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targeting .008% of the market



Are there any lines left uncrossed?

Caption Granny

Doug M Wins


Limiting cash withdrawals


20120119 20:16 Anonymoose Dale: Of possible interest, Ann Barnhardt (second story) says that she has been getting calls and emails from people whose banks have been haggling over their cash withdrawals, not citing any laws or regulations, but wanting to limit withdrawals.

"Limiting cash withdrawals is a sign of an insolvent or failing banking system. These sorts of limits are happening in Italy as we speak. It is very telling that banks in the U.S. are now lying and dissimulating in order to avoid and thwart cash withdrawals by their customers."

Brits - The Whole Lot

Cracking Good Stuff


It started with Top Gear (working on second viewing of all episodes).  That led to James May's Wine Adventures (13 episodes), then Wheeler Dealers (all episodes) all things Gordon Ramsey, then  Blackadder, then In Search of Shakespeare (4 episodes),  then  Monarchy (11 parts) and now The Tudors (on episode 8 of about 58), a slew of Brit films like Nana, Lamp in Assassin Mews, and The War Bride.

All of this has me with fork in the right hand (which is the left- like my Granny did), and learning proper English.  I am
convinced that I am The Real King of England. So, this American Digest deal immediately caught my eyes.

Maurice Franklin, Wood Turner

When rooms at Windsor Castle burnt out a few years ago, the Queen asked Maurice ....

Einstein Says ...

Political Physics




ART - It's Catchy




Can We Turn it Around?

Can America Turn It Around?
History proves we can, but we are saddled by a new caveat. (This is Part One of a three-part series.)


Two phenomena in particular give cause for hope. One is applicable specifically to the United States: the presidency of Ronald Reagan. The other applies to the West as a whole — the Renaissance.

The decade from 1970-1979 was certainly a bad time for America: A president resigned in disgrace, a war was lost, an economy was bruised and bloodied; life was already miserable when Jimmy Carter arrived and made things worse.

But then Ronald Reagan came along, and something remarkable happened. Reagan was able to tap into the deep reservoir of optimism in the American psyche, a reservoir many feared had long since dried up
[Part on of three - Can America Turn It Around?]

In this first part Matt Patterson seems to pin our hopes on the emergence of an exceptional leader.  But, he  acknowledges that "there is no one of such caliber among our political class today — left or right — nor does there appear to be one waiting in the wings."  To make things tougher still—

2. The American people were a different breed back in 1980. Since that time, three decades of liberal assault on American traditions — in our schools and media — combined with wave after wave of illegal immigration have eroded the common bonds of affection among our citizenry, what Thomas Jefferson referred to as “consanguinity” in the Declaration of Independence.

If you accept that Sarah Palin had it in her to be that leader, how do we handle the corrupt media and educrats who marginalized her?  Reagan was able to escape them, but "we were a different breed back in 1980."  The recipe may be the same, but a whole lot of eggs must be broken this time.

Newt KOs King

                                                                             SMARMY MEDIA COMEUPPANCES

NEWT by K.O. — 2:51 in the first round


Of course the acid test is, would John King have opened in a similar vein with Bill Clinton?  Here, I applaud Newt.  I just wish he had been so straightforward when it came to, say, global warming— because like the rest of this lot he knew it was a fraud. John King had it within him be Brit Hume-ish  at one point in his career.  Shows what happens when you hang out with scoundrels too long.