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Being a Dad is hard

My Mensa test - fingers x'd


A Christmas Story

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 SondraK currently  taunts "first one to say they got a Snuggie loses! "  Remember Wednesday when I said I had better get to my Christmas shopping?  I went to BJ's , which has everything, and was done in under an hour.  I had a Snuggies in my cart, but two things intervened.  It was an ugly purple color. Second, we promised each other only inexpensive things this year, so I reluctantly put it ($14.95) back,  in favor of a 12 pack of Sylvania 75 watt incandescent light bulbs that were incredibly priced at $5.99!  You won't be laughing when the day arrives. When I told MoSup about it, she actually bared fangs! Said Snuggies were the stupidest thing she'd ever seen and was insulted that I even contemplated them for her.  I'm not making this up.  Now I'm a little sorry I didn't buy them, because when she refused to wear them, they'd be mine. What.  I bet lots of men like the idea, am I right?  Okay, let me put it another way.  With Snuggies, you can secret your .45 for when the Obamunist SS come for you.  Kind of a Clint Eastwood thing. Blowwwy, right through the blanket.

Don't say Muslim

Guess The Missing Word In NY Times
Report On Attempted Plane Bombing


Barack Omuslim

When knights were bold ...

I remember when ...

It pays to be a party member

Mrs. Hampton's two mistakes
Mrs. Hampton, who supports President Obama, doesn't understand why non-union retirees and employees were singled out and wants the government to make them whole, too.

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 Her second mistake was not listening to the smartest women in Congress when she 'splained it. You know, how ... what's that called when government seizes the means of production?  That.. How that works. Anyway, I've had it  linked below for several months now.  Ruh-Roh, third mistake.

Short attention spans

Bad guys in trouble

In Passing
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Cash gifts, liquid lunch_the case for impeachment
Anyone appointed to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton works too.

Woman Domesticated

Merry Christmas from the IRS: Another Year of Government Dysfunction
The Department of Housing and Urban Development always ranks high on the list of government entities that should be abolished, so it’s interesting to see that HUD bureaucrats are most likely to be dodging their taxes:

The Real West Wing Tour Guide
One summer (I think it was 2003) my West Wing colleague Krista Ritacco and I thought it would be helpful and fun to create a written tour guide (.pdf) for staff.

'Reform' Bill's likely legacy
The Republicans and Obama are both wrong.
  •  Republicans have been saying that never before has Congress passed such an unpopular bill with such important ramifications by such a narrow majority. President Obama has been saying that passage of the bill will mean that the health-care issue will be settled once and for all.
Every Democrat cast the deciding health-care vote.
Those votes were revealing nonetheless, showing that certain Democrats oppose core parts of ObamaCare even as they voted for the final version. Nebraska's Ben Nelson—now justly famous for a Medicaid payoff in return for his vote—and Virginia's Jim Webb voted for the McCain amendment that would have stripped out cuts totaling more than $400 billion in future Medicare ... .

Murder Down, Gun Sales Up;

Democrats face triple whammy for elections
 - polls show this Congress is seen by Americans as among the worst ever.

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 Ann distilled; Democrats stripped nekkid.
Medicare is tens of trillions of dollars in the red. It is expected to go bankrupt by 2017. In order to pay for Medicare alone, the government will either have to cut every other federal program in existence, or raise federal income taxes to rates as high as 77 percent.
Hmmm, I didn't make any notes to debate the manifestly insane points. But I'm pretty sure that extending full medical benefits to 30 million people who don't currently have them -- 47 million once the federal health commission rules that illegal aliens are covered -- will not be less expensive than the current system.
Democrats keep citing the Congressional Budget Office's "scoring" of their bills as if that means something.

The CBO is required to score a bill based on the assumptions provided by the bill's authors. It's worth about as much as a report card filled out by the student himself.

Democrats could write a bill saying: "Assume we invent a magic pill that will make cars get 1,000 miles per gallon. Now, CBO, would that save money?"

The CBO would have to conclude: Yes, that bill will save money.

Among the tricks the Democrats put into their health care bills for the CBO is that the government will collect taxes for 10 years, but only pay out benefits for the last six years. Will that save money? Yes, the CBO says, this bill is "deficit neutral"!

But what about the next 10 years and the next 10 years and the next 10 years after that?  [Full Fun]