest

The Shortest Horror Story

Oh My

Some muse attacks me

I had to do  this.  Now I wonder why?

L' Affaire Farewell

   At The Cinema                           

This is one of the damnedest movies I've ever seen.  Based on my liking "Lost in Siberia," NetFlix recommended it.  The cast were all furriners with Russian and French names; it was subtitled.  Fast  paced and absolutely riveting, but that's not why I was gob-smacked. Of a sudden,  amidst all the nyets and ouis,  Ronald Reagan pops up  (played by a very convincing Fred Ward), and there's new meaning.  This, it seems, has  historical underpinnings. Totally unexpected that, which sensation you will now miss because I told you.

L'affaire Farewell (English: The Farewell Affair) is a 2009 French film directed by Christian Carion, starring Guillaume Canet and Emir Kusturica. The film is an espionage thriller loosely based on actions of the high-ranking KGB official, Vladimir Vetrov. It was released in the United States in June 2010, under the title Farewell. (Wikipedia)

How riveting was it?  I meant only to get a sense of whether I wanted to see more at a later date.  It ended at 2:30 AM, and then another hour spent digesting it.  Five Stars from me.  Yawning here.


Powerball Rules!

                      —   you berk   

No Need to work.  Play Powerball

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After posting the Powerball simulator yesterday,  I decided to have a go and test it's thesis— "You can't win!" 

I won $332,366.  I'm quitting my job and going Powerballing  full-time. 

It’s a free. Fucking. Country.

This is the United States of America. That’s what I remember. Guess what,” he says, almost shouting now. “It’s a free. Fucking. Country.” -JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

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Before you go to the next level of generalizing, saying, ‘all bankers,’ ‘all banks.’ I don’t like that.” The room murmurs its assent as Dimon, pacing onstage in his summer uniform of a suit and no tie, warms to his topic. “I don’t buy this thing that our industry is responsible for all the ills of the world.

He’s staring into the middle distance as he says all of this, as if addressing an invisible, unpersuadable audience. But when I ask if this episode has made him regret being such an outspoken defender of the banking industry, he looks at me point blank. “I’m an outspoken defender of the truth,” he corrects me. “Everyone is afraid of retaliation and retribution. We recently had an event with a hundred small bankers here, and 85 percent of them said they can’t challenge the regulation because of the potential retribution. That’s a terrible thing. Okay? This is not the Soviet Union. This is the United States of America. That’s what I remember. Guess what,” he says, almost shouting now. “It’s a free. Fucking. Country.[122 Minutes With Jamie Dimon]

A  few years ago a commentor on these pages observed about the banking crisis, vis-a-vis Democrat banking committee policy, "Right.  A banker's dream is giving unsecured loans"

Next: What Did It Cost to Be Bettie Page?

Bowles & Ryan Sitting in a Tree; K-I-S-S-I-N-G

 Clinton's Chief of Staff *Hearts* Ryan's Budget

Former Clinton Chief of Staff & Democratic Senate Candidate, and Obama's Handpicked Leader on Deficit Reduction Commission, Erskine Bowles  waxes enthusiastic over Paul Ryan's "sensible...honest, serious"  budget.  Next stop for Bolwes now that this has been unearthed? Lubyanka.

Ace has  interesting background on how the video was unearthed.

Archie & Jug Ears

Archie & Jug Ears

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Self 'Medicating' here boss.  Nothing to see here.
This letter in the local rag tonight

Wayne A (Letters, Aug. 4) asks "Can someone tell me why he/she would vote for Barack Obama for president again?"

It's quite simple, really. I remember what happened the last time the Republicans had the White House and I don't want my country to go through that again.


I'll bet you're like me with  people like Archie.  Who are they?  What do they do all day? Then there's  this. 

For what seems like months we've seen daily reports of Obama's slipping  approval numbers (no incumbent has ever been reelected with approval under 50%).  He's out of money, and nobody shows up for his  speeches.  He's totally out of the closet now, spouting the hard Marxist line in every speech.  Every charge his campaign have made against Romney, and now Paul Ryan, are deemed  falsehoods by even the Washington Post and other leftist broadsheets— yet the Obamas keep airing them.  That's hard core folks.  So he's toast.  Right?

But then you read, as I did:

Zogby Poll — the first survey conducted after Romney announced Ryan as his vice presidential choice — shows the Romney/Ryan ticket tied with Obama/Biden at 46 percent.

Tied?  WTF?   Tied?  I cannot fathom any of this.  Makes no sense.  There are millions like me who don't get Archie; he may as well be from Mars.  And, there's not a chance in hell that the Archies will be allowed  to destroy what's left of this country. Archie probably feels the same way, so, it will come to confrontation of some sort, especially if Obama is reimposed.  But Archie will be wearing a black leather coat and driving a government truck when he comes for us, so we'd better have a plan that's more substantial than saying "I've got 20 guns and 12,000 rounds of ammo."  They all go into Archie's truck if you're by yourself.