Monday, October 10, 2011

You know you're old when ....

Frank & Evvy

Musloid Death Threat

 I know where you and your parents live and I'll need is one phone-call to kil ya'll. 
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - September 29, AD 2011 11:12 AM MST

Ann Barnhardt Threatened

YouTube user mufcadnan123 has sent you a message:

Watch your back.


I'm going to kill you when I find you. Don't think I won't, I know where you and your parents live and I'll need is one phone-call to kil ya'll.

Re: Watch your back.

Hello mufcadnan123!

You don't need to "find" me. My address is 9175 Kornbrust Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124.

Luckily for you, there are daily DIRECT FLIGHTS from Heathrow to Denver. Here's what you will need to do. After arriving at Denver and passing through customs, you will need to catch the shuttle to the rental car facility. Once in your rental car, take Pena Boulevard to I-225 south. Proceed on I-225 south to I-25 south. Proceed south on I-25 to Lincoln Avenue which is exit 193. Turn right (west) onto Lincoln. Proceed west to the fourth light, and turn left (south) onto Ridgegate Boulevard. Proceed south, through the roundabout to Kornbrust Drive. Turn left onto Kornbrust Drive and then take an immediate right onto Kornbrust Circle. I'm at 9175.

Just do me one favor. PLEASE wear body armor. I have some new ammunition that I want to try out, and frankly, close- quarter body shots without armor would feel almost unsporting from my perspective. That and the fact that I'm probably carrying a good 50 I.Q. points on you makes it morally incumbent upon me to spot you a tactical advantage.

However, being that you are a miserable, trembling coward, I realize that you probably are incapable of actually following up on any of your threats without losing control of your bowels and crapping your pants while simultaneously sobbing yourself into hyperventilation. So, how about this: why don't you contact the main mosque here in Denver and see if some of the local musloids here in town would be willing to carry out your attack for you? After all, this is what your "perfect man" mohamed did (pig excrement be upon him). You see, mohamed, being a miserable coward and a con artist, would send other men into battle to fight on his behalf. Mohamed would stay at the BACK of the pack and let the stupid, ignorant suckers like you that he had conned into his political cult do the actual fighting and dying. Mohamed would then fornicate with the dead men's wives and children. You should follow mohamed's example! Here is the contact info for the main mosque here in Denver:

Masjid Abu Bakr
Imam Karim Abu Zaid
2071 South Parker Road
Denver, CO 80231
Phone: 303-696-9800

I'm sure they would be delighted to hear from you. Frankly, I'm terribly disappointed that not a SINGLE musloid here in the United States has made ANY attempt to rape and behead me. But maybe I haven't made myself clear enough, so let me do that right now.

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER submit to islam. I will fight islam with every fiber of my being for as long as I live because islam is pure satanic evil. If you are really serious about islam dominating the United States and the world, you are going to have to come through me. You are going to have to kill me. Good luck with that. And understand that if you or some of your musloid boyfriends do actually manage to kill me, The Final Crusade will officially commence five minutes later, and then, despite your genetic mental retardation, you will be made to understand with crystal clarity what the word "defeat" means. Either way, I win, so come and get it.

Deo adjuvante non timendum-
Ann Barnhardt

There's chest thumping and there''s standing up and shooting back when tracers are zinging past your ears. Ann Barnhardt is a soldier.


Missing Bed Head

Where's The Bed Head?

Find Walter

Find Walter


Soylent Green remake - The Rest of the Story ....


Seed Packet

Soylent Green is set in 2022, a future dystopia in which the planet is plagued by overcrowding, pollution and resource depletion. To cope with the problem the government has set up euthanasia centers for the elderly where they can watch stock footage of the now extinct forests and animals as self-

[SPOILERS!] The only foodstuff available in mass quantities is “Soylent Green,” tasteless green cubes which the government says are made of plankton. Of course it isn’t made of plankton:

 Sometimes Hollywood screws up and makes a movie that turns out to be an uncomfortable reminder of a Democrat in the White House. A case in point was  Absolute Power, a 1997 film starring  Clint Eastwood as a jewel thief who witnesses the POTUS  sexually assault a  woman.  Her cries lead to the Secret Service killing her.   With Clinton in office, the audience association was immediate, and led to parody.
Weekend Update anchor Norm MacDonald was later fired for his lack of PC, and parodies of NBC president Don Ohlmeyer's  friends.
The article doesn't answer its own question, but I will. The instant I saw "Whatever Happened To The Soylent Green Remake," I knew.  Controlling drags on society (like Social Security recipients) with euthanasia (eating them was a nice touch) left the realm of science fiction with Obamacare.  Uncomfortable associations for Hollywood to live with. 

99% are dum as shat

Will you bid $2 I have 75¢—Do I hear one dollar?

Will you bid $2

Maybe she ought find a new feild


Home-made gunbot

Stuff you can make at home

If it's true that the Second Amendment's purpose was to allow citizens to arm themselves against a tyrannical gummint, and it was, then it follows that the citizenry ought have access to the same weapons.  Which we did,  more or less,  until Miller.  Anyway. a righteous heart and American ingenuity will out in any emergency.

The turret of the 45-pound robot has 8 ultrasonic sensors that calculate to the inch the distance between it and other objects. If an object moves towards the robot in defense mode, the turret aims and fires automatically. The fully automated electric gun shoots brass or plastic pellets at 350 feet per second. [Full & Video]

It's a Red Ryder! ...


Jamie Gorelick? JAMIE GORELICK? ....

While you weren't looking ...

Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta today announced the following new members to the Defense Policy Board: Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state; Jamie Gorelick, former deputy attorney general; Jane Harman, former U.S. congresswoman; Retired Gen. James Cartwright, former vice chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Retired Adm. Gary Roughead, former chief of naval operations.

Marc Miller

Emma Watson's Topless Scene

Inside Edition
from the set of the Harry Potter films

I don't think that passes muster either

Who's running this show?

Mr. R, U. Nutz .
Concerns grow over FANNIE AND FREDDIE debt...
Have Barney Frank head a select committee to look into it. Sheesh.

Yes, as dumb as Al Gore ... .

Al Gore Gun Safety Award Winner

This surely is the luckiest man alive.  And the dumbest.  Sent by Tim.

Down With Evil Corporations

Last Week's Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Down With ... uhhhhh

Additional acknowledgement to WICKERS MFG for bunched up Casterati panties

(American Digest)

Ayatollah Chuck?

200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK'
At least 200 potential terrorists are actively planning suicide attacks while living freely in Britain, intelligence chiefs have warned ministers.


Carbon Free Explosives

Occupy DC