Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Red Rover, Red Rover ...

On The Ball

On The Ball

The FBI Coverup ..

The Dead Cardinal

Le cardinal est mort!

This Cardinal flew into our glass door and kilt himself.  We feel inordinately sad over it.

Longer Version

MoSup was in the kitchen, talking to her friend in Florida and watching the Juncos go nuts over the seed she  placed under the sandbox which, perched on 6" legs,  was somewhat protected from the snowfall. blizzard.  I paid scant attention until my sonar picked up a sudden change in conversational pitch.

"I'll call you back."

Momentarily she's in the den telling  me that a Cardinal flew into the glass door,  and was laying stunned in the snow.  I said that it was prolly dead, but no.  She said  he was trying to lift his head and weakly cheeping. 

By the time I got there, the creature's leg position made it obvious that the little  little guy was dead.  I scooped him up and brought him indoors.  MoSup tried CPR (without the breahting); too late.  I never held a Cardinal before.  Still warm, he was ridiculously light.  Like only feathers; no skeleton. Soft, like a woman's breast on a warm nigh -- I digress.

"Throw him over the railing so the other birds don't have to see him."
I don't want the other birds to know he's dead.  (She is a saint)

I opened the door and gave him a mighty chuck;  but he hit the frame of an old swing with an ahdible whack and dropped all akimbo onto the deck.  He was covered completely by snow in just minutes.  Her reaction?  "You beast!"   Like I did it on purpose.

I feel good that I'm still able to feel badly that this Cardinal will no longer entertain us, but he has dozens of pals to keep the show going.   Means I still have humanity (creatureaminty?) left, for innocent creatures anyway.  If Gov. O'Malley ran into my window, I'd revive him with pee.

IRS Targeting

IRS Targeting and 2014 
 Democrats are working hard to make sure conservative groups are silenced in the 2014 midterms.
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Elizabeth Warren, a "D Chrome"

Elizabeth Warren Foaming
"D chromed." 

Watch Warren taken to the shed for a proper spanking.
But Wait! JFC!

Nancy Pelosi claims raising minimum wage to $10.10 will create 85,000 jobs
On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi issued a tweet claiming that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would...Continue

I have posited that there exist genetic make-up which restrict carriers from understanding economics, national defense, or Adam Smith's trickle-down theory, and permutations.   Not everyone with that "D" chromosome become Democrats; but ALL elected Democrats are "D chromed." 

That lot, then, will always become liars as well.  Why?  To explain away incredibly stupid statements that come back to haunt political careers.  Having no credible leg to stand on, they must resort to making up sh*t and ridiculing accusers.

Elizabeth Warren
is stupid; she is a grotesque liar; and  elected to the United States Senate by people who live in Massachusettsand we know about that. Here's Elizabeth Warren promoting the Robin Hood Tax.
Matt Welch Talks Elizabeth Warren and Calls for... by tvnportal

Grotesque Lies

One million words about the media alliance with the Democrat Party, and other un-Americana

Fred on Athen, AL

A Childhood in Athens
No Sign of Socrates, Though

This article by Fred Reed pretty much describes a place that no longer exists, but did, and should.  It is the America most of us grew up in (though many of us grew up in cities, and had a different range of regulation and lack of it).  This article pretty much illustrates what the Tea Party would like to bring about:  a nation of fewer regulations, and only those really necessary.  And of course with so few regulations, a lot of spending becomes irrelevant.  Wish I could go there today. - Skoonj

It is common for aging men, worn by the long years of drink and skirt-chasing and strenuous dissolution in the fleshpots of Asia, or any available fleshpots, to remember their youth in roseate hues that never were. But, dammit, we really did go barefoot. And had BB guns. And the dog could go anywhere it damned well pleased, and come back when it chose.

Athens, Alabama in 1957 was a small Southern town like countless others in Dixie with a statue of a Confederate soldier on the town square and little evidence of government of any kind, which was well since it didn’t need any. While the South had not fared well in its ardent resistance to Federal regulation a century earlier, still there was little meddling by Washington in my years there.

The South’s martial displeasure with Federal intrusion was remembered, though: When I moved down from Virginia, I was to other kids “the damyank on the corner” until I learned to wrap words in a comfortable padding of syllables, as God commanded.

On the square. While Southerners are the most patriotic and martial of Americans, they have the least use for Washington. In which I heartily concur.

Although my father was a mathematician at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, and perhaps entitled to social pretensions, he didn’t have any. Consequently I lived as a half-wild disciple of Tom Sawyer. So did most of the town’s boys. Come summer, we at first tentatively abandoned shoes. No one thought this odd, because it wasn’t.  Soon our soles toughened to leather and we walked everywhere, even on gravel, without ill effect.

And nobody cared. Oh sweet age of nobody cared.  Child Protective Services didn’t show up, officious passive-aggressive snots, to carry my parents away. Today they would, droning censoriously of hygiene and worms and crippling cuts from broken glass and parental irresponsibility.

Many of my friends lost feet to these perils. To this day you can see them rolling about in wheel chairs in their dozens.

Foot-nekkid and fancy free, we went to the Limestone Drug Store on the town square, piled our ball gloves and BB guns inside the door, and read comic books for hours. The owner, a frizzzly redheaded man in his seventies whom we knew only as Cochie, liked little boys. Today this would be thought evidence of pedophilia and he would be required to undergo therapy and wear an ankle bracelet. Actually, Coochie just liked kids. And since it was his store, nobody at corporate got his panties in a knot because the comic books were read into virtual dust without ever being bought. The Federal government had not yet regulated small-town soda fountains to protect us.

Still there, fifty-seven years later. Much changed inside but the current owners, whoever they are, had the decency to preserve the orignial soda fountain.
The devastating plagues that swept the South in those years, mysteriously unrecorded, were doubtless the result of bare feet in Limestone Drug.

BB guns, I said. We all had them. Most were the Red Ryder model, costing I think $4.95 in as-yet uninflated currency. Mine was the Daisy Eagle [Continued]

With maybe one exception (nobody had a BB gun) Fred's remembrance of his childhood in Athens, Alabama is identical to mine in Chicago, Illinois (albeit on the very border of Des Plaines).  However, if you substitute a .22 rifle and 12ga shotgun for the BB gun, things are identical with my summers with grandparents in Indiana.   I'm betting I'm not alone.

PS - Don't cut yourself on the satire