Friday, August 14, 2015

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106 days.

PS- That meter has now roll backward, meaning we're making more than we use!
It took 106 days from presentation to a fully active solar panel system.  Our cost is nothing; our savings will be manifest on the next utility bill (although half that billing cycle will be pre-solar).  And, there's this.

I don't know how that will impact us (we have a contract vetted by a lawyer), but it does talk to legitimacy.  It will also make SunEdison-Vivent the largerst solar panel provider.

Our guy told us that we project to generate 5.5 GW Hours (or something) which he says is very, very high.  A lot of that has to to with our house facing dead east (1°); and this.

By the by; the incentive that several states are offering (to underwrite the solar panel expense) will end on Jan, 1, 2016. Any contract booked before that date will be honored.  If you're interested call Weston at 757-329 0115 (if you buy from him we make $100).  Thank you andMo Sup can afford these shoes!

Cali makes "Illegal Aliens" City Commisioners

 Illegal Immigrants Appointed to City Commissions in California


Actual Headline

Two Illegal Immigrants Appointed to City Commissions in California ...
What your grandparents expected would follow

Governor Reagan Sends National Guard into Huntington Park to Quell Insurrection

Nest of illegal aliens take over government
Flame Throwers and Huey Gunships Employed.

You know how it's
sometimes a blessing  when family members are so ill with an incurable disease that when they pass there's a sense of relief.  Their (and your) suffering is over.   I think God is preparing the nation for California sinking into the Abyss.

Marie's Blue



Here's stuff I've slathered with Marie's Blue Cheese.  Someone said it's good on salad too! Nobody's ever  thought of this before. You're welcome.