Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abercrombie can't find Barry's Birth Certificate

Newly elected Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie said he's offended by asshats from the dark side who refuse to believe Obama was born on the island, and "hopes to" finally put the question to rest.

"Bullshit, Abercrombie, you can't produce what doesn't exist."



So - let's begin the Removal and the Deleting and the Undoing and the Glayvin ... .

How about a little softshoe now Barry?

Obama'd make a helluva house servant

Obama, born and bred to be a house servant.
None of these insults to the United States are accidental.  Not anymore.


She's doing pretty good Newt. 
Maybe some day you'll have a chance
to make a difference.  Oh.  That's right.

Be Nice

Maybe psychopath
Boehner Issues 'Official
Republican Niceness Pledge'
Ushering in what it is calling “a new era of civility in American political discourse,” the Republican leadership in Congress said today that from now on it would acknowledge that Maybe psychopathPresident Barack Obama was born “near America.”

“It is no longer acceptable for members of our Party to say that the President of the United States was born in Kenya,” wrote Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) in a memo sent to all GOP House members entitled The Official Republican Niceness Pledge.  “From now on, we will say that he was born nearish America, and perhaps even as close as Cuba.” [Full]
Cuz Ricky

The Signal White Power

Not to be a rabid anti-dentite, but ...

Signal Toothpaste

... this seems a very wrong Signal.

Barry's OKC II

RE:Obama's OKC
Poll shows high marks for Obama on
Tucson, low regard for political dialogue

Trying to hang on here
I referred earlier to a suggestion that Obama "needs an event ‘similar’ to OKC to ‘reconnect’ with voters."  I wondered if the Giffords shootings would suffice?  As events unfolded however, and it became apparent that this was the act of a deranged left-wing liberal, and despite the media trying desperately to blame it on Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, it seemed a no-go for Obama. 
if this WaPost story is accurate (and I'm about to show it is not), it is working for him.

Evaluations of President Obama's handling of the Jan. 8 tragedy are highly positive across the political spectrum, with nearly eight in 10 giving him high marks for his response to the incident. A robust 71 percent of Republicans say they approve of his leadership following the shootings.

The strong reviews of the president's response to the Arizona incident - which included giving a prime-time eulogy at a memorial service for the victims - have helped boost Obama's overall approval rating to its highest point since last April. Fully 54 percent of all Americans now approve of the way he is handling his job as president, while 43 percent disapprove. 

 Almost immediately after hearing about the shootings I had this question.  How is it that this could happen in a state that has a carry law?  How can Jared Lee Loughner walk down the line, ala Colin Ferguson, and shoot people without someone blowing his ass away?  Ferguson was able to execute 6 people because he did it in New York, where only criminals have guns.  But Arizona?  Last night it struck me.  This event was held by Democrat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and attended by Democrats.  There wasn't anyone there who believed in self defense! So, how can I square that with these gun control "facts" from the article?

Overall, 52 percent favor stricter gun-control laws, a number little changed in recent years and down from where it was after the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech. Support for new restrictions on the sale of semiautomatic handguns is also down from what it was after the Virginia Tech incident.

About a third - 31 percent - favor a blanket prohibition on the sale of all handguns, except to law enforcement officers, which is comparable to public opinion after the Columbine school shootings in 1999 in Littleton, Colo., and lower than what it was after Virginia Tech.

The answer is that the POST is playing fast and loose with the facts, if not outright lying. 

Jump in the boat for God's sake!

O wants national ID card for online commentary

Federalized security screening at airports has been such a success that President Obama wants to apply the same government "expertise" to the realm of online commerce and commentary.  The White House cybersecurity adviser joined Commerce Secretary
Mentally Ill Obama
 Gary Locke on Jan. 7 to announce what amounts to a national ID card for the Internet.

Their plan is straightforward. Instead of logging onto Facebook or one's bank using separate passwords established with each individual company or website, the White House will take the lead in developing what it calls an "identity ecosystem" that will centralize personal information and credentials.  ... Obama's Internet passport
I forgot who tipped me to this over the weekend, but it's just ... just so over the top, even for this regime,  that I'm speechless, gobsmacked and projectile vomiting.  This old joke will have to suffice.

There was a huge flood in a village.

One man said to everyone as they evacuated, "I'll stay! God will save me!"

The flood got higher and a boat came, and the man in it said "Come on mate, get in!"

"No" replied the man. "God will save me!"

The flood got very high now and the man had to stand on the roof of his house.

A helicopter soon came and the man offered him help. "No, God will save me!" he said.

Eventually the man drowned.

He got by the gates of heaven and he said to God, "Why didn't you save me?"

God replied, "For goodness sake! I sent a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want!"

Myth Busted

Myth Busted



Stuff you know that the
idiot in accounting doesn't.

Comrades! This cat was troubled for a while by the question of why do we, the Progressives, despise Fascism, even though it is so similar to Communism. True, many of the rank-and-file members of our glorious community are too busy raising awareness to educate themselves on the details of what they are denouncing. But the community organizers ought to know — and yet, Fascism is recognized as an evil regime. This seemed unfair until suddenly I understood... [People's Cube]
Nazi-Commie - same thing


Obamacare Return

Return Dept.

A warning to C-SPAN junkies: With a House vote coming this week on health care reform repeal, prepare to relive a year’s worth of health care speeches jammed into two very long action-packed days. [DC]

We Don't Take Returns

The donks have that CBO report claiming repeal of Obamacare will add $230 billion to the deficit. WTFF? Common sense argues against that bulls__t, but common sense counts for nothing, but then neither do facts. Just a guess, but repeal depends on the public's overwhelming and loud support for repeal; enough that Senate Democrats will fear for their lives and will follow the House.  I'm being over simplistic, but that's all I care to write about something I've already writ about 200 times. 
As an aside, the Obamacare bill will have your medical history digitized and made available across the network.  Here's a little something Tom Mann just alerted me to.  Look yourself up, and tell me how you like it.  It's easy to remove yourself, which we did, but every member of your family is spider webbed back to you.  How long before your health records are available to anyone for $2.95?