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Here, for what it's worth,  are the ten (ascending oreder) most linked to posts of 2012, according to Google.  I notice that A comely lass (posted Jan 1, 2013) was included in their tally??  The Venus Williams underpants post is, well, NSFW. 


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This was not one of them
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Here Comes The Bride

Animal Catharsis                                                       


Poor dear.  Still, in her misfortune she does raises the, erm... spirit of millions; hundreds even.  I wonder if that's a chocolate cake.  Nyum num.  Wait. Is that Elke Sommer? What a boyhood crush I had for her.

Beat My Caption

Win fame

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Bet I made you laugh

Made U Laff

Surviving the Mayans, Obama and Mother Nature


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Consumer Reports did a study on today's practice of food downsizing.  I know there are others, but so far the only food product I can name that has not reduced quantity is Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, a fact they advertise on their tubs (Still a Pint!).  Another practice designed to fool the consumer is over packaging.  I take 60 grams of protein every morning as part of my regimen to run marathons.  MoSup came home yesterday with a GIANT (trust me) tub of "Six-Star Pro Nutrition."  Wow, this should last twice as long as the last one. Take a look. 

By the By, another effect of downsizing content is skewing the USDA Food Cost index.  They report that "Over the last 12 months, the all  items index increased 1.8 percent before seasonal adjustment."  My guess is that it's more like 10-12%.

The first thing I bought were these 3600+ calorie energy bars. 


For the last month we've been using 23 Critical Items needed for your Proper and Survival Bunker as a guideline, along with Thoughts On Urban Survival

While checking around for sources, I discovered the mother lode.  Walmart.  Did you know that Wally will ship damned near anything to your front door, including ice cream?  No shipping cost on cumulative orders over $45!  And no tax!

Yesterday I opened the door to get the paper on there on my doorstep— 100 pounds of Gold Medal All Purpose flour.  Think about buying 100 pounds of anything; carrying it to your car, then up the stairs—oh my freaking back!  By the way, I will rotate these foods into our daily larder and replace them so as to keep stuff fresh. Here's my latest buy.

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If I owned any guns, which I do not, they would be also properly ammo'd up too.  Next on my list—a Geiger counter. PS- don't forget that your water heater is filled with fresh water.


Oh My

Thongs a lot!

Best Picture From 2012 Candidate #3

Thongs a Lot
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I'll be posting these this month and then we'll have a vote.

Operation "Canned Goods II?"

Hitler's Mustache               

Operation Canned Goods II
Sandy Hook Mass Media Psyop: Outtakes and Bloopers

More Examples

But to justify his unwarranted attack, he needed to convince the world press and the German people that his attack on Poland was provoked. He had the SS develop a phony incident that would appear as if Polish soldiers attacked a German radio station.

Though a faked attack on a small German town's radio station may seem trivial enough to warrant only a footnote in history, the operation epitomizes the brutality, deceit, and atrocious nature of Hitler's Third Reich. [Operation Canned Goods]

I'm not suggesting that Obamunists staged the Sandy Hook tragedy, although I do believe with all my heart that they would in a heart-beat if they thought it necessary. 

The NRA is right by saying that outrages like Sandy Hook are a predictable result to a rancid society that's  been shaped by Hollywood and the media.  You know what I mean. So, what's happened here is the Obamas know that incidents like this will continue to occur, and they have a infrastructure in place to make the most of it.

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Heads-up from thor~

The Brady Bunch

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You just know that the Brady clown posse who thought this one up first began "A RAPE ONLY LASTS THIRTY SECONDS" until  poor Jame's Brady protested with a series of "gak-gaaaaaaak-onk" sounds.

Okay, fun's over.  This  began as a snarky comment on Facebook and has been disavowed by the gakkers. LOL.  They are however more than capable of it.

Ron M