Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Sneeze

God Bless You

My wife doesn't know who Dane Cook is.  I shield her that way.  But she walked in today while I was listening to  his "An athiest sneezed and I said "God Bless You" routine.   I was in tears.  I told her she had to listen to just this bit; that Cook is far too profane for her, but this was too precious, and  fairly clean for him.  Trust me.  Here it is.

She laughed and made noises the whole time.

Black brunch

‘Black brunch’ protesters interrupt diners in NYC, Oakland

Been awhile since I’ve seen an electronic/cyber article  that 
has generated this many comments….. 

Draw you own conclusions


I see a flaw

Safety Tampax?

Geezer Think

As for me, I kinda liked life before cellfones and all that the internet brings.  I liked radio 'cause it made you use your imagination, and I liked books 'cause it was just your mind exploring someone else's structured thoughts, not some poorly thought out babble with knee-jerk comments on a website or some pundit telling you how you should interpret what you're looking at or listening to.

My initial thought upon seeing the 'toon was that it'd be like me asking my grandmother what life was like before the party line.  High tech in her generation was electric lights, automobiles, and manual typewriters.  A mouse was a furry little creature that lived in the walls, and a crash was what happened when you lost control of your car.  Booting up was the procedure of putting rubber shoes on before going outside in rotten weather.  Ron Metziger Hat Dance

Islamo Terrorists

The punishment for riding on the same bike as a boy

WASHINGTON—Following the publication of the image above, in which the most cherished figures from multiple religious faiths were depicted engaging in a lascivious sex act of considerable depravity, no one was murdered, beaten, or had their lives threatened, sources reported Thursday. The image of the Hebrew prophet Moses high-fiving Jesus Christ as both are having their erect penises vigorously masturbated by Ganesha, all while the Hindu deity anally penetrates Buddha with his fist, reportedly went online at 6:45 p.m. EDT, after which not a single bomb threat was made against the organization responsible, nor did the person who created the cartoon go home fearing for his life in any way. Though some members of the Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist faiths were reportedly offended by the image, sources confirmed that upon seeing it, they simply shook their heads, rolled their eyes, and continued on with their day. 

Boner squeaks

Mitigating the Suck

We have met the enemy and he is us                  

This morning, major news headlines from multiple outlets contained the Republican Leadership’s talking point. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) had it in the bag, there would be not even twenty votes against him, and because of that he could now permanently ignore the paper tiger that is the conservative base of the party.

Instead, just as I predicted filling in for Rush Limbaugh on December 26th, there were twenty-five votes against Boehner. Others caved, but will not want to be ignored. The Republican Leadership woke up this morning thinking that they had just wetted a conservative paper tiger. Instead, they realized it remains a force to be reckoned with in the House, with numbers greater than they thought, and the base that trained the tiger is now even more pissed off.

Happy governing. Conservatives, slowly but surely, continue to mitigate the suck. [full]

Rep Andy Harris, Maryland's lone congressional  Republicanswept into office riding the Tea-Party wavevoted with Boehner. Whatever excuses he may have are meaningless because the man has no integrity.   Can't say I'm surprised though.  People over the age of 7 who lie about important things are liars. Always.

We Make People Look Their Best


Tommy Lee Smith somewhat