Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Scarborough. Rant. Righteous.

Joe Scarborough Bashes The 
Media 'BS' Coverage Of Ferguson

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has had it with the Ferguson, Missouri, protests. Scarborough devoted a lengthy segment on Monday's "Morning Joe" to chastising both the protests and related media coverage. In particular, the former GOP congressman raged against the St. Louis Rams players who expressed solidarity with the demonstrators by raising their hands as they entered the field during their football game on Sunday.  [Full]

Hoyer and Boner Tap Dance on the Constitution


At a press briefing on Tuesday, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said that President Obama had "broad authority" to take unilateral action on immigration but failed to directly answer a question asking him where specifically the Constitution authorized President Obama to unilaterally decided not to enforce immigration laws.
CNSNews.com asked Hoyer: “The Constitution requires that the president ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed.’ Where specifically in the Constitution does it give the president the power not to enforce immigration laws against 5 million violators of that law?”

Hoyer did not point to any specific provision of the Constitution, but said that Obama had authority because "president have broad authority to deal with implementation" of immigration law. [Hoyer Doesn't Say] 

The very question we've all been axing since Holder and Obama attacked Arizona for ENFORCING  immigration laws.


Want your vagina to smell like a ripe peach?

A FAMOUS bikini waxing salon that perfects the pubes of stars including Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell is now offering its customers VAGINA FACIALS. 

  • Michigan fraternity: $5 "facials" fund raiser to raise breast cancer awareness

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I am not making this up.  HeyI was following Drudge's "Did Madonna break the internet" link, and there it was as an "also."  Sheesh. I wonder of Obama knows about this?

Gaining weight?

 People are always asking. "Say, Rodge ..                     

.. I took your advice and got a Fitbit.  I'm doing 6000 steps and lost several inches off my waist, but HAVE GAINED weight?  WTF?

Dennis Becker, 1954 Pittsburgh Ave, Chicago

A pound is a pound, whether it be a pound of muscle, or a pound of fat. The difference is, there could be a pound of fat sitting on a table next to a pound of muscle, and the pound of muscle would look much smaller than the pound of fat. It takes more fat to equal a pound than muscle. Go for svelte

You're welcome

Tales of the Beaver


Actually, Bucky was sandbagging his rivals in the forthcoming Beaver speed tree felling competition.

Arrest This Man

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest

Exposing Landrieu

  The Bitter End

Mary Landrieu’s last stand.
Simulated Boob

Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu is flailing in the political current. The three-term Democratic senator is a Hubert Humphrey liberal masked as a John Breaux left-centrist, submerged in a national party that’s now left of George McGovern, in a state where political winds are blowing starboard.

And she’s anchored by weight of her own choosing. Landrieu didn’t have to ignore opinion polls and vote for Obamacare, but she did. She didn’t have to vote for radical Obama nominees like Debo Adegbile, pro bono legal advocate for cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, but she did. It was her own choice to vote against repealing the medical device tax and to vote increasingly pro-abortion in a pro-life state. She started her Senate career somewhat left of her Louisiana mentors Breaux and Bennett Johnston, and moved even further left. Breaux’s lifetime American Conservative Union rating was 45, Johnston’s 41; Landrieu’s is 20.

This is a real concern: Sportsmen are seen as a largely Republican constituency, and the runoff takes place on Louisiana’s last duck-hunting weekend and the first day of deer hunting. Cassidy’s campaign must keep hunters from assuming they don’t need to vote because his victory is “in the bag.”
It’s no wonder Landrieu is all but written off for reelection. No candidate won a majority in Louisiana’s nonpartisan primary held Election Day, so the two top candidates face a runoff December 6. Polls show Republican Bill Cassidy, a doctor and three-term congressman, with a double-digit lead.

But Landrieu still fights—hard. Even on Election Day, addressing a media scrum after casting her own vote, she ripped into Cassidy: for his votes on disaster relief, for refusing to debate enough, for opposing “equal pay.” Despite a relentlessly negative campaign—which has drawn copious criticism from local and national press—the Landrieu effort maintains an energy that, in the Louisiana political tradition, has an appealingly entertaining vibe. That energy emanates from Landrieu herself, who for 35 years of public life has tried to outwork everybody around her. Now, stitching together a biracial conglomeration of mini-coalitions in every working-class small town, her campaign might be the nation’s last of its kind: old-style Southern populism, with a dusting of Cajun spice. [Full]

I like Quin Hillyer's ability to spin a good yarn while cutting  to the bone of things, so its not mere schadenfreude that leads me to recommend The Bitter End . There is a little schadenfreude though. In 1996, despite trailing in all the polls she defeated  "Woody" Jenkins for her Senate seat.  The "radical magazine" Reader's Digest covered it in "They're Stealing the Election."   I also remember Loretta S├ínchez taking Bob Dornan's seat that year, in an election rife with "undocumented" votes.  A precursor of things to come.