Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Hatch Acts Problem


Senator Hatch himself was subject to potential investigation over his role in the BCCI banking scandal during the Reno Justice Department reign, and has been the lapdog of the Clinton Administration ever since, stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.
Did the 2014 midterms really happen? Less than three months after a red tide rolled over the country, the Senate Republican Rollover Caucus is back to its default position in Washington, D.C.: Hands up, bow down.

Last week, senior GOP supplicant Sen. Orrin Hatch announced that he will support the confirmation of President Obama's attorney general nominee, Loretta Lynch. He praised her "qualifications" and decried the Justice Department's previous leaders who "have facilitated executive abuses by this president rather than upholding the rule of law." Guffaw.

A Utah Republican, Hatch was one of the biggest, fattest facilitators of that lawlessness from the first days of the reign of Obama. Beltway amnesia among entrenched incumbents is a chronic disorder. [Malkin cont]

One of Janet Reno's first acts as Clinton's Eric Holder was to press-release "Attorney General's decision not to investigate and indict Senator Hatch for his alleged involvement in the BCCI scandal."  Too bad, because Hatch has been in the barrel giving Democrats blowjob paybacks ever since.

Tankgewehr M1918

The Good Old Tankgewehr M1918 Squirrel Gun
'killem by the kilo mate'

Wisconsin Teacher Unions

Union Thugs                     


It’s getting harder and harder to find left-wing activists, even in public school unions in progressive Wisconsin. “In 2011, in the wake of the largest workers uprising in recent U. S. history, I was elected president of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association,” Bob Peterson writes in the journal Rethinking Schools. “Unfortunately, that spring uprising, although massive and inspirational, was not strong enough to stop Gov. Walker from enacting the most draconian anti-public sector labor law in the nation.”

Reality check: “Only 305 Wisconsin school districts’ unions sought recertification this November, dropping from 408 that did the year before,” Diana-Ashley Krach writes in School Reform News. “Additionally, state employees voted to decertify 25 school district unions.”

“Under Act 10, also known as the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, which went into effect in 2011, recertification requires a 51 percent “yes” vote from eligible union members.”

“Using those criteria, Walker would never have been elected,” Peterson asserts. Actually, Governor Walker was reelected with 53 percent of the vote.  What’s really astonishing is that the unions cannot even inspire the loyalty of one of the most left-leaning voting blocs in a left-leaning state.

Ironically, by Peterson’s own summary, the reforms were hardly draconian. He writes of Act 10 that “It left intact only the right to bargain base-wage increases up to the cost of living.” Most people think this is the prime purpose of a union. [The fun continues]

Jeb Bush or Scott Walker.  Soooooo hard to choose.  LOL

More Joy From Obama's Schutzstaffe

SchutzstaffeThe Obamissariat Schutzstaffe                                     

Judis Priest!

A few days ago, John Judis, the co-author of the book on every liberal’s bookshelf, The Emerging Democratic Majority, took to the pages of National Journal to write an article called The Emerging Republican Advantage.

Hilarity Ensues ...

So, who does Judis think can win consistently for Republicans. No surprise: RINOs.

It now appears that, in some form, the Republican era which began in 1980 is still with us. Reagan Republicanism—rooted in the long-standing American distrust of government, but perhaps with its roughest theocratic and insurrectionary edges sanded off for a national audience—is still the default position of many of those Americans who regularly go to the polls. It can be effectively challenged when Republicans become identified with economic mismanagement or with military defeat. But after the memory of such disasters has faded, the GOP coalition has reemerged—surprisingly intact and ready for battle.

What Judis elides over and dismisses is the fact that [Full]

In a world where there are three parent babies, this flip-floppery is normal.



I'm sure all of you have experienced the phenomenon I call shit fall, where your zietgebers plunge into flesh eating mode.  I'm suddenly there.  I'm not going catalog it all, but last night capped it.  Monday night I watched Top Gear's season 7 episode (08/04/2009)  where  Ellen MacArthur drove the fastest ever celebrity time around the track.   Then I paused it and went on to other things.  I cannot explain why I find so much comfort in this series which began in 2002.  As of 16 March 2014 167 episodes of the series have been broadcast, spanning 21 series.  I have been through them all, maybe four or 5 times. Anyway, last night when I went to Netflix it was missing from my "recently watched" scroll.  I went to My list, and clicked that.  WTFF? Everything from 2002 until 2011 is gone! No announcement.  Nothing. I am enveloped in a dark black cloud.  I had to have four fingers of Maker's Mark with my Prozac this morning, and it hasn't kicked in.

But Wait!