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Out on a Limb 
"FDA: Menthol Cigarettes Likely Pose Health Risk"--headline, Associated Press, July 24

'Take My Life. Please.' 
"Obama Turns to Comedians to Promote Health Coverage"--headline,, July 23

'I Have the Hat' 
"Kerry's Mideast Fool's Errand Ignores Reality"--headline, Bloomberg, July 22

My favorte:

A Sorry Senator

"Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill [says] she's apologized to Bill and Hillary Clinton for ...saying in 2006, :" Bill Clinton had been a "great leader" but, "I don't want my daughter near him.""

?? Maybe her daughter's been dating a STD infected OCCUPY stalwart with an aversion to work, and a successfull 50 year-old rapist looks mighty good now.   In 10 years time McCaskill will apologize to her for suggesting she fancy's giving BJs as a career enhancement technique.  

McCain-Obama Twins

"If you're trying to change minds and influence people it's probably not a

good idea to say that virtually all elected Democrats are liars, but what
 the hell." TRKOF&S

The relationship to watch most closely is the one between McCain and Schumer.

His record as a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy was dismal. He piled up demerits left and right for breaking the rules, and barely passed his schoolwork, graduating 894th in a class of 899.

He barely passed flight school. And then he crashed two airplanes and damaged a third.

 How McCain got away with crashing two airplanes and smashing power lines in Spain was a mystery, although other pilots thought it had to do with his family connections.
A year ago, they weren’t even friends. They fought over matters big, like legislation, and small, like whether Long Island should be part of the United States. After McCain said Long Island was “regrettably” a part of our nation, Schumer demanded an apology. “I’m sorry there’s at least one of my colleagues that can’t take a joke,” McCain said on the Senate floor.

The two first got together late last year, on a successful effort to defuse a previous threat of the nuclear option with a proposal for filibuster reform. “McCain and I sort of bonded over stale Danish,” Schumer said. Still, they didn’t jell.

Sen. Lindsey Lohan Graham urged Schumer to make sure McCain joined the Gang of Eight working on immigration reform. [Full]

I've developed pretty good political instincts after watching the zoo for 80+ years, and all of them start barking whenever John McCain is the subject.  There are too many of McCain's Hanoi Hilton  roommates, and other Res Ipsa LoquitorVietnam vets who despise him.  This is a pretty tight and exclusive fraternity, and that sort of thing just does not happen without cause. 

When John Kerry was exposed (Swift-boated) as a lying, self-serving fraud by his Swift Boat comrades, McCain was quick to protest, and ally himself with Kerry in solidarity.  Complaints that he was a terrible pilot don't mean squat to me (I was too), but his actions over the years are those of either a madman, or a Manchurian Candidate, 

I've posted this video twice before.  In the intervening years since the 2008 election, the premise that Obama and McCain, and by inference the GOP and DNC, are two sides of the same coin have made more sense than not.   At best, McCain has done far more harm than good in Washington.  I don't like nor trust him.


Res Ipsa Loquitor

C. Ricky

Liberty's Torch

A Different View
Liberty's Torch
  • You cannot vote the Revolution.
  • You cannot buy the Revolution.
  • You can only be the Revolution.
  • If the torch of freedom doesn't burn in your heart, it is nowhere.

Res Ipsa Loquitor
**Adam Smith (Milton Friedman' Sr.) was a Classical Liberal. 

This illustration is a whole education in political economy in a few thousand pixels.

The annotations are significant, but even more so is the geometry through which they're depicted: an expanding sphere of State control, first over our necessities, then over our discretionary activities, and ultimately over the whole of human existence. At each stage, the State's coercive powers are amplified by the importance and scope of the resources it appropriated in the previous stage, such that individuals and voluntary organizations steadily lose all power to resist its further expansion. The Blob wouldn't have had a chance against the State.

I can add only a single observation to this depiction: As the State swells, it ceases to perform any of its functions even marginally well. Indeed, the first functions it will slough are the ones for which we originally agreed to tolerate a pre-indemnified coercive authority: national defense, police protection, and the administration of impartial justice. In the terminal stage of its expansion, when it lays claim to all things and no one outside its corridors may do anything without first asking its permission and paying its price, the State's sole concern becomes the maintenance of its power and the perquisites of its nomenklatura.

This is likely to be a rather hectic day for me, so I doubt I'll be posting anything further until tomorrow. Therefore I urge you one and all, Gentle Readers, to reflect upon the above, and to ask yourselves:

This "anarchy" the State's boosters are always warning me against: Just how bad would it be?

Francis W. Porretto -

Great catch by Harold M

When is enough going to be enough?

Arizona nursing student suspended as ‘bigot’ for requesting class in English

Res Ipsa Loquitor

A nursing student attending Pima Community College in Arizona was suspended from class and subjected to accusations of bigotry when she asked that the course she paid for be conducted in English.

The student, Terri Bennett, 50, initially complained in April to school officials because she said the Spanish-dominated discussions in her class room were preventing her from learning, Townhall reported. The college nursing program director, David Kutzler, then allegedly called her “a bigot” and an expletive, and suspended her. [Full]

Forgive me for wondering how many of her classmates are citizens, or have a green card?  But then,  someone already took them horses out of the barn, ain't they?.



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