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The Longest Day

The Longest Day

Canada Bracing for of Wisconsin Boat People

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The Jubilee


Let's not let Wisconsin interfere with the Jubilee you berks

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But enough of my glamorous life. I wanted to talk - once more - about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee since I think it's jolly important that not every post on Ricochet today should be about the results in Wisconsin, delightfully encouraging though they are.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. If you're a Royalist like me, your heart will sing at this delightful tribute to the top twenty highlights of the celebrations.

Apart from the terrible weather (God, clearly, is a republican - and, to judge by Wisconsin, a Republican too) which is threatening to kill off the poor old Duke of Edinburgh (who caught a nasty chill, standing in the rain, saluting his wife for four hours), the event was a glorious triumph: an affirmation of national unity and pride in a country which has precious little reason for celebrating either right now.

If on the other hand, you're one of those curmudgeons who took such vigorous issue with my last post on this subject, let me correct a few of your more glaring misconceptions.

1. George III is no longer on the throne. What's more, a lot of us Limeys - myself anyway - are really happy for you that you won the Revolution. When I imagine the Revolutionary wars I definitely think of myself as a minuteman rather than, say, Banastre Tarleton. But hey, guess what: things have changed since 1776.

2. For example, there is nothing tyrannical or remotely oppressive about ...  [Full]

Wow. The Wisconsin recall was a big deal in Britain- and I guess anywhere public sector unions hold sway.   France, your phone is ringing. Oh, that's right.

Walker Death Threats

  Twitter Users Want Scott Walker Dead
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The Real St. Ann Swears an Mighty Oath

Which goes to show that this sumbitch can piss-off the pope.

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Obama's America (Language Warning)
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - June 4, AD 2012 8:54 PM MST

    Ann, I was probably going to do what I needed to try to survive anyway, but your constant help in posting, helped spur me. So, thank you. I have postitioned myself the best I can, but I know there are some things I can do nothing about. I have no thyroids anymore. Its a long story but I had to have them removed. Now without synthroid in 6 weeks I will be dead. So, what I am trying to say is, no matter how I position myself, when the pharmacy drug pipeline closes during the bad things to come, I won't make it. I have stocked as much as I can, but it won't last forever.... Signed,

That's right. In the territory formerly known as the United States of America, before the end of Obama's so-called "first term", middle class American citizens who are dependent on theraputic pharmaceuticals are now actually preparing and planning on dying from lack of access to their needed pharmceuticals in the near future.

Well, Barry. It's "mission accomplished" for you, you evil, Communist son of a bitch.

The comeuppance that these two miserable pieces of shit have guaranteed for themselves is going to be truly epic. I hope I live to see it.

" ... as the TRSA goes potty mouth - el jefe"

Walker Wins. Unions Lose

The smell of cordite
The taste of  ..

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  .... dealing a blow to organized labor, unsettling President Barack Obama's re-election strategy and signaling to Republican lawmakers not afraid of their own shadows across the nation that challenging government unions could pay political and fiscal dividends.

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