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a major award                                                  

The Legend

    A man walks out to the street and catches a taxi just going by.

    He gets into the taxi, and the cabbie says, "Perfect timing. You're just like Frank. "

    Passenger: Who?

    Cabbie: Frank Feldman. He's a guy who did everything right all the   time. Like my coming along when you needed a cab . . . things    happened like that to Frank Feldman every single time.

     Passenger: There are always a few clouds over everybody.

    Cabbie: Not Frank Feldman. He was a terrific athlete! He could have  won the Grand-Slam at tennis. He could golf with the pros. He sang like an opera baritone and danced like a Broadway star and you should have heard him play the piano. He was an amazing guy!

    Passenger: Sounds like he was something really special.

    Cabbie: There's more. He had a memory like a computer. He remembered everybody's birthday. He knew all about wine, which foods to order, and which fork to eat them with. He could fix anything. Not like me.  I change a fuse, and the whole street blacks out. But Frank Feldman could do everything right.

    Passenger: Wow, quite a guy!

    Cabbie:  Frank never made a mistake, and he really knew how to trreat a woman and make her feel good. His clothing was always immaculate; shoes highly polished, too. He was the perfect man! He never made a mistake. No one could ever measure up to Frank Feldman.

    Passenger: An amazing fellow. How did you meet him?

    Cabbie: Well, I never actually met Frank.  He died and I married his  fuckin​g​ widow.

(Tommy Bob Walsh)

Muhammad Art Contest

art is everywhere                                                   

The winning People’s Choice Muhammad cartoon best illustrates the reason why we are having this contest and art exhibit to begin with. We draw Muhammad because we are free. We draw Muhammad because our unalienable rights are enshrined in the first amendment. The freedom of speech is the First Amendment — not the fifth or the eighth or the tenth. The first — and that’s for an important reason: it is the cornerstone of all our other freedoms.

  • We draw Muhammad because unlike brutal Muslim countries under the sharia, we do not live under Islamic law.
  • We draw Muhammad because we will not submit. We draw Muhammad because we can.
It is fitting that you chose this cartoon, as it is the work of a premier counter-jihad activist, Bosch Fawstin. Here is a description from Bosch’s website:

Cartoonist whose debut graphic novel, TABLE FOR ONE, received the praise of Alex Toth, along with an Eisner Award nomination. My current work is my graphic novel, THE INFIDEL, a story about twin brothers whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. One responds by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called PIGMAN, as the other surrenders to Islam. Pigman’s battle against his archenemy SuperJihad is echoed by the escalating conflict between the twins. Chapters One & Two of The Infidel are now available as digital comic books. I appeared on The Daily Show, discussing Pigman. My “Andrew Breitbart: Fighter” drawing appeared on the FOX News late night show, Red Eye, where it was auctioned off. And Michael Savage mentioned my work on his radio program, The Savage Nation.

As winner of the People’s Choice Award, Bosch will receive a $2,500 prize. And at our Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in the Dallas area on May 3, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and Jihad Watch, the cartoon that was chosen as the winner by our panel of judges will also be unveiled – and will be awarded a $10,000 prize. The winning cartoon will be announced at the May 3 cartoon exhibit in Garland, and the winning cartoonist will be awarded a $10,000 prize. (FULL ENCHILADA)

"We received over 350 submissions of Muhammad cartoons from all over the world. Now we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the many hundreds of Breitbart readers who voted for their favorite for our People’s Choice Award when we threw open voting last week. You and voters worldwide overwhelmingly chose this cartoon as the winner:"

HOW the fk did I miss this?  People are going to be walking punisment tours for sure.  Sheesh!

Displeased Baby


(Aside-She looks like Kathy Shinners)

Te never-ending intolerant left

The Washington Post ran a profile the other day of my friend Ryan Anderson. Ryan is perhaps the leading voice in the country in support of traditional marriage. He makes a very forceful, but also very civil argument, in defense of it. His work has been quoted by members of the United States Supreme Court.

Ryan is one of the politest people you will meet and is constantly reviled by the gay rights community. Ryan is also a graduate of the Friends School of Baltimore. The school linked to the article about one of its alumni. But leftwing members of the school’s alumni community were outraged that the school would dare profile an alumnus of the school. So Matt Micciche, the head of the school, had to take down the post and apologize.

In an academic setting, people did not want to confront .. an opposing argument, ...(OR)even the mention of someone who makes the opposing argument.
Hilariously, one of the supporters of Micciche’s self-censorship applauded the decision in the name of equality. Others did so because of tolerance.

Let’s get this right, folks. In an academic setting, people did not want to confront not an opposing argument, but even the mention of someone who makes the opposing argument. In the name of equality and tolerance, the school decided it could not tolerant an argument and could not treat it equally though the view is held by a large percentage of the American public.

This is, ultimately, what is going to happen. The left, losing the argument in debate, will just shut it up, refuse to confront it, and pretend it does not exist. Again, I must point out that the left is only more tolerant of dissent than Islamic radicals in that they do not kill their opponents. They just censor them, drive them from the town square, and attempt to destroy their lives short of death.

You will be made to care, folks. How dare a scholar with a Ph.D. from Notre Dame like Ryan Anderson believe the constitution recognizes marriage between a man and woman. That is, after all, his argument.

Baltimore's Friends School- UBER DOUCHE BAGS

Windows 10

Microsoft will provide an upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free, for a period of one year from the release of Windows 10. There are some important details to this deal that were revealed, and a few that weren’t. In my talk with Woodman, I got what I think is the definitive take on who will have to pay for Windows 10 and when, and who will not.
- Marc Miller

I think this might be Microsoft's last chance

Making Marshmallow


Marshmallows with Ham

       Title: MARSHMALLOWS
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 Servings
       2 c  Sugar
       1 ts Vanilla
       2 tb Gelatin soaked in 1/2 cup
            -cold water
     1/4 ts Salt
     3/4 c  Water
    Marshmallows from Marge Osborn’s 9 th grade Home Ec Class. They can also
   be used as centers for dipped chocolates or bark
    1.  Mix sugar and 3/4 c water in heavy pan.  Cook to soft ball stage, 238
    2.  Remove from fire and add gelatin.
    3.  Pour in glass mixing bowl.  Cool a little and then whip until thick
   and white.  Add flavoring.
    4.  Mix 2 T powdered sugar and 2 T cornstarch and spread into a 9 inch
   square pan.  Pour candy into the prepared pan, let stand. Cut into squares
   using a wet knife and give a final dust of powdered sugar.
    Please add this to the marshmallow recipe to keep the marshmallows from
   being grainy.
    When you start cooking the sugar and water, be sure to dissolve the sugar
   crystals before it begins boiling as is done with fudge. Either wipe down
   the sides of the pan with a watered brush or cover pan for a few minutes.
    From Cookie-Lady’s Files.  Posted on GEnie’s Food & Wine RT by COOKIE-LADY
   [Cookie] on 10/3/93

Last night we wanted ham steak and sweet potato casserole. Problem.  No marshmallows.  Went to the trusty Cooks Thesaurus looking for a substitute and wound up deciding to make my own marshmellows.  I'm not a candy maker, but I did have a
FRIED HAM WITH RED-EYE GRAVY Slice ham about 1/4 inch thick. Cook slowly in a heavy frying pan until evenly browned on both sides. Sprinkle each side lightly with sugar during cooking. Remove the ham and keep it warm, then add about 1/2 cup of cold water or a cup of coffee. Let it boil until gravy turns red. Blend and pour over the ham.e
candy thermometer.  The sugar water jumped to 200º in short order, but then took like forever to get to 240º.  Is that a candy making quirk?  From there it was easy, but you do not want to hand whip this thing; I tried.  Even with the electric it took awhile to firm up but the results wereduhmarshmallow.  But very good marshmallow.  Have a lot left that I've stored, but in the future I think I'll just buy a bag of Kraft. However.  If I was still a youngster I'd make a batch and eat it, still warm, out of a bowl like ice cream with caramel and nut topping.  OMFG!

As an aside; Y'all folks have often extolled the virtues of Red-Eye gravy.  I've tried Red Eye gravy before, and NOBODY, including me,  liked it. But, I decided to do it again  using an actual recipe.

Tasted it. Hated its guts!  Added brown sugar. Tasted it. Hated it, but less. Added more brown sugar. Tried it. Getting better,  Added more brown sugar.  Voila!  Best ever. 

Dogs and Booze


ISIS and the FBI


cinema à la carte                                 

Maybe, ohsay, 8 of you, who've watched both Archer and Blacklist, will appreciate this .

Yesterday I watched the last episode of Justified and was absolutely satisfied with the wrap-up.  It was brilliant.  Last night me and MoSup watched the last three Blacklist season two episodes.  A season which, unlike season 1, where every episode left us hanging by the balls, was ...well,  mundane and often silly.  Like Agent Ressler doing a Brent Buckle imitation by (seemingly) getting shot in every episode and being saved by Lizzy.    Wait!

Horry clap And this is streaming livewhile I was just now looking up pictures of Agent Ressler getting shot I stopped by NBC to see whether Season 3 was in the works.  There had to be a season three because we watched all of Season 2 on Amazon and were left hanging after episode 18.  What I found however was there are two more episodes that will air later this month; so Amazon can't show them until then. MoSup will be very happy because she liked season 2 more than I did.  (I've started watcing Masters of Sex, and after two episodes I think I'm hooked. Reminds me of Mad Men.)