Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cue Obama

Tonight: Obama to Play Hero, Take 'Full Responsibility' for Libya

Think about it: If Obama were to stand up before the American people tonight and thank Hillary for being The Greatest Secretary Of State In The History Of The Americas and then pull her out from under the bus and accept 100% of the responsibility himself, he'd look like some kind of hero.

A moment like this would be dramatic, make the president look good, and likely command a lot of the attention in post-debate coverage. Pulling a manufactured stunt like this also presents almost no downside (everyone blames Obama anyway) and almost 100% upside. - [Full]

This is all the media need to proclaim him the winner. Mitt's response ought be, then why did you lie about it? Your obvious incompetency?

Hollywood News

We were just now watching the evening news on Channel 11 (because the TV was tuned to that channel.)    Munching pork chops. Bunch of stuff about an Ethel Kennedy special coming up; a new look for Britney Spears, and blah-blah blah.    Then, after a commercial break, we discovered we were watching Inside Hollywood— not CBS Evening news.  We laughed. How can you tell? 



It doesn't pay to help sometimes

Res Ipsa Loquitor

  Today I had to go to Sears.

   As I approached the entrance,   I noticed a driver looking for a parking space.   I flagged to the driver and pointed out a handicap parking space that was open and available.
  The driver looked puzzled, rolled down her window and said;  I'm not handicapped!
 Well, as you can imagine, my face was red!

  "Oh, I'm sorry" I said. "I saw your Obama bumper-sticker  and just assumed that you suffer from a mental disorder".

She gave me the finger and screamed some nasty names at me.  Boy! Some people don't appreciate it when you're just trying to help them out!

Tim W

Al Franken Sobs Because He's a Sorry-Ass

"I'm not good enough.. everybody's better than me ... and and doggone It, I deserve to be in prison." Illegitimate U.S. Sen. Al Franken

Sen. Al Franken broke down and cried while delivering a speech on the Senate floor.  Tears flowed as Franken recounted how his campaign, with the aid of crooked Minnesota judges, stole a Senate seat from Norm Coleman.  More than 100 of his supporters are convicted of felony voter fraud, and the process continues as ... what? Violence against women?  Really? I'll be damned.

Never mind.  Sorry.

A shot across the bow


Res Ipsa Loquitor

If the sports writers can begin seeding for college football bowl games before the season begins, and they do, then why can't I interpolate our new Administration?  Answer, I can, and will  project, based on past GOP performances.

Impeach President Romney!

In office two days, and has failed to:
  • Order drilling Alaska's Prudhoe Bay and ANWR
  • Has not issued an Executive Order suspending all environmental restrictions on construction, or harvesting our natural resources.
  • Has not asked the Senate to remove all Obama appointed judges for cause.
  • Has not ordered that National Guard armories issue weapons to the citizenry in Detroit, Oakland, and New Jersey to put down rioting Obamunists.
  • Has not fired all Obama political appointees
  • Did not sequester all funds slated to implement Obamacare.
A shot across the bow, President Mitt.


Can Canada be far behind?

Euro Trash
Swiss Prepare Army for Euro Zone Fallout

Res Ipsa Loquitor

With anti-austerity protests across Europe resulting in civil unrest on the streets of Athens and Madrid, the European country famed for its neutrality is taking unusual precautions.

Switzerland launched the military exercise “Stabilo Due” in September to respond to the current instability in Europe and to test the speed at which its army can be dispatched. The country is not a member of the union or among the 17 countries that share the euro. [Full]

Res Ipsa Loquitor
In response, the servile French, having elected a Communist government, are preparing for battle on their own peculiar way.

‘Parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’ could legally replace mom and dad in France

The economy?  Again their Communist government comes to the rescue.  They will simply raise taxes as required to maintain their workers paradise, 

Until the Moslems take over.

Taxidermy. How Hard Can It Be?