Friday, August 27, 2010

Useful Idiot Zuckerman

The Most Fiscally Irresponsible
Government in U.S. History
Current federal budget trends are capable of destroying this country
by Mort Zuckerman
Zuckerman is one of the many who bought into Obama's promises of hope, positive change, non-partisanship, unity, transparency, fiscal responsibility, etc. Indeed, Mort Zuckerman was a fellow who really went out on the limb for Obama. He voted for him. His newspaper endorsed him. He was constant and energetic in his support. [source]
Well, isn't this special.

I guess this is Phase Two of the three phased subjugation of the United States.  The one where useful idiots like Zuckerman have moments of clarity. Phase three, according to KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, will be when the useful idiots are shot.   You're not a very bright man Mort, and you did a lot of damage, so STFU.
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Bone Crushing Mahometans

Boned Jello I'm Obamunist Justice Kagan,
and I approve this message

Sharia Law Governs ALL Moslems
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Best Feelings May Differ

The Best Feeling Ever
AKA, The Ladies Man
 I usually find that E-mailed videos are already posted on YouTube, like this from Tim W .   And, I did for a moment think I had the right The Best Feeling Ever, but no. Playing it prompted a yell from another room, "Are you watching porn!?"  Be careful out there.

Face BooK Histroy

If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses

Tree Rats


Expect the Unexpested Calgary Film Festival Theme

It;s okat to obey the law in GA

 A Victory for Citizenship Verification

Last week brought good news for those of us who believe that illegal aliens and non-citizens shouldn’t be violating federal and state laws that prohibit them from registering and voting with impunity. The Justice Department agreed to settle a federal lawsuit filed by the State of Georgia (Georgia v. Holder) that will allow Georgia to verify the citizenship status of newly registered voters.

There’s an irony here: By verifying citizenship, Georgia was simply implementing another federal law, the Help America Vote Act of 2002, which requires states to verify the accuracy of voter registration information.

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The Corner's Hans A. von Spakovsky analyzes this nicely, but nowhere states that these Obamunists are the most out-of-control fucktards that ever existed outside of the Soviet block, Red China or Cuba.  

Outrage Related:Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber

Sarah Brady's rare orgasm?

China: Living the Gun Nut Dream
"clamps down on sale of knives."

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GUANGZHOU, CHINA - Police in the capital of South China's Guangdong province will clamp down on the sale of cutting tools as a security measure ahead of the Asian Games, which are scheduled to kick off on Nov 12.

Starting Nov 1, people in Guangzhou will only be able to buy kitchen knives and other large-sized cutting tools at designated shops, according to a notice issued on Thursday.

Anyone looking to buy a knife must carry proof of identification, which will be registered in police records on the spot, the notice said.
Ahhh. Government that can gets things done with the click of a pistol.

Perp Spray

Tip o' teh Day

As for the Wasp spray, the good thing is the range of this stuff... most of the commercial wasp sprays will shoot about 40 feet. Pepper Spray and mace usually about 15... so it's "higher caliber".

As a kid, I had wasp spray hit me in the eyes, and I was instantly disabled... couldn't see a thing until after about 20 minutes of flushing them with water and thrashing around because it burned so badly. It puffed them up for about a day and a half too... so your "perp" will be easily identifiable.... plus he will reak of pyrethrin, so he won't be carrying bugs to the jailhouse.
[random search result]
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Mo Sup heard about wasp and hornet spray's effectiveness against home intruders, a looming prospect as Obamunism takes its toll.  I'd never heard about this, or paid attention if I did, until she came home with two cans yesterday.  Did a little searching, which verified that this stuff will disable a perp on the spot.  Pepper spray is useless against guys pumped up on meth, and such; no idea if this is better.  Still, I like it.

Oh, there was this caveat from some of the people who've ruined this country.

Analysis: U.S. residents tempted to avail themselves of this Internet-recommended self-defense option would do well consider that wasp spray is a pesticide, and federal law prohibits the use of any pesticide "in a manner inconsistent with its labeling."
You're welcome.

Out Damn Spot!

Do Texans have to wait
4 years before they
can vote John Cornyn Out?

Sadly, yes.

You don't beat a Sicilian when ...

How Vindictive Is This Administration?
Withholds $400M in Education Funds over clerical error

UPDATE Gov. Chris Christie fires N.J. schools chief Bret Schundler
The Obama administration has made a serious mistake here: they’ve given Chris Christie an opening, a reason to take them on directly. And how does the old saying go? Never go up against a Sicilian, when political credibility is on the line?
 In presenting this video, The Corner's Daniel Foster makes the case for this being another case of a petulant Obama getting even.   Watching Chris Christie here, this morning, convinced me that he is unbeatable, at this point in time, as a presidential candidate.  Unbeatable. Furthermore, his can-do attitude is the pivotal quality necessary for any leader attempting to save us from a looming financial collapse.I believe he could do it.  Time for a band-wagon.
But on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Education released a video of that presentation that showed neither Schundler nor the other four people from New Jersey's delegation were able to come up with the information for the correct budget years.
While this does not substantively change the story's thrust, it does I think further burnish Christie's rep as a no-nonsense administrator.  I can remember when Bret Schundler himselfwas a shining hope for New Jersey.  Too bad he lost his compass.

Oh lighten up

What do you call a black man flying a plane?

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