Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Day At The Grove

Rodge - From the comments section:  "If you listen carefully, you can hear her parents disappointment..."Marc Miller

I liked this for some odd reason.  It did remind me of a story. 

When I was at Fort Wolters (Mineral Wells, TX) I used a pass to go to either Fort Worth or Dallas, forget which.  Anyway, we were told that if we wanted to make the acquaintance of the young ladies, wear civvies.  Local girls were wary  of soldier boys and airman.   I went to the PX and bought a  checked short sleeve shirt , and a pair of trousers that were not khaki. Anon, I found myself at some college type bar that a cabbie recommended, and  soon struck up a conversation with a comely lass who, while quite guarded, at least deigned to talk to me. It went something like this. 

She went back to a table with her friends,  and soon there came  laughter.  I laughed too. I bought some loafers.  Most interestingly, it was years before I learned where UT was. Didn't care. 

It just keeps cummin'


   Good News! Wahhabi Kingdom Elected To
   U.N.Security Council…

                                                                                                                                                                Bill Trebing

Real? Best Classified Ever!

Res Ipsa Loquitur

½ of a Bed: MAKE ME AN OFFER!

I’m moving and selling my side of the bed. Well-used, but some of that egg-carton foam would probably fix it right up. My brand new ex-wife still owns the other side of the bed, but don’t worry, she doesn’t seem to mind sharing it with complete strangers.

BONUS: This bed is ALWAYS warm due to it never going more than a few hours without someone being in it! This comes in especially handy if you’re away working out west trying to make enough to cover the mortgage payments.

NOTE: Apparently there’s been like 3 different guys that may be able to claim squatter’s rights on my side of the bed since they spent more time in it than I did. Not sure what the rules are on that.

Send me an offer if you’re interested.

Buyer Beware!

Green Snot and the Healthcare Man

I do not like this Uncle Sam,
I do not like his health care scam.
I do not like these dirty crooks,
or how they lie and cook the books.
I do not like when Congress steals,
I do not like their secret deals.
I do not like this wetback man,
I do not like this ‘YES WE CAN.’
I do not like this spending spree,
I’m smart – I know that nothing’s free.
I do not like your smug replies,
when I complain about your lies.
I do not like this kind of hope.
I do not like it, nope, nope, nope!
Ron Metzger inspired

Two Blue

art is everywhere

I don't need no stinking art gallery

Rachael Maddcow- massive liar


Meet The MSNBC All-Stars

MSNBC has been caught airing a truthful version of events ... Wait!  That would be news. What I mean to say is MSNBC has been caught airing a deceptively edited video of a rally that took place in Washington D.C. over the weekend, in addition to flagrantly lying to its viewers.

Raw footage of the protests outside the gates of the White House showed hyped-up riot police striking and shoving elderly war vets.

However, in a segment produced by MSNBC’s Rachel Madcow, only two-thirds of the footage was shown, making it appear as though veterans initiated the confrontations. And there's more ... [Info Wars]

   John Kuntz