Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Racist Black Girl's Reasoned Response

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Racial Unrest
What did you learn in School Today Reniece?

Tommy Lee Smith

LAWS AIN"T BEING 4 ME; They Being 4 U!

Just Guess What Ferguson Police Found on Missouri Democrat Senator Jamilah Nasheed Who Has Sponsored Several ‘Anti-Gun’ Bills…
Tommy Lee Smith


  Panic in Weasel Park
Soros's returns

WARNING! If Republicans win on November 4th, they will use a tricky, little known  maneuver called "51% majority vote" to ram through their right wing policy!

ASIDE, but germane

I used to make and publish (using embed codes that no longer work) my own videos because You Tube was pretty restrictive back then.  Anyway, while perusing those old files I came across this clip of David Horowitz on Fox and Frieneds (with E.D. Hill!).  It still carries water.

Tom Harkin Builds Legacy

leftist liar and phony war hero Tom Harkin takes the money and runs LOL

Dems fume as Harkin takes the money and doesn't run

Retiring Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, has angered his fellow Democrats by keeping the nearly $2.4 million in his personal campaign account rather than donating it to the campaign of Bruce Braley, the party's nominee to succeed him. Harkin, who is retiring after five terms in office, plans to instead donate most of the funds to Drake University to help create a political institute in his own name....