Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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The Lasy Ninja

The 'last ninja'
Ban clan's 21st master says ninjutsu line ends with him as feudal spies' art now an anachronism

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As the 21st head of the Ban clan, a line of ninja that can trace its history back some 500 years, the 63-year-old former engineer  is considered by some to be the last living guardian of the nation's feudal spies.

"I think I'm called (the last ninja) as there is probably no other person who learned all the skills that were directly" handed down from ninja masters over the last five centuries, he said. [Full w/pictutes]

Of course I know what Ninjas are, but I have never been an aficionado of Ninja movies.  In fact I've never seen one— (123 more, mostly useless, words)

A winner and a not

What I See
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I just love this picture.  My interpretation is the new Sweetheart of Sigma Chi was just proclaimed.  The girl in black had "pulled a train" with the fraternity selection committee.

Baltimore, Carmello Anthony, 'Nuff Said

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And then there's Baltimore

The Horror!

Remember & count your blessing this time

French Kissed

French tourists given (suspended) jail terms for pretending to kiss Buddah statue.

"He had very bad breath"
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I guess Sri Lanka doesn't have an ACLU chapter. 


EPA Smack-Down Number Six
A federal court cashiers another illegal Obama regulation.

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Economic Bad News, Bad News, and Good News

The New "D" Word

Henry Blodget may be a schmuck economist, but cuzzin ricky is the Barn Army's go-to master economy guru.  Here's his latest recommendation, and it's a story of bad news, bad news and good news.  Yes, the good news corresponds with my prescription for a cured economic situation: Laissez-faire MF!  Which means we must literally or figuratively- same good either way - kill the EPA and every root that feeds it.  Unleash the American entrepreneurial spirit or die. This is a last chance. Say Amen.

Must be a Fluke

Georgetown slut to speak at Democratic convention

Daily Stuff


Warren Losing

Today's *snort*

Truily Random Numbers

Gary Larsen

Having once toiled as a spreadsheet designer (engineer my card read), I can appreciate the significance of this- if not entirely understand it.

Random numbers are invaluable. They’re used in the encryption that makes online banking secure. Economists, physicists, pollsters, and casinos rely on them. Yet until recently, producing large sets of truly random digits has been hard to do.
The age of computers solved all of this, right? Wrong. The best that CPUs can generate are pseudo-random numbers, churned out by running a seed number through a complex algorithm, then running the solution through the same operation over and over again. However, anyone who uncovers the algorithm and seed can generate the same sequence of number.
[Here's the WTF part]
But now scientists at the Australian National University have introduced a technique for generating 5.7 billion truly random values per second. They do it by harnessing the fundamental uncertainty of the universe. Their technique measures quantum phenomena in a box completely devoid of photons, where ghostly virtual particles randomly burble in and out of existence 24/7. “God does not play dice,” Einstein famously quipped in response to evidence that randomness rules the cosmos. Luckily, he was wrong. [Full]

An Irishman's Sailing Commentary

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Must be a Kennedy

Perhaps - no, not perhaps, this is the most precious moment of the Olympics.  This Irish sailing commentator’s analysis of a contentious Olympic race is utterly priceless.

The video contains expert analysis of the race, such as “the race is looking very close… and confusing” and “it’s a very confusing scene here we don’t know who’s in the lead.”

He points out the “idiots watching from the sidelines… there’s a lot of fuckers there for what is essentially a very, very boring sport.”

As Belarus’ sailboat appears, the commentator notes, rightly, that “they are not so good on the water it seems… questionable human rights records for that country as well.”

Watch the clip until the very end — we promise the payoff is worth it.

Daily Caller


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The Politico story disclosed that Kansas Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder went skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee. Yoder has apologized.

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Stab me in the liver! This is how silly all this has become.  I don't know any more than what's in that blurb, and don't care to.  Except that  Arizona Republican Rep. David Schweikert appears to be an insignificant   schmuck and I hope Ben Quayle kicks his ass. And why do I continue to read Politico?  Politics really  is a disease.