Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Short White Cox!

I'm just sayin'

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Windows 8. Oye.

TECHNO THRILLS                      

I have seen the future.  I'll pass.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

To Quote (out of context)  Archie Bunker,

“It ain’t supposed to make sense; it’s faith. Faith is something that you believe that nobody in his right mind would believe.”

Tain't a day goes by where only inertia keeps me from replacing Windows 7 with XP.   That's right.  I no longer have no faith that Microsoft can offer me something that's more useful than it is not.  I have certain things I want to do, and it seems each new iteration  stops me from doing something else I could do in the past.  Like screen cap videos.  Some wag said "Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist begin to change places.. "  I'm past that. Way.  I bet Windows 5 would scream on this quad core machine. 

Ya Big Gorilla!

Win fame

I'll never be
able to look
Maude Flanders in
the face again.


The morning after

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Dead Voters, INC

...  new video exposing just how easy it is to commit voter fraud in Vermont.
— just like "Night of the Living Dead" in New Hampshire

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Is there anything worse than knowing Democrats have used massive voter fraud to gain power?  Yes. Knowing beforehand it would happen, is happening, and will continue to happen. The good part is, you cannot be charged for killing an already dead person, a.k.a.  zombie voter.  I'm just sayin'. (Law may differ in your locale)

With a name like Jihad ...

With a name like "Jihad......"
come certain expectations

Res Ipsa Loquitur

I found this story you'd think was from The Onion.

…but one of the two students arrested for calling in bomb threats at Butler High School, Matthews, NC, is named
(wait for it):

Jihad Donovan Glover "

But don’t worry— official word is that .... there’s no word on a motive for the fake bomb threats.


Linda F (Right As Usual)

View From the Porch

My View

I've decided View From the Porch is my favorite blog. Sharp, witty, always concise, always on target. Almost never directly derivative Like—

It's like they're trying to distract me..., or

I can't decide if it's like Fat Elvis or Wrinkly Jagger.

My problem with reading blogs I like, and most are  listed below, is the same problem I have after watching, say, a John Wayne movie. I end up walking and talking like him for a day; with great impreciseness.  My mind is peripatetic as it is.   I have a bidet however, and I love that too.  I like wearing white underpants. 
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'nuff said

Louisiana Teachers Cancel Class to Protest Education Reform Bill

el jefe

Edison Match

Change Never Comes Without Problem
screw it then—  we liked it the old way 

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A Victory Cigar

                                                          SMARMY MEDIA COMEUPPANCES

‘They thought I was finished’

Res Ipsa Loquitur

“Obama lost ground with women. I can’t begin to tell you the dismay and the shock and probably panic that exists in the White House and in the salons of the elites of the Democratic Party over this,” he said. “They didn’t even consider this a possibility. This never entered their mind. This was going to be the end — not just of me, folks … the end of talk radio.”

More than an hour into his show, Limbaugh, who frequently nurses a cigar while on air, said as he examined an Arturo Fuente Don Carlos in his hand, “This is a good cigar. This is a good cigar. … It tastes really good today.”

Read more:


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The Baltimore Sun on The Second Amendment

Tails of the Gun

The attack on Maryland's gun laws
Our view: A federal judge finds the state's limit on handgun permits unconstitutional in a win for the NRA crowd but a potential loss for public safety (Baltimore Sun)

Res Ipsa Loquitur
Enjoy. Things get ugly after this.

Maryland's restrictions on carrying a handgun outside the home have been among the strongest in the nation — and for good reason, given the death and destruction perpetrated by those possessing handguns in this state. So it is regrettable that the standard is now under threat because a federal judge, emboldened by a pair of recent Supreme Court decisions that have expanded the reach of the Second Amendment, has found a portion of the law unconstitutional. [Full Hilarity]

Imagine that.  The Judge was "emboldened by a pair of recent Supreme Court decisions ..."   I'll forgo indulging in the verbal fun fest that argument invites; hell, begs for.  We live with it daily.  These are nice people, but you don't argue with wind-up dolls. The Sun then grants a reader his  own online page.for this killer argument.

It is depressing that supporters of Second Amendment rights seldom if ever mention the frequent tragedies, such as the recent killing of the 13-year old girl in Baltimore. Because they do not mention them, one is left to assume they regard them simply as inevitable collateral damage not worthy of mention in discussions of gun control.

How do you argue with that?