Friday, April 29, 2016

Tom Selleck v. Obama


Actor Tom Selleck is once again under fire and in the spotlight for making controversial comments, ones that have sparked ire amongst his liberal Hollywood peers and the media as well. Selleck is no stranger to controversy, as he’s been known for speaking his mind and shooting straight from the hip. Whether defending The Second Amendment or playing the role of Frank Reagan on the CBS crime-drama series, Blue Bloods, the former Magnum PI star continues to carry a love-hate relationship with tinsel town and those who put him under the microscope.

Selleck isn’t shy about how he feels about President Obama, and he recently implied that serving in the military may have done him (Obama) some good. In one of his latest video commentaries, Selleck all but slaps Obama in the face by talking about good old fashioned family values: “The greatest satisfaction in life I know is family. They’ve been my best friends and the people who keep me in line. I wouldn’t be obviously where I am today without family, and support, structure and values I got from my parents.”

Selleck goes on to talk about how he served in the military during the Vietnam War, which may have been another dig at the president for not serving in the armed forces. While the video does reveal his patriotism for his family and his country, he may very well have been taking another shot at Obama in terms of how he was raised. Needless to say, Tom Selleck has become a true hero with American conservatives for going against the grain of Hollywood haters and giving the president a piece of his mind!

Blue Bloods is by far our favorite series; and Selleck our favorite actor. Stands to reason then that Hollywood hates him.

Texas Voter Law


The Humanity   

Texas' controversial voter identification law will remain in effect, possibly through November's elections, after the Supreme Court on Friday denied an emergency request from a coalition of Latino advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers who say the measure is discriminatory.

"Against that backdrop is the Texas voter ID law, affecting more than 14 million voters this election cycle." [Huh?]
The unsigned order from the justices did not explain their reasoning, or whether there was any opposition. While it is a temporary decision, it could affect enforcement of similar laws in other states during a hotly contested presidential election year.

[...]  One of the strictest such laws in the country, it requires voters to provide certain government-issued photo ID in order to cast a ballot. Texas officials and the U.S. Justice Department agree more than 600,000 eligible voters in the second-largest state lack one of the required IDs.

Opponents say a disproportionate number are poor Hispanic and black voters. [Full]

"... more than 600,000 eligible voters in the second-largest state lack one of the required IDs. Opponents say a disproportionate number are poor Hispanic and black voters."

Okay.  I'm a SCOTUS Justice.  I have but one question.  Why is that?

Two Liner

"I got married so I could get laid 3 or 4 times a week." 
 "Wow. That's the reason why I got divorced!"

How insane are they?

a major award                                                 

Tips from Jong-Il


As GDP Flatlines, Obama Brags About His Economic Record

The same day the 0.5% GDP growth came out, President Obama is quoted in the New York Times saying the country has done “better” than “any large economy on Earth in modern history.” Delusional doesn’t begin to cut it.

The only real problem with the economy, as far as Obama is concerned, is that he hasn’t been selling his successful policies aggressively enough.

“We were moving so fast early on that we couldn’t take victory laps. We couldn’t explain everything we were doing. I mean, one day we’re saving the banks; the next day we’re saving the auto industry; the next day we’re trying to see whether we can have some impact on the housing market,” he told the Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Never mind that Obama didn’t “save” either industries. Obama’s only contribution to GM and Chrysler’s bankruptcy process was to protect union interests at taxpayer’s expense. Dodd-Frank didn’t save banks; in fact it’s killed multitudes of community banks. His stimulus was a massively expensive bust.

The rest of Obama’s boasts aren’t on any firmer ground. [FULL]

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Smoking Scorpions

  Rancid Culture                       

“I started scorpion smoking in the mid-'60s,” recalls 74-year-old Sohbat Khan.

It was during General Ayub Khan’s era, and Khan was only 20 years old. He would frequent the famous Jalil Kabab house in Peshawar, which is how he met the vendor who sold scorpions worth Re 1 or Rs 2 right next to the eatery. The men got their supply from the Matani area, which is rich in scorpions because of its insufferably hot weather.

Khan says he has quit smoking scorpions. His eyes are sunken from years of addiction, and his pale face and hollow cheeks betray a dependence on opium. “Nasha pa nasha khatmege,” he says, smiling – some drugs are beaten by other drugs.

His addiction to opium doesn’t bother him as much. Khan says opium’s affects are far safer than scorpion smoking. He knows his body is too old to bear the high, but there are days he still feels the pull. [Full]
Wait until San Francisco reads about this.

If your cell phone gets wet ....