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Beijing Moments 
Muslim With a Shotgun v. Tank Competition
CORRECTION: This competition is from the Maccabi Detention Cell Games.  My apologies.

The Daily Dickwad

The Amazing Atheist translated
"We're, like,  forked."

I had thought this BBC report (via Pat Riotic), about a new species of giant clam being discovered in the Red Sea, and the conclusion that it  "may now be critically endangered," was the best example of convoluted logic the world could possibly  be confronted with today.  

But no.

A guy called " TheAmazingAtheist" becomes unhinged in his video response to Sarah Palin's selection as the next Vice President of the United States.  As you would expect, the language is NSFW --  unless you're employed by the DNC.  His reasoning is, well, more convoluted than clam girl's by a full measure  ("There goes McCain's argument that the top of the democrat ticket  is inexperienced, now that he's picked a 2nd tier even less experienced than Obama?)  I doubt voters will find that logic compelling, even if it wasn't a false statement.     I give you then, the plaintive cry of a moonbat who instinctively knows death is at his door. LOL.


Jury: "Justified Homicide"

Daily Kos  OUTRAGE
[I]t appears that Pallin's [sic] last child, a baby with Down's syndrome, may not be hers. It may be that of her teenage daughter. 
The evidence: Palin allegedly didn't "look pregnant" at six months, and her daughter was out of school with mono.

Zuniga admits being well compensated for his efforts on behalf of the Democratic Party. He reports that in 2005 he earned "somewhere between $70,000 and $80,000." "I live comfortably," said Zuniga in March 2006. "My wife and I just bought a house here in Berkeley [California]."
Hat Tip  Moonbattery.

Best Palin Reaction Yet

via Doug Ross

Blow Biden

Joe Biden Has The Answer

A Boob

The Boob is Real
But that's all

What began life as a fake celebrity nude picture of Julia Louis Dreyfus, made a minor splash on the nets yesterday after a British tabloid offered it, and others, as Sarah Palin.  But this is how the media will handle her.  Some lefty will offer gossip, the media will print it, which in turn will give cover to the nut roots to expand on it.  See Rather-Gate. 

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gender Checking

Beijing Moments 

Founding Bloggers Video

The anti-Bush mobile museum dubbed “The Bush Legacy Tour” bus rolled its way through Denver for the Democratic Convention this week, and your Founding Bloggers took the dime tour to see first-hand how Moveon-dot-org would write the Bush legacy if given a chance.

To get a taste for yourself how unbalanced this display of partisanship is, you can visit the official website of the tour. The themes are well known to most; worst economy ever, responsible for Katrina damage, destroying the environment, doing big oil’s bidding…blah blah blah.

The truly offensive section on the bus though is the Iraq installation. Americans United For Change, the people who are responsible for rolling out this mobile museum, don’t seem to have any problem showing insurgent snuff-films for political gain, or calling the war a failure while we have troops in the field fighting and winning the battle. (text continued)

Hurricane Fun

Quit your whining and make the most of it ...
.. and start acting like "can-do" Americans instead of helpless liberal pussies..

Blonde Taste Test

Hillary Forum Bonkers Over Palin

Where's Brock?

This is amazing, and no doubt the source of serious Zoloft consumption in Obama Cult headquarters.  The Volokh Conspiracy has posted a contiguous string of comments (no cherry-picking)  from the Hillary Clinton Forum,  that are so effusive in their praise of McCain's Sarah Palin pick that the site administrator was forced to issue this proclamation ...

UPDATE: In the comments below, someone is so stunned by this outpouring that he thinks the Clinton Forum is a Republican site. It's a real site for die-hard Clinton supporters. I've now read posts going back to March (the forum started in February).

If the McCain Campaign had such brilliant and energetic grassroots supporters that they could plant 300,000 pro-Hillary comments on one website starting in February, selling Hillary merchandise, and raising money for Hillary -- all the while knowing that Hillary would lose nonetheless, I would be very impressed (and more than a bit frightened). Can the McCain campaign even get 300,000 comments on their OWN campaign website, let alone a fake one?

No, it's a real site, and many recent posters are longtime members of it. That some of you doubted it just proves my point: this outpouring is amazing.
Here's a very small sample of what these Hillary groupies are saying.

I am going over to John McCain's website and thank her for acknowledging the glass ceiling and our struggles. She needs to know that there are LOTS of us behind her fight.
Take Care, Sharon
You can bet that BO did not see this coming.

I'm listening to his acolyte now on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell. The tone of her voice and this almost choking quality of her words tells me that she sees this as a real problem for her guy, BO. (I'm gleeful.)
Wow, Thanks so much to this Sarah Palin who never forgot us. She is a fighter. She paid her respects to our Hillary and Geraldine . They now no more think women in this country are 2nd class. You go girl and thank you for a refreshing pick Sen. McCain.
I gave John McCain a standing ovation and a 10 minute claps. It did not matter that there was no one around except my dog to share that.

Hats off! Bigtime!!

 While it's to Hillary's advantage to see Obama defeated (making her the 2012 nominee), the feelings expressed here seem to ne quite genuine.  USA! UAS! USA!

Via a comment by Daran


I'm plucking a few sentences from this National Post piece by Father Raymond J. De Souza.
There is of course her gender -- the first female governor of Alaska. Then there is -- how to put this delicately? -- the fact that she is rather more attractive than your standard haggard timeserver, whether male or female. It is widely remarked that she is a former beauty queen. True enough, but she is not beautiful in that slightly creepy, prettified John Edwards way; she is rather the pretty girl in school who remained that way twenty-five years and five children later.
She is something genuinely new. Unlike Senator McCain (22 years in the Senate) and Senator Biden (36 years in the Senate), she is not someone who has risen in politics by sheer longevity. Unlike Senator Obama, who accommodated himself to the seedy ethnoreligious politics of Chicago's South Side in search of political preferment, she challenged her own corrupt party machine to advance. And unlike Senator Clinton-- who, with her husband, never quite exits the stage -- she achieved early success by defeating the old bulls who ran her state, not by marrying the hottest ticket in Arkansas.

In the combustible world of American abortion politics, there are very finely calculated degrees of difference. For example, while both Obama and Biden are pro-choice, their positions are not the same. Obama is in favour of federal funding for abortion and permitting partial-birth abortion. Biden is against both. As the most extreme pro-abortion candidate for president ever, Obama voted against the "born alive" act in Illinois, which mandates medical care for babies that survive attempted abortions. Even Hillary Clinton, along with Joseph Biden, supported the federal "born alive" act. In fact, the latter passed unanimously.

The Palin selection indicates that the McCain campaign wishes to sharpen this contrast.

Look at those brains

Sarah Palin Miss Wasilla 1984
Mike & Chuck


Friday, August 29, 2008

Bruno's wire is discovered

Beijing Moments
The sting on this fencing operation is exposed.


Olympic Pr0n

I wanted a cigarette after watching the closing ceremony ...
... now I understand why.

Change, Mister?

Obama Who?

Call of the Loon

But enough about what we think ...
How are the Kussers responding?

Habitués of the  Left's biggest blog, The Daily Kuss, are famously savvy, insightful and analytical. Let's see how they reacted to McCain's slam-dunk Sarah Palin VP choice.

A forgettable speech from a forgettable candidate

Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 10:05:38 AM PDT

Well that was a truly forgettable speech. We learned that McCain is still aiming to recast himself as the real agent of change, somehow. ...

The other thing we learned is that McCain still believes he can capture some of Hillary Clinton's voters. But Sarah Palin offered nothing in her banal speech that would be attractive to those voters aside from her own gender.

It was a 4th or 5th drawer speech that would have been more appropriate for the state-level chicken-dinner circuit than for the national stage. No wonder John McCain looked so nervous you thought he might have a seizure right on stage.

What didn't we learn? Why Sarah Palin should be considered ready to take over the presidency. We heard nothing about her foreign policy views - if she has any. We learned practically nothing about domestic issues. She said nothing that spoke directly to the interests of voters of Ohio specifically. It was as if she didn't know how to reach out to people outside her own state.

Heck, we didn't even learn how large the crowd was in Dayton. I wonder if the McCain campaign wanted to keep it that way.

Ned Lamont and Barack Obama are sure fortunate to have this brain trust behind them. Sigh.

Nice timing Obama

It's All Over. Obama is toast!

"Erection Over"

Biden's Trap

Fast Forward to ...

I'm not sure the vice president debates have any impact whatever, but to the extent they do I can see a real trap here for Beau (where the hell did that come from?) Biden.  He is the very definition of a smarmy, condescending elitist, with little self control.  Look for him to treat Palin like she was a K-Mart checkout clerk, and cause a groundswell of resentment among women, protective grandfatherly men, and others who simply  fantasize about boinking her. A win-win.

Federal Monies

 Letter From The School Marm

Subject: Learn something every day
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 18:28:40 -0500

I know I am naive about a lot of things that go on in politics.  I followed a link to this page of contributors to Ron Paul.  I am surprised it is  legal for public schools, cities, and other tax payer supported entities to contribute my tax dollars to a political candidate.

This is an added  sadness in an already sad election.  I don't want my local city or school deciding where I contribute.

It's the Babe

Sarah Palin

Considering all the horrible choices McCain could have made, I think this was the best result.  Mother Superior is furious. 

SHE: All that talk about Obama's lack of experience, and they pick her?
ME:   She's the governor of Alaska.
SHE:  No experience.  That's what McCain has been yelling about Obama.
ME:    Big difference.  She's only the VP nominee ...
SHE:  Big deal.
ME:   She's a babe.
SHE:  I'm just telling you that they'll throw lack of experience back in McCain's face.
ME:   Then who did you want?
SHE: Romney.  He's good looking, experienced, ...

It's all sex with these women, ain't it? 

Bradley Effect Expanded?

Can We Talk?

Limbaugh stated that if Obama doesn't come out of his convention with at least a 15 point lead over McCain, he's toast.  That would be true of any democrat, in any year (democrats always get puffed polls after conventions, look it up), but because of the Bradley Effect is especially true of Obama.  So here's the question:

If McCain chooses Romney, will his Mormon religion trigger a similar effect among evangelical Christians, and thus even the playing field?  That little weasel Huckabee certainly played it for all it was worth during the primaries. 

Olympic Capers

Beijing Moments
Adrianna's tapeworm smells General Tso's Chicken in the air

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democrats Dis Obama

A new McCain spokesman for Obama’s unreadiness
John McCain went to the vault from the Democratic primaries and found a treasure trove of comments from Democrats on the unreadiness of Barack Obama to lead ...

Red States: Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty this morning told reporters that he is not the VP

Ah, Cabbage

Today's Science Fair

Thanks for the suggestion PeTA


Eating Chicks

Answers tonight's dinner question

Waiting For Obama

Obama Nazis

Thank God for Bush!

Today's Perfect Bitch-Slap
Yes, John Kerry is still a liar

Olympic Trivia

35 - Number of women in the table tennis event, out of a total of 78, that were born in China (only 3 play for China)
That was the most interesting to me.  Sort of like the number of Lacrosse players from Maryland.



Biden helps Obama with the 2ND Amendment crowd?

As I detailed in my column of August 19, Remember This When MSM Calls Biden a Moderate, here are Biden ratings from relevant groups from the most recent years in which they graded him:
  • F - National Rifle Association
  • F - Gun Owners of America
  • 95% - Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
If that reassures gun owners, then McCain's 0% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood will surely warm the cockles of pro-choice hearts.

Scotch/Telephone Horror

The Real King of France Answers Your Mail

Dear Real King of France:

I just lost me driver's license for having a lousy .38 alcohol blood level,  I mean, I wasn't even speeding, just driving slow.  Don't you think it's time to reevaluate legal blood levels?

Patrick from RI

I hear ya brother.  I know that I've ruined more lives with a bottle of Scotch and a telephone than I ever have with a car.
3:27 AM
I fk'n love you Stacy, I really do.  Sorry about sticking my thumb in your butt, I thought you'd like it. It didn't even stink.  What?  Stacy's dad?  Oh.  Well tell Stacy I called.

XM Radio

Progressive Ban

A Rose By Any Name

The reasons, whys and wherefores are tangled up in the PG&E's fight against California's Clean Energy Initiative, but the San Francisco Chronicle has banned the use of "Progressive" to describe left-wing kooks and kommies.
We decided to stop using the word 'progressive' to describe the more liberal of San Francisco's political factions because it is a politically loaded term that doesn't mean much to our readers. And while 'progressive' may be the preferred term of some politicians — and, of course, they are free to use it to describe themselves — it doesn't describe where they sit on the traditional political spectrum.

We believe using adjectives such as 'far left' and 'ultra liberal' more accurately describe city politicians and policies in that broader context.
In 1964, Justice Potter Stewart speaking about  what is obscene, said, "I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced . . . but I know it when I see it . . "

 Same with "Progressives/Radical leftists.

Slam Dunks

X-treme Grocey Shopping

Olbermann v. rational

Michelle's Speech?
Depends on whether you're borderline sycophantic

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Brownshirts

Obama's Thug Politics

ABC News reporter Asa Eslocker was investigating the role of fat-cat lobbyists and top DNC donors when DNC thugs ordered his arrest. 

Chiquita Caper

Live by the teleprompter, die by ....

The Barackopolis

Sneak Preview
The one we were waiting for is here with beliefs you can believe in!

Limbaugh today announced that the backdrop for Obama's acceptance speech, before 75,000 democrat cultists at Coors Stadium, will be columns replicating a Greek temple. The “Barackopolis” I am not making this up.  Is it possible that the the messiah has missed the derision and scorn his  haughty behavior inspires?  Evidently yes. A Rush caller suggested that Obama's theme would be - "What if one of us was God?"  I soiled myself, because it's something that fits exactly.  You  know what?  It could still happen.


Take No Prisoners

Mail Call - Sailors

The Real King of France Answers Your Mail
Dear Real King of France:

While I was Watching the Olympics I wondered what happens when the women sailors have to pee?

Billy from Davenport


Will You Marry Me?

Finally! Perfect nipples without surgery
Only 1480 yen ($13.74)

Not Photoshopped as far as I know.

Fish stole my bitch

Wer're this close ....

Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s Communist Mentor
Add to the list of Obama's radical left mentors, Communist party member and sexual pervert. Frank Marshall Davis.
In his books, Obama admits attending "socialist conferences" and coming into contact with Marxist literature. But he ridicules the charge of being a "hard-core academic Marxist," which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.

However, through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his "poetry" and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just "Frank."

The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What's more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.  (AIM)
Marshall, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Rae Dohrn, Rev. Wright, Rev. Pfleger, and Louis Farrakhan. All professed haters of the United States, and all friends, associates and mentors to Barry Obama. Like the SHAMWOW
Sells Itself
guy says, "I dunno, it sells itself."

Spot On

Red Alert

Warns station managers ... seeks to silence critics

The - can I say fascist? - fascist leader of the American political party getting-closer-every-day-to-full-fascism has moved to silence the political ad that explains his ties to American terrorist Bill Ayers.
    DENVER (AP) - Barack Obama is striking back fiercely and swiftly to stamp out an ad that links him to a 1960s radical, eager to demonstrate a far more aggressive response to attacks than John Kerry did when faced with the 2004 "Swift Boat" campaign.

Obama not only aired a response ad to the spot linking him to William Ayers, but he sought to block stations the commercial by warning station managers and asking the Justice Department to intervene. The campaign also planned to compel advertisers to pressure stations that continue to air the anti-Obama commercial.
Doug Ross (Jack Torry's bogus analysis: the MSM covers for Obama ) has a nice example of the Gerbil's  truth squad attempting to do the job single-handedly. Scary stuff from the party, which first order of business is passing pass a "Fairness Doctrine" designed to take talk radio off the air, eh wot?

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Jack and Dick

"If you can't love yourself, who can you love?"
Jack Bauer