Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump DUET


The survey says ....

In addition to the set of fears examined in previous waves, the survey team took a closer look at two fear related phenomena: Americans’ beliefs in conspiracy theories and fear of Muslims, sometimes referred to as “Islamophobia.”

The greatest fear however was "President Hillary."  That wasn't actually recorded, but trust me.

"Because you'd be in jail"

Best Response Ever!

"Because you'd be in jail"


After playing the short video clip, Cuomo, Camerota, Carter and Stelter wonder aloud what sinister outcome could arise from this display. Cuomo began by calling it “very high on the list of irresponsible things the guy has done,” blasting Trump for not thinking “about the implications to anybody other than himself.” Cuomo whined, “Have you ever heard of anybody in politics, let alone a presidential nominee, doing anything like this to the fourth estate?” [FULL]
I'm dying here boss.

'Coon steals phone