Monday, December 30, 2013

Vaginal Knitting?

Oh My

Damn cat's all over me


Yes, It Matters What Kind Of Onion You Use
Here’s a guide to what to use when.

Free iPads and Laptops. YAY!

Chesterfield Square in Los Angeles, or
  West Chicago and Livernois Avenue in Detroit ?

Times Story Challenged

MASSIVE LIARS                     

'Completely false': Sources on ground in Benghazi challenge NYT report

Fifteen months after the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, the narrative of the attack continues to be shaped, and reshaped, by politicians and the press.
But a New York Times report published over the weekend has angered sources who were on the ground that night. Those sources, who continue to face threats of losing their jobs, sharply challenged the Times’ findings that there was no involvement from Al Qaeda or any other international terror group and that an anti-Islam film played a role in inciting the initial wave of attacks.
“It was a coordinated attack. It is completely false to say anything else. … It is completely a lie,” one witness to the attack told Fox News.
Sean Smith, a foreign service officer, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were also killed in the 2012 assault.
The controversial Times report has stirred a community that normally remains out of sight and wrestles with how to reveal the truth, without revealing classified information.
Fox News has learned that the attack on the consulate started with fighters assembling to conduct an assault.
"Guys were coming into the compound, moving left, moving right…and using IMT (individual movement techniques). … That’s not a spontaneous attack,” one special operator said. 
"One guy was shooting, one guy was running. There are guys watching the gates. … The bosses on the ground were pointing, commanding and coordinating -- that is a direct action planned attack." [full]

Obama Rewards Somalia

Obama Gives Somalia $1.5 Billion
 – Somalia Government Bans Christmas
Birds of a feather

The Somali Government has banned celebration of Christian festivities in the country.

I can't remember the name of this movie, I want to say it was a Michael Crichton book.  It opens in some African
village, with  missionaries tending the sick.  A startling discovery is made.  It seems something like West Nile Viris, or Black Plague is  killing the people like flies. There's a monkey involved .

Next scene.  CDC helicopters, maybe WHO too, descend on the village to take care of the afflicted.  Not  They seal the village off, after rounding up any who've wandered away, and napalm the village and its inhabitants to hell.  The ultimate quarantine. [Full]
A directive released on Tuesday by the Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs stated that no Christian festivities could be held in Somalia.

The Director General of the ministry, Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow Aden, and the Director of the Religious Matters, Sheikh Ali Sheikh Mohamud alias Sheikh Ali Dhere, held a press conference in the capital Mogadishu, to make the announcement.

The ban came just hours before Christmas Day, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, their spiritual saviour.

“We alert fellow Muslims in Somalia that some festivities to mark Christian Days will take place around the world in this week,” said Sheikh Ali Dhere during the press conference, adding: “It is prohibited to celebrate those days in this country.” [Gateway]

If there is a geographic region more deserving of being turned into a sheet of glass than Somalia,  I cannot at the moment think of it.  I mean, at least the Chinese have good food, and the Russians pretty women .. . 



This year I took to ordering bulk items online from Wal-Mart.  Not only are the prices very competitive (and generally lower than our supermarket), there is no tax (so far), and delivery is free and quick.  I frankly don't know how they make money off this; my guess it's the early stage of  some master plan.  But to be specific today, VIVA towels. 

Like most of you, I imagine,  I viewed paper towels as a commodity like salt; all the same, so go for the cheapest price.  One day I ordered Viva.  The first amazing thing we noticed was how soft and absorbent they are.  Next, I noticed that an awfully long time had passed before I had to buy more.  While each roll has a smaller diameter than the cheap store brand, they are so tightly wound that I want to say they are actually double in size. 

But,  there's more.  Who among us do not use a sheet of paper towel to blow our noses into from time to time?  With Viva, it really is like using a fine soft cotton handkerchief.  Plus - and I discovered this by accident, if you throw the used paper towels into the clothes washer, they come out whole, soft, and reusable.  Too bad they are not flushable.  They are today's simple pleasure.

You're welcome.

Year End Reverie

My Reverie

I  want to acknowledge what my faith in God,  and the  strength of my family, and yes, my friends here, have meant to me this past year.

 Despite daily financial assaults and insults heaped upon my family—by Gov. Martin O'Malley and his card carrying Liberal ass-faces—or  living in a nation led by Barack Obama, the living incarnation of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin—but without the scruples;  And despite being an ardent fan of the worst team in the NFL, and of the worst coached college  football and men's basketball teams in the ACC,  if not the nation;  And despite the further insults delivered daily to my gentleman's nether region,  by mother nature as I progress into my dotage—despite all of that, I have not blown my brains out.

Thank you for your support.


A Testimonial

I'm a 54 year old consulting engineer and make between $60,000 and $125,000 per year, depending on how hard I work and whether or not there are work projects out there for me.

My girlfriend is 61 and makes about $18,000 per year, working as a part-time mail clerk.

For me, making $60,000 a year, under ObamaCare, the cheapest, lowest grade policy I can buy, which also happens to impose a $5,000 deductible, costs $482 per month.

For my girlfriend, the same exact policy, same deductible, costs $1 per month. That's right, $1 per month. I'm not making this up.

Don't believe me? Just go to , the ObamaCare website for California and enter the parameters I've mentioned above and see for yourself. By the way, my zip code is 93940. You'll need to enter that.

So OK, clearly ObamaCare is a scheme that involves putting the cost burden of healthcare onto the middle and upper-income wage earners. But there's a lot more to it. Stick with me.

And before I make my next points, I'd like you to think about something:

I live in Monterey County, in Central California. We have a large land mass but just 426,000 residents - about the population of Colorado Springs or the city of Omaha.

But we do have a large Hispanic population, including a large number of illegal aliens, and to serve this group we have Natividad Medical Center, a massive, Federally subsidized county medical complex that takes up an area about one-third the size of the Chrysler Corporation automobile assembly plant in Belvedere, Illinois (see Google Earth View). Natividad has state-of-the-art operating rooms, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, fully equipped, 24 hour emergency room, and much more. If you have no insurance, if you've been in a drive-by shooting or have overdosed on crack cocaine, this is where you go. And it's essentially free, because almost everyone who ends up in the ER is uninsured.

Last year, 2,735 babies were born at Natividad. 32% of these were born to out-of-wedlock teenage mothers, 93% of which were Hispanic. Less than 20% could demonstrate proof of citizenship, and 71% listed their native language as Spanish. Of these 876 births, only 40 were covered under [any kind of] private health insurance. The taxpayers paid for the other 836. And in case you were wondering about the entire population - all 2,735 births - less than 24% involved insured coverage or even partial payment on behalf of the patient to the hospital in exchange for services. Keep this in mind as we move forward.

Now consider this:

If I want to upgrade my policy to a low-deductible premium policy, such as what I had with my last employer, my cost is $886 per month. But my girlfriend can upgrade her policy to the very same level, for just $4 per month. That's right, $4 per month. $48 per year for a zero-deductible, premium healthcare policy - the kind of thing you get when you work at IBM (except of course, IBM employees pay an average of $170 per month out of pocket for their coverage).

I mean, it's bad enough that I will be forced to subsidize the ObamaCare scheme in the first place. But even if I agreed with the basic scheme, which of course I do not, I would never agree to subsidize premium policies. If I have to pay $482 a month for a budget policy, I sure as hell do not want the guy I'm subsidizing to get a better policy, for less that 1% of what I have to fork out each month for a low-end policy.

Why must I pay $482 per month for something the other guy gets for a dollar? And why should the other guy get to buy an $886 policy for $4 a month? Think about this: I have to pay $10,632 a year for the same thing that the other guy can get for $48. $10,000 of net income is 60 days of full time work as an engineer. $48 is something I could could pay for collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles, one day a month.

Are you with me on this? Are you starting to get an idea what ObamaCare is really about?

ObamaCare is not about dealing with inequities in the healthcare system. That's just the cover story. The real story is that it is a massive, political power grab. Do you think anyone who can insure himself with a premium policy for $4 a month will vote for anyone but the political party that provides him such a deal? ObamaCare is about enabling, subsidizing, and expanding the Left's political power base, at taxpayer expense. Why would I vote for anyone but a Democrat if I can have babies for $4 a month? For that matter, why would I go to college or strive for a better job or income if it means I have to pay real money for healthcare coverage? Heck, why study engineering when I can be a schlub for $20K per year and buy a new F-150 with all the money I'm saving?

And think about those $4-a-month babies - think in terms of propagation models. Think of just how many babies will be born to irresponsible, under-educated mothers. Will we get a new crop of brain surgeons and particle physicists from the dollar baby club, or will we need more cops, criminal courts and prisons? One thing you can be certain of: At $4 a month, they'll multiply, and multiply, and multiply. And not one of them will vote Republican.

ObamaCare: It's all about political power. [SOURCE]

"While I applaud this guy for laying the facts out..... I am appalled by the fact that this will come as "news" to a lot of people (most of whom are Democrat voters). "

Cuzzin Ricky, Schweppes man