Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Amazon USA!

Every Thing's Coming Up Milhouse!

Res Ipsa Loquitor

My 35 year-old Cuisinart crapped out for good Saturday.  Bottom line- I found Cuisinart's top line food processor($545 List)  on Amazon for $265.  But wait.  They had three used for sale; one of them said "Condition Good."  Okay by me; I ordered it for $135 and guess what?  Brand spanking new! Every thing's coming up Milhouse today.  I went to the dentist for a crown, but was able to convince her that it could be salvaged with a filling, and she did!— which saved me, maybe, a 100 grand!  Woot Woo



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Watching the BBC Live?

Wither Man Lab?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I asked about this before, and the answer involved downloading and tweaking software that was beyond my attention span.  I've been watching James May's "Man Lab," on BBC/America, and I quite like it.  The best episode had May and Oz Clark, his  partner on  the excellent Big Wine Adventures,  escaping from Dartmoor prison,  but all have been worthy. I just discovered that this is the third series we're just getting here, so I tried connecting with the mother ship.  No Go. So here's me question.

If I reinstall Windows, and when it comes to the part about What Country I select Great Britain, will that serve as a gateway to watching Brit television?  If not, how is it that they knowdo they know?  My ISP?  What if I'm a Brit attached to the Embassy, and want to watch home telly?   There has to be a way.


Serial Liars

Report: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Are Liars

Res Ipsa Loquitor

“The State Department’s Accountability Review Board — the independent body charged with reviewing the attacks and evaluating the interagency response — released its report which specifically found that the interagency response was ‘timely and appropriate’ and ‘helped save the lives of two severely wounded Americans,’
The report also found that plenty of intelligence presaged the attack, but the White House and State Department — including the secretary at the time, Hillary Rodham Clinton — failed to heed the warnings.

In the most damning conclusion, the report said Mr. Obama’s team lied about the attacks afterward, first by blaming mob violence spawned by an anti-Muslim video, and then wrongly saying it had misled the public because it was trying to protect an FBI investigation. [full]

Hi, we're your new neighbor. Jihad

A Question Oft Asked
but never answered

Have immigrant Moslems ever seamlessly and peaceably  integrated?  Without demanding that the host society  adapt to their culture and beliefs? 

That's right.

Of course, the same question could be asked about Liberals seeking haven in states they've  yet to destroy.


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