Monday, August 16, 2010

All the subtlety of a sledge -- oh, right

Russian Illegal Parking Tow Truck

Without a revolution, Americans are history.

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Mercedes AMG Gull Wing Tunnel Roll

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But, how do it know?



How's the 'winning Muslim hearts'
thing going, Mr. Obama?

"It's conceivable," said then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008, "that there are those in the Arab world who say to themselves, 'This is a guy who spent some time in the Muslim world, has a middle name of Hussein, and appears more worldly and has called for talks with people, and so he's not going to be engaging in the same sort of cowboy diplomacy as George Bush.'"

A 2008 Zogby International poll surveyed those in the "friendly" Arab countries of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Eighty-three percent viewed the United States "somewhat" or "very" unfavorably.
[Larry Elder]

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There's a a lot sandwiched in between, but after 20 months of bowing, apologizing, pandering, and appearing subservient to Mahometan tush,  what percentage in the same six Arab nations – compared with Bush's last year in office – now views the United States "very unfavorably" or "somewhat unfavorably"?

The answer: 85 percent – 2 points higher than Bush.


A tough lawman

A Modest Proposal

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It's not generally known that the Pope does not have to be an ordained priest, nor even be Catholic.  Nor is it commonly understood that a  supreme court justice doesn't need a law degree (or be qualified in any way, as we've learned twice in the past year).   Even lesser known is that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, elected by a majority vote of members; does not himself need to be a member of congress. Theoretically, I could be Speaker tomorrow,  if a majority so voted.

I mention this because the Justice Department has ended its six-year criminal probe of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay without filing criminal charges. If Republicans take control of the House in November, they can make a statement to us, great in number, who see the GOP as merely a different shade of Democrat, and elect DeLay Speaker.

 It was Tom De Lay who, in 1994, wanted to impeach activist judges.  He was reined in by Newt.  This time it's more than just bad judges that need tending to.  There's a President of the United States who, almost certainly,  holds an office he is not eligible for.  Worse, there's a body of monumentally bad law the must be overturned.    Must be.  Name someone else better for the job. 

You're welcome.

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Mars Chilled

Sherrod’s Fraud?

Did Andrew Breitbart Lay A Trap
For Sherrod’s Fraud… Unbelievable!

I confess that I also was horrified at what I saw as the clumsiness and stupidity of Breitbart in ‘doctoring’ a tape to make a supposedly innocent woman look guilty. But now I discover I have been as guilty of haste to judgment of Breitbart as the Dept. of Agriculture was of Ms. Sherrod.

Only now am I realizing the real purpose for Breitbart’s release of that tape snippet. It was to allow him to cunningly trick the media into exposing one of the most shocking examples of corruption in the federal government – a little known legal case called “Pigford v. Glickman”.

Sherrod-Obama Fraudsters?
“In 1997, 400 African-American farmers sued the United States Department of Agriculture, alleging that they had been unfairly denied USDA loans due to racial discrimination during the period 1983 to 1997.” The case was entitled “Pigford v. Glickman” and in 1999, the black farmers won their case. The government agreed to pay each of them as much as $50,000 to settle their claims. (About $20 million?)

But then on February 23 of this year, something shocking happened in relation to that original judgment. In total silence, the USDA agreed to release more funds to “Pigford”. The amount was a staggering $1.25 billion. This was because the original number of plaintiffs – 400 black farmers – had now swollen in a class action suit to include a total of 86,000 black farmers throughout America.

There was only one teensy problem. The United States of America doesn’t have 86,000 black farmers. According to accurate and totally verified census data, the total number of black farmers throughout America is only 39,697. Oops.

Well, gosh – how on earth did 39,697 explode into 86,000 claims? And how did $50,000 explode into $1.25 billion? Well, folks, you’ll just have to ask the woman who not only spearheaded this case because of her position in 1997 at the “Rural Development Leadership Network” but whose family received the highest single payout (approximately $13 million) from that action – Shirley Sherrod. Oops again.

Yes, folks. It appears that Ms. Sherrod had just unwittingly exposed herself as the perpetrator of one of the biggest fraud claims in the United States – a fraud enabled solely because she screamed racism at the government and cowed them into submission. And it gets even more interesting. 
Holy crap, how did I miss this?  If true, it should be on every cover of every newspaper and magazine  in the country.  Wow.  The american media is the most, vile non-murderous entity i have ever heard of.

I haven't had time to check all this out, but it's out there.

The Teleprompter of the United States

Obama Brings His Teleprompter On Vacation
The Teleprompter of the United States: Don't leave home without it! 

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How bad is Obama?  Joe Biden is embarrassed by him!


Yuri Bezmenov Redux

Some years ago I posted the full video, since deleted,  of KGB defector Besmenov's testimony about his mission in the United States. This is a condensed version.

 I find it maddening that road maps like this exist, and go unseen, and unheeded.  I can't speak for public schools, but certainly parochial elementary schools were on top of the threat.  Pulp magazines like Treasure Chest were regularly distributed with our milk and cookies.  I was about to add that videos like Besmenov would also have been widely aired back then, but probably not. Hollywood, and later television news, was so infiltrated with communists that just a single, as I remember,  anti Stalinist film was made in Hollywood, ever, until fairly recently. 

Here's a site that is pretty much dedicated to keeping the flame burning.  



No "F"

True Crime

  The teller, who police said was a recent hire, remained calm. She told Pugh she would need his identification in order to give him any money.

He pulled out his Wells Fargo debit card and handed it to her.

"How much would you like back?" she asked. "Two thousand," he said.

The teller told him that, to get that much money, he would need to show her a second form of identification. Pugh then gave her a state of Texas ID card, bearing his name.

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Senegal's Statue

For Senegal: U.S. aid, 164-ft. statue
In April, the president of the poverty-stricken nation of Senegal  unveiled what he boasts is the world's "highest statue" — a $24 (to $70)  million bronze artwork called "African Renaissance" that measures slightly taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Next month, a U.S. government aid agency is scheduled to begin delivery of $540 million in taxpayer money under a program that rewards developing countries with emerging democracies and a track record of good governance.

The money is being paid through a Bad George Bush initiative in 2004, the Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC), that Obama is seeking to increase (natch).  Good governance?  Senegal is an utterly corrupt "country coming off its rails." Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade just gave a $200,000 farewell gift to an International Monetary Fund representative, "in recognition to his contribution to Senegal."  Not only that, the statue was built by North Korea, and is not even the world's largest statue (China's Spring Temple Buddha, which stands almost 420 feet).   That statue, as modified, could easily replace the Statue of Liberty.