Friday, June 25, 2010

Paint Shop Pro X-12

Mea Minema Culpa

Last Tuesday, a week, I wrote that after buying Paint Shop Pro, Corel had turned it into a clone of Corel Studios.  But, I posited, at $19,95 it was a can't-lose proposition.  I misspoke.

Maybe PSP 10, Corel's first post acquisition release was disappointing,  but PSP X12 is like getting behind the familiar wheel of the family car, and finding  a new engine, tires, GPS, and leather seats.  It's really wonderful, and I would have paid the full upgrade price had I known.  Comes with excellent video tutorials too.  What a steal!  If this deal comes around again, don't hesitate if you're in the market.

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Can anyone tell me what this is, what it's supposed to do, and why I bought it?

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Pissants v. God

All it took was one complaint for the school district to make a small but significant change to diplomas that will be handed out at graduations this week.

For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, diplomas for New Haven high school students were printed without the phrase “in the year of our Lord.”

It’s a small change that could easily go unnoticed, but Superintendent of Schools Reginald Mayo feels it was a necessary one.

“It’s a religious thing,” he said Tuesday. Then, regarding the deleted language: “I’m surprised it took this long for someone to notice it. We certainly don’t want to offend anyone.”
-Full Monty

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Do I have to say it? And no, this is not a call for physical violence, but a metaphor for the extreme, but legal,  counter-action necessary, by normal people, to stop these pissant minorities from assulting us.  Shun them.  Drive them from office.  Fire them.  Don't employ them. Let your pets piss on their lawns. Moon them.  Don't invite them to the Christmas party.  Hire their kids to mow your lawn; file a 1099-MISC with the IRS. Hire a private detective to look for hidden secrets.  Seduce the men, then run to the hospital and report the rape.  Simple stuff like that.  But you can't shoot them, unless the law changes, or there's an insurrection.
nun Really, he means this in the good way. 

Spitzer's Whore

A lot of people mistake a short
memory for a clear conscience.

Doug Larson

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The Teleprompter

Rush Honoring Great American Inventor
Hubert "Hub" Schlafly's TOTUS Achievement

Teleprompter - without it Obama's a stuttering idiot

Rush Limbaugh's sharp genious combined with warm humor is outstanding, he had me laughing hard when he was honoring Hubert "hub" Sclafly who is the inventor of the Teleprompter, without which Obama never would have been elected, less listened too or taken any serious.

Rush' pun about the TOTUS - Teleprompter Of The United States - Sums up Obama in a nutshell.

Politics has changed.
[Western Civilization and Culture]
Had this in my queue for a few days; still great fun.


The truly sad part of this?
That is supposed to be a candle, with moths coming to the flame.

I passed over this several times the past two days, but find myself compelled to share in its glory.

Crossing the Rubicon

Stuff of Sacked

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I'm not attempting here to draw direct parallels betwixt General Stanley Allen McChrystal and General Edwin Walker, but a tenuous association is inescapable. Walker was sacked by Robert McNamara (JFK) in 1961. 

In 1959, General Walker was sent to Germany to command the 24th Infantry Division. In 1961, however, he became involved in controversy. Walker initiated an anti-communist indoctrination program for troops called "Pro Blue" (due to Free World troops being colored blue on maps)[2]  and was accused of distributing right-wing literature from the John Birch Society to the soldiers of his division. He was also quoted by a newspaper, the Overseas Weekly, as saying that Harry S. Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Dean Acheson were "definitely pink." Additionally, a number of soldiers had complained that Walker was instructing them as to whom to cast their votes for in the next election, with all of the candidates the General named being arch-conservative Republicans. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara relieved Walker of his command, while an inquiry was conducted, and in October Walker was reassigned to Hawaii to become assistant chief of staff for training and operations in the Pacific. Instead, Walker resigned from the Army on November 2, 1961. Said Walker: "It will be my purpose now, as a civilian, to attempt to do what I have found it no longer possible to do in uniform."[Wikipedia]

Walker (along with Air Force General Curtis LeMay) was cited as inspiration for the Air Force General James Mattoon Scott character in the film Seven Days in May, although Walker himself is mentioned by name in the film.  Of course, there is the General MacArthur parallel to consider as well.

Crime Television

self medication

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My DVR Contents

I've recently had a voracious appetite for crime story television.  In these matters I simply indulge myself without trying to analyze why.  Yesterday, however,  while watching  the law nail the identity of a serial killer, I felt a gusher of Seratonin hit my brain.  I was instantly filled with a sense of well being  A satisfying sense of order enveloped me. Why?  Self analysis was easy.

 I feel we're living in lawless times. Following the political scene as I do, I've become pretty hollow and emotionless much of the time.  Crime upon crime stack-up with no appropriate response.  The government is corrupt;  the media are corrupt; the courts are corrupt.  Here then are examples of things working the way they ought to.  People run, and are caught.   People lie, and have those lies meticulously exposed. People murder, and are executed.  Order is restored.   Good is still possible.  What a rush. 

De Mint and Palin - Warriors

Back-Assward Thinking
South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint has bet on the right horse in an impressive string of Senate primary contests this year --  including Mike Lee's win this week in Utah -- but the freshman Republican's biggest challenge will likely be how he and his band of conservative outsiders fit into the GOP establishment.

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DeMint expands clout all the way to Utah is a story about a Senator from South Carolina's backing of conservative candidates, gone on to defeat establishment Republicans in primaries. How will they fit into the conservative establishment?  Egad, They don't, thank you. They will, hopefully,  become the establishment.

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Like every other American at the time, I was ecstatic after Newt's engineered overthrow  of 40 years of House Democrat rule in 1994.  Here's the first thing I remember him doing as Speaker.
 An audit revealed several million dollars missing from a House management slush-fund.  Newt promptly announced there would be no further investigation; no recriminations.  Spirit of bi-partisanship, don't ya know.   It was  McClellan failing to press his advantage after Antietam.

The Republican establishment, amazingly,  failed to recognize, or chose not to engage it, that the Democrat Party had become systemically corrupt, was at its core Marxist, and inimical to the promise of American freedom.  Hollering "We want our country back" today is a sterile exercise without recognition that, for all practical purposes, the Democrat Party is a greater immediate threat than fascist Islam. 

One of the promises made in 1994, this one from Tom De Lay, was impeachment proceedings against activist judges.  That it did not happen. I suspect, was not De Lay's doing. It would be a good place to begin this time; a good promise to make.