Thursday, October 14, 2010

How many Democrats in these pictures?

The First 10 City Pensions
That Will Run Out Of Money

The municipal pension crisis is like the social security crisis but worse: Unlike the federal government, cities cannot legally go into debt.

Boned Jello

Baltimore? Why, I can't believe it. </snark>

The Iconic Cop

Hates Profiling

The Iconic Cop

Imagination, Use It

Imagination, Use It

Obama's Prayer Circle - Allah Akbar!

Michelle: It means the world that "there are prayer circles out there."

You were way ahead of me weren't you? CLICK FOR MORE

C _ _ T "Give me a 'U'"

Displaying her 'tude

When questioned about the brazen nature of Mrs. Obama's campaigning, press secretary Robert Gibbs defended the action.

"I don't think it would be much to imagine, the First Lady might support her husband's agenda," Gibbs smiled.

C- - T - Give me a "U"
"She was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband's agenda going," Campbell said.
Oh my, I might begin to think less of her now. (roll-over for Drudge text)

Abby Road Famous


Thinks Paul is a tard

Things about Sarah

Five myths about Sarah Palin

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Okay, I read the article first, else - due to the WaPost's past disapprobation for all things Palin -  I'd have tried to outsmart the quiz, and subsequently missed at least 3 of the 5 questions.  That the author is  Matthew Continetti would have also served to tip that the article was true and accurate.  This will be a mind-blowing experience for a majority of its subscribers, guaranteed.  I would dearly love to  see how Moveon.ogres, for example, respond.


The Post might also have included this question:

Palin was voted ‘sexiest politician in US’

or FALSE?  (note where I found this information)
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A bad apple in the tree

Guess who's the black sheep in this family
PROVO, Utah, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- The family tree for U.S. President Obama shows he's related -- distantly -- to two of his harshest critics, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, said.

Obama and Palin -- the Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008 -- are 10th cousins, related by a common ancestor named John Smith, the family history resource based in Provo, Utah, said on its Web site Wednesday.


What's the Fuss?

9 year-old prodigy

Oughta be outlawed!

Another Careless Cyclist Caused Accident

Careless cyclist caused accident

The big dance

Quid Pro Qrooks?

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Dance my pretties
Alaskans Standing Together, a Super PAC that takes unlimited contributions from any source, raised $805,000 in contributions from nine federal contractors, all of them Alaska Native corporations, and is spending its money—$595,000 so far—to support the state's incumbent Charlie Crist lookalike  Sen. Lisa Murkowski....

With a potentially competitive race developing back home in Minnesota’s 8th District, Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar collected a contribution from just one resident of the district between June 22 and Sept. 30, according to a federal election report filed Wednesday.

Jane Robbins of Pine City gave Oberstar $500 on Aug. 22.

Other than that, all of his contributions came from political action committees, Native American tribes or individual donors in other districts and states.  blah-blah-blah

Heads up!

Gun-Nut Perfidy

A follow-up to yesterday's  M-1 story  by David Codrea,  Gun Rights Examiner

One of the expressed concerns raised by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives over the Korean surplus rifle dispute discussed in yesterday's column is to not add another source for "crime guns."
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Crime Guns is the newest gun-nut catch phrase. It "evokes a hardboiled detective recovering one from a crime scene ..". It's the centerpiece argument for gun nut NYC Mayor Bloomberg's current anti-your guns  crusade.  Which brings us to this clarification by a retired police commander.  First, he explains how BATFE defines "crime gun":

"The parties agree that a 'crime gun' is defined as "any firearm that is illegally possessed, used in a crime, taken into police custody, or suspected by law enforcement officials of having been used in a crime."

His key observations from experience?

The key word in this definition is "taken into police custody." I have been a law enforcement officer for over thirty years and held positions up to the rank of Detective Commander. Only a very small portion of firearms that are taken into custody could possibly be considered a "crime gun."

If you expand the term "taken into police custody" to include any firearm that an LEO has temporary custody, such on a traffic stop of an otherwise lawful firearms owner, you could literally be running traces on hundreds of guns for no legitimate purpose. For larger department it could run into the thousands.

Jezuz, but ain't we tired of having to constantly expose organized gun-nut perfidy?  I guess that's where the "vigilance" thing comes in. This also set me to wondering if Michael Bellesiles, after being fired by Emory University, went to work  for the BATF?  Maybe indirectly.  He's written another book.  Which brings up another point.

Bellesiles considers himself  a historian, and was indeed employed by Emory to teach history.  But historians properly have an open mind about what it is they're researching. In the preface to his superb Douglas McArthur biography "American Caesar," William Manchester observed that he held a certain animus for the general, but was determined to let his research flesh out his account.  To his surprise, he wound up admiring McArthur after discovering that his perceptions, going in, were based on falsehood and rumor. Bellesiles got in trouble for violating that rule in Arming America, and repeats in 1877: America’s Year of Living Violently.  Bellesiles is no historian; he's an anti-gun activist, and a sloppy one at that.

Crist scores a boil

The most coveted endorsement in politics
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorses Agent Orange!
Look at Crist.  I get the feeling that, standing there - with the poster boy for democrat party left-tardery, the full realization  has crash landed on that fluffy white noggin that this quixotic adventure has cost him his last shred of  dignity and self-respect  How humiliating.

Heeeeeere's Keith!

 MSNBC's  Keith Olbermann Promo
Recently discovered first cut